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Best 420 Vacations in 2024: Cannabis Friendly Vacation Spots

Weed-infused French toast for brunch? Cannabis cocktails at happy hour? Cruising around a cool city in a canna tour bus?

 If you’re interested in an elevated vacation experience, we’ve got you covered. 

Several adult-use states have fully embraced cannabis culture since legalization, and cannabis tourism is on the rise. Canna friendly hotels, restaurants serving infused cuisine and guided cannabis tours are standard in some rec states.

Read on to discover some of the best 420 vacations you can find.

420 vacation

420-Friendly Places in the United States

What are the best states for cannabis friendly  vacations? 

Hands down, Colorado, California and Michigan are where it’s at. 

From cannabis friendly budget motels to luxury spots catering to higher-end cannabis consumers, these high vibe states offer something for all types of tourists. 

1. Denver, Colorado

Denver is known as the Mile High City for a reason. We’re not just talking elevation. 

Since recreational and medical marijuana legalization in Colorado, Denver has fully embraced that cannabis lifestyle. 

In the world of weed tourism, Denver is where it’s at for the finest 420 vacations across the country. 

There’s the city’s infamous Marijuana Mansion. Each ganja-themed room is intricately designed, adding to its eclectic cannabis cool. There’s even an onsite dispensary, and smoking is permitted inside. 

Looking for a more spiritual sensi experience? Check out the Colorado International Church of Cannabis, ranked #1 “Things to Do”  in Denver on TripAdvisor and Yelp.

2. San Diego, California

For cannabis consumers, the best of the west when it comes to weed is the sunny city of San Diego.  

Considered one of the greatest vacation capitals worldwide, San Diego has fully embraced ganja tourism since California legalized recreational cannabis. 

From weed tours and cannabis accommodations for anyone’s budget, you’ll find exactly the experience you’re looking for. 

Take the Kegs-n-Kush: Dispensaries and Brewery. First stop takes you behind the scenes of a local brewery. You’ll then head to a local dispo to stock up on edibles and other ganja goodies before heading back to another brewery.

Want a little more zen? Try a ganga yoga class. Several San Diego studios offer ganja yoga classes. You can even learn how to grow your own at Green Carpet Growing.

3. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Since Michigan legalized rec weed, cannabis culture in Ann Arbor is on fire. With 24 operating dispensaries, there are more pot shops here than any other city in MIchigan. 

With a handful of 420 friendly hotels and Airbnbs, stoners looking for a place to stay have options. 

Ann Arbor boasts a handful of infused restaurants and weed tours, and will soon open its first cannabis friendly lounge. 

There’s also the Ann Arbor Hash Bash. Held the first Saturday every April, this annual event showcases live music, speeches, local vendors, the Hash Bash Cup and more.

Best 420 Vacations In 2024

1. HiBnb

HiBnb is the most comprehensive online directory for marijuana friendly vacation rentals. It’s similar to Airbnb, except it caters to travelers that love cannabis. 

Top Pick: Best 420 Vacation Provider

PROS (+)

  • Cancellation policy
  • Budget friendly
  • Huge variety of experiences

CONS (-)

  • Only offered in select locations
  • Pricing determined by host

It’s one of the largest marketplaces for weed friendly lodging, events, and recreational dispensaries.

Depending on where you’re traveling, hotel prices start at $50. For a more opulent experience, nightly rentals run $420 and higher. 

HiBnb also features an extensive list of 420 friendly things to do in different cities. 

From marijuana cooking classes and infused dining experiences, to retreats, festivals, events, spas, sports events and smoke spots, HiBnb has you covered.

2. Bud and Breakfast

Bud and Breakfast features cannabis friendly accommodations for international travelers, featuring ganja vacations throughout the U.S., Jamaica, Italy, South America, Africa and more. 

Runner Up: Best 420 Vacation
Bud and Breakfast | Marijuana Friendly Hotels
  • All Accommodation Types
  • International + Local Options

PROS (+)

  • International experiences
  • Affordable
  • Specialty packages

CONS (-)

  • Price determined by host
  • Added fees

Some listings are as low as $30 per day! For those with a bigger budget, there are places for $1,000 per night and higher. 

