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Delta THC

Best Online Delta 8 Stores 2023 To Buy The Strongest D8 THC

Delta 8 products have never been more popular. With so many hemp retailers at your disposal, it’s difficult to separate the very best from the rest.

If you’re looking for  legit delta 8 stores that carry high-quality, fire products, look no further! With five years experience managing a dispensary in California, I can assure you I’ve got a solid understanding of what makes one cannabis retailer better than another.   

For this review, hours were spent researching different hemp brands and sampling products to determine which retailers stand out from the crowd.

Read on to find out the 4 best delta 8 brands to buy from today.

4 Best Delta 8 Stores Online In 2023

1. Best Overall: Binoid

Binoid is a highly rated online hemp retailer with a huge following that’s been crafting quality hemp products since 2018. They specialize in an array of different cannabinoid products, with a selection of delta 8 products that’s seriously impressive.  

Best Overall
Binoid | Hemp Derived Cannabinoids
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  • Delta THC, THCO & HHC
  • Free shipping
  • Highly rated
Our Rating:

PROS (+) 

  • Fast, free shipping on every order
  • Huge product selection
  • Frequent sales & discounts

CONS (-)

  • No full panel testing
  • Returns on unopened products only

All of Binoid’s offerings are made from Oregon grown hemp and are subject to some serious stringent standards. Every product is crafted from full spectrum extract, tested in house 5 times and undergoes third party testing. 

Unfortunately, they don’t conduct full panel testing. Products are only tested for potency. While every item is subject to third party testing we can’t verify its safety due to the lack of purity testing. 

I sampled Binoid’s delta 8 carts and gummies, both of which were truly top notch! 

Binioid D8 Vapes

Binoid Delta 8 Carts

These delta 8 carts were super smooth and produced a powerful high. My favorite vape by far was Binoid’s Northern Lights. 

A few puffs resulted in a euphoric buzz that lasted for over an hour. 

Binoid Delta 8 Gummies

These delta 8 gummies are absolutely delicious! 

Binoid’s chews are mouthwatering with impeccable taste. Honestly, you can’t even tell they’re made with hemp. Approach with caution, as it’s hard to eat just one of this potent product. 

In terms of effects, Binoid gummies pack a punch. The hybrid high is incredibly relaxing. 

After a long work day, I was able to kick back and relax with ease.

2. Most Transparent: Delta Munchies 

With over 20 years in the industry, Delta Munchies is an award winning company that specializes in delta 8, delta 9 and HHC hemp products. Their mission is to offer the highest quality products, and they’re by far the most transparent brand we’ve come across. 

PROS (+) 

  • Third party full panel testing
  • Potent product selection
  • Love It or your money back!

CONS (-)

  • Pricey (but frequent sales)
  • Limited edible selection (gummies only)

Delta Munchies claims to offer some of the safest products on the market, and they educate customers on every step of their production and manufacturing process. The brand provides total transparency to all their customers and sells some seriously potent hemp products.

In line with their commitment to transparency, Delta Munchies sends all of their products to a third party lab for potency and purity testing. No matter what type of Delta Munchies product you buy, rest assured that it is safe to consume. 

I personally tried the brand’s delta 8 vape pens and edibles. 

Delta Munchies D8 Rings

Delta Munchies Delta 8 Vape Pens

The delta 8 darts (vapes) are a pleasure to smoke. The draw was smooth and the puff cloud was impressive. I experienced a jubilant chill high that was mellow enough to function but strong enough to feel “stuck”. 

Delta Munchies Delta 8 Edibles

Delta Munchies’ delta 8 edibles are super scrumptious! 

The variety is spectacular. You can choose from tart sour belts, sweet peach rings, and fruit gummy bites. The gummies transcended me to a state of total bliss, with a smile plastered on my face for hours. 

3. Best Value: Vivimu 

New to the cannabis industry, Vivimu is an online hemp shop that offers an impressive variety of products crafted from over 20 different novel cannabinoids, including delta 8. From extracts to edibles to flowers, chances are you’ll be able to find the exact product you’re interested in for insanely low prices. 

Best Value Choice
Vivimu | Alternative Cannabinoids, CBD Products, Gummies, Softgels, Concentrates
  • Excellent value
  • Third party tested
  • Effective results in our tests
Our Rating:

PROS (+) 

  • Affordably priced 
  • Third party full panel lab testing
  • Subscription deals (save 10% on all orders)

CONS (-)

  • Must spend $100+ for free shipping
  • Does not ship to all 50 states

Somewhat of a rarity in the hemp industry, Vivimu provides full panel lab results for all of their products. In terms of safety and purity, you’re covered! Super impressive considering the brand’s extremely low prices. 

Vivimu’s products have consistently received rave reviews from our team. 

Vivimu D8

Rachel, one of our contributing writers, loved the super potent Delta 8 distillate. It comes with cannabis derived, terpene strain specific options, which is something hard to come by in the hemp space. 

In our Vivimu review, the writers praised the brand’s gummies for their affordability and effectiveness. 

Vivimu also carries Delta 8 fast release gummies. While we haven’t tried them yet, the potent vittles have garnered glowing reviews. Some users report feeling the effects in as little as five minutes after consumption!


4. Best Gummies: Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero is an online hemp retailer that specializes in handcrafted delta 8 and delta 9 products. With a vision to help veterans, the brand donates a percentage of every purchase to various nonprofits that support veterans. 

Best Gummies
Hometown Hero Delta 8
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  • 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee
  • Local Texas brand
  • Unique range of edibles

PROS (+) 

  • Delicious delta 8 edibles
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Third party full panel testing

CONS (-)

  • Returns/Refunds on unopened products only
  • Pricey 

Did we mention Hometown Hero crafts small batch products of the highest quality? The brand seriously makes some of the best Delta 8 products around. Plus all goodies are tested a total of 6 times from seed to sale for quality assurance.

All products are sent to a third party lab for potency and purity testing. You won’t find any harmful solvents or chemicals here!

Hometown Hero is so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a worry free satisfaction guarantee on all items. If you don’t like a product, you can get a full refund. No that you’ll need it. Their hemp goodies are fire!

Hometown Hero D8

Hometown Hero Delta 8 Gummies

Topping 100mg each, Hometown Hero offers some of the strongest Delta 8 gummies out there. Having tried the brand’s Delta 8 gummies I can fully confirm this. These gummies are intense! 

I sampled the indica gummies and was straight lit, with feelings of euphoria and relaxation permeating every fiber of my being. 

The gummies are great for those evenings when you need a little help to unwind after a long, difficult day.

How We Picked These Online D8 Stores

There certainly isn’t a shortage of online hemp retailers to choose from these days!  

So when compiling our list of the best online Delta 8 retailers, we checked out a bunch of stores to determine which ones offer the following:

  • Large selection of products
  • Great value
  • Third party lab testing
  • Excellent customer service

To separate the elite from the mediocre we created specific criteria to determine which delta 8 brands are worth shopping at. 

Following is exactly what we looked for. 

Product Assortment

Before any retailer earns a spot on our list, their product assortment is one of the first things we look at. 

  • Does the store sell a wide variety of high quality D8 products such as flower, edibles and extracts? 
  • Does the store have a reputation for offering high quality products made with other rare cannabinoids like Delta 10, HHC, CBG and CBD? 
  • Are the store’s D8 products highly rated?

A great online delta 8 store will offer a great delta 8 menu. 

Physically Testing Products

Prior to making it on our exclusive list of product reviews, we always test products in house to verify quality and value. 

This means we tried a huge assortