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Are Carts Bad For You? The Truth About THC Cartridges

More people are consuming cannabis than ever. And while smoking weed remains the most popular way to get high, a lot more people (myself included) are turning to vaping as an alternative to smoking.

But is vaping safe?

Some researchers conclude a vape pen is better for your health than it is to inhale cannabis smoke, while others raise questions about the safety of using vape carts to consume cannabis products.

If you consume cannabis and are interested in trying vape products, you should already be curious if carts are bad or if vaping offers a healthier alternative to smoking weed.

That’s exactly what we’ll take a look at in this article.

Keep reading to learn all there is to know about the safety of vaping cannabis oil so you can enjoy your cannabis experience to the fullest.

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Key Takeaways

  • Vape carts are cartridges filled with cannabis oil or distillates designed as an alternative to smoking weed.
  • Vape cartridges are seen as a healthier way to inhale cannabis compared to smoking cannabis flower.
  • It’s important to ensure vape carts are high quality products made without the use of harmful additives such as propylene glycol, as they may cause severe lung disease.
  • Vaping products that contain cannabis oil offers an alternative to smoking cannabis flower and tobacco.

What Are Vape Carts?

Vape carts are cartridges that contain cannabis oil. These cartridges screw into vape pens that heat up allowing consumers to inhale cannabis vapor.

There’s a huge variety of cannabis vape cartridges available made with THC oil, CBD oil and every cannabinoid in between, including THCV carts, THCO carts, HHC carts and more. The legal hemp market is flooded with new products and there’s certainly no shortage of vape cartridges.

Consumers tend to opt for vape carts because they’re suggested to reduce the harmful effects of smoke on the lungs. Cannabis vape cartridges are similar to e cigarettes designed for cigarette smokers. Instead of nicotine, however, cannabis oil carts contain cannabis oil.

People have been vaping cannabis flower for years. The biggest difference between vape carts and vaping flower is the material that’s being vaped. With vape carts, you’re vaping

marijuana or hemp oil (or cannabis distillate) from a cart rather than flower from a vaporizer designed for dry plant material.

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Whether purchasing THC vape cartridges or any of the other vape cartridges widely available on the market, it’s important to source your products from conscientious manufacturers.

Buying from legit brands ensures you’re getting a safe, high-quality product. Only purchase vape carts that have been third-party lab tested with Certificates of Analysis (COAs) that your product doesn’t contain ingredients that contain potentially harmful effects.

With the plethora of vape products available, there is no reason to buy a black market vape cart. Some carts are made with questionable ingredients that pose some seriously harmful effects to the lungs.

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The Potential Health Risks of Vape Cartridges

Whether it’s cigarette smoke or marijuana smoke, smoking is terrible for the lungs and poses some serious health risks.

But what about vape carts? Is hitting a vape pen as dangerous as hitting a joint or smoking a cigarette?

While vaping THC oil isn’t quite like tobacco smoke, an e cigarette or vaping nicotine, THC vape cartridges and other cannabis vape product use associated lung injury is real and shouldn’t be ignored.

Some vape carts are made with ingredients that are known for adverse health effects. Thinning agents are often added to the oil inside the cartridges to increase function. 

The problem is that some of these ingredients can produce dangerous compounds when heated up. Propylene glycol is one of these additives, which breaks down to formaldehyde when heated.

Some cannabis carts contain heavy metals, and exposure to heavy metals can lead to lung injury and other potential health issues.

In addition, Vitamin E Acetate, which is added to some vape products, has been linked to acute vaping illness and lung damage.

Not all vape carts contain these icky ingredients, though. This is why we can’t stress how important it is to do your research before deciding to vape marijuana and invest in a cart.

High quality vape carts are still considered “healthier” than smoking cannabis flower, but keep in mind that smoking anything at all is associated with lung disease and other harmful effects to your health.

Tobacco use associated lung injury is far more common than vapes, but it’s wise to remember that smoke isn’t the best for your lungs.

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Is Vaping Cannabis Safer Than Smoking?

We know that smoking anything isn’t great, but vaping cannabis products is suggested to be safer than smoking.


Vaping involves heating cannabis oil to a temperature that vaporizes the active ingredients without causing combustion associated with high temperatures is said to be safer.