You’ll find 420 TreeHouses in Oregon. An all-inclusive stay in Washington D.C., complete with a cannabis flower bar, crystals, aromatherapy and open bar. A stoner friendly chalet under the Hollywood sign. 

When planning your next 420 vacay, definitely hit up Bud and Breakfast for some seriously sweet canna accommodations.

3. My 420 Tours

My 420 Tours is where it’s at for a Colorado marijuana getaway, offering 420 friendly lodging, transportation and ganja activities galore. 

PROS (+)

  • Offers deals and discounts
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • All-inclusive options

CONS (-)

  • Not budget-friendly 
  • Some activities temporarily suspended during Covid
Colorado Cannabis Vacations | 420 Tours
  • Colorado Specific Options
  • Tours + Accommodation Provider

The Colorado weed scene is lit. With My 420 Tours you can enjoy your Rocky Mountain high to the fullest.  

Explore canna cooking lessons, guided trips to local grows and dispenseries, marijuana massage, spas, cocktails and more. 

Rooms start at $129, and all include a complimentary Silver Surfer vaporizer to use during your stay. All-inclusive packages run $1295 and higher. 

Book through My 420 Tours and they’ll even throw in coupons to local dispensaries.

4. InnDica 

InnDica offers 420 friendly spots to stay throughout the U.S. This listing-only site books everything through the actual resort or hotel. 

InnDica | Cannabis Friendly Vacation Spots
  • Curated Cannabis Friendly Vacations
  • Large Assortment
  • Friendly UX

PROS (+)

  • All-inclusive options
  • Options in seven states
  • Prices start at $69

CONS (-)

  • Listing only site
  • Limited events

Discover spots like working marijuana farms in Humboldt, an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, wine and weed outings and custom guided tours.

5. GanjaVacations

Nothing says 420 vacation like a trip to Jamaica. GanjaVacations is the one stop shop for all things canna vacay in Jamaica. 

Best International 420 Vacation
Jamaica Ganja Vacations | International 420 Friendly Vacation
  • Jamaica 420 Vacations
  • Pricing For All Budgets
  • Variety Of Experiences Available

PROS (+)

  • All inclusive options
  • Authentic Rastafarian experiences
  • Great food

CONS (-)

  • Can be pricey
  • Limited options

Discover 420 friendly resorts, wellness centers, dispensaries, art, culture and culinary experiences. 

Want to immerse yourself in genuine Rastafarian culture? Discover plant medicine workshops, cliffside gardens, classes and more.

420 Vacation Considerations

All Inclusive 420 Vacation

All inclusive 420 vacays can’t be beat. You’re definitely going to have the munchies, and free food and drink are a major plus! Without having to worry about where to get some grub, there’s more time to enjoy everything your 420 vacation spot has to offer. 

Research State Law

As 420 friendly a city might be, it’s smart to know local laws. Always be aware of the legal differences between your state and the state you travel to. We highly recommend researching recreational marijuana laws before you go. 

Speak With Budtenders

Budtenders are where it’s at for all things Mary Jane. Locals know the best their town has to offer, legal herb and otherwise. Speak to a budtender and you can get the inside scoop on the best 420 events and more. 

Double Check Your Pockets

After your 420 stay, don’t travel home with edibles or other goodies. Bringing marijuana across state lines is illegal, even with a medical card. The last thing you want to risk is your freedom.

The Final Verdict: Best 420 Vacation 2024

From the West Coast to the East Coast, there are ganja vacations abound. With the increase of recreational cannabis states, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

Thanks to recreational use legalization, you can rent a marijuana-friendly hotel room, grab some cannabis cuisine and take in a 420 tour on your next vacation. 

Hands down, we highly recommend Denver, San Diego and Ann Arbor as the best cities in the country for the best 420 vacation spots you can find.