Research suggests that vaping is generally considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking weed, as it reduces the production of toxins and lowers the risk of respiratory issues.

Again, it’s important to keep the risks of low quality or black market vape products in mind, as they often contain ingredients that can seriously damage your health.

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Legal Vape Cartridges VS Black Market Products

Speaking of the black market, it can be tempting to purchase products that are accessible and cheap. Especially if you live in a state that hasn’t passed recreational or medical marijuana laws.

As tempting as it may be, do yourself a favor. Stay away from any black market cannabis products, vapes included.

Legally sourced vape cartridges are a safer option than black market carts, as those offered by legit brands have undergone rigorous laboratory testing to ensure their safety.

These tests are conducted to ensure that the vape carts contain harmful ingredients such as pesticides, poisons, heavy metals, fungicides and more. Purchasing from a licensed dispensary or trusted online retailers can offer consumer peace of mind that their products are safe. You won’t get any of this with a black market vape.

The main difference between legally sourced products and those from the black market?

Legal vaping products are just that. Legal. And they come with a serial number, QR code and lab results.

Black market vape pens may contain those dangerous ingredients like Vitamin E acetate or propolyne glycol. Better to buy legit than pose a risk to your health.

Safety Tips For Vaping Marijuana

Remember safety first when using vape carts.

Number one. Stay away from black market vape carts.

Also make sure you insist on products that have been third party tested for quality and safety. Always buy from reputable brands or a reliable recreational or medical marijuana dispensary to ensure your products are safe.

Make sure your product has a QR code and comes with a COA.

Stay far away from e cigarette or vaping cartridges with vitamin E acetate, polyethylene glycol PEG, propylene glycol PG or vegetable glycerin, as all these ingredients can cause harm to health.

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Is it Safe to Vape THC?

Vaping THC is considered safe, but it’s important to be aware of the associated risks.

Severe lung disease from vaping is real, making it extremely important to ensure you’re purchasing products from a legit brand.

Vaping marijuana isn’t without risk, but you can reduce the risk by avoiding counterfeit carts by purchasing your THC oil carts from a licensed dispensary or legit online retailers.

Are Marijuana Vape Pens Dangerous?

Marijuana vape pens can be dangerous if they’re not sourced from legit brands.

Remember, some contain harmful chemicals that can cause long-term health issues.

Black market and counterfeit carts can expose consumers to substances like heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents.

It’s always recommended to exercise caution when smoking anything, marijuana vape pens included.

Wrapping Up

We’ll be real.

If you choose to vape marijuana, there are some health risks involved.

That said, vaping is widely considered a safer alternative to smoking, whether inhaling cannabis flower high in THC or tobacco smoke.

It’s important, however, to be aware of potential risks associated with vaping marijuana and other cannabis products.

Insist on reliable brands and proceed with caution when it comes to e-liquid cartridges containing hazardous ingredients.

Vaping definitely has its benefits, but it’s still important to be aware of its risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to vape carts?

Vaping THC cartridges and vape pens can pose health risks. This is why your THC vape carts and other vape oil products should always be purchased from a reputable source.

What are the dangers of smoking carts?

Smoking marijuana out of carts that contain added chemicals and toxins has been linked to lung injury and other health issues. Whether you’re smoking an e cigarette or a THC vape, it’s wise to keep in mind the inherent risks involved.

Can your lungs heal from vaping?

Vaping can have serious impacts on the lungs, but you may be able to reverse the effects with lifestyle changes. While further studies are needed to say for sure, it appears that if you stop vaping and adopt healthier habits, your lungs may heal over time.

Is VAPE worse than smoking?

Based on the evidence, it appears that vaping is not as damaging to one’s health as the smoking cigarettes or cannabis flower. This doesn’t mean that marijuana vapes are totally safe. You should always consider the risks involved of smoking anything before deciding to vape marijuana or other cannabis vape carts.

Are dispensary carts legit?

Dispensary carts are about as legit as they come. For those who don’t live in state with access to legal medical or recreational marijuana products, there are several online hemp retailers that sell legit carts. Ultimately, any cannabis product you purchase should come from a reliable and trustworthy source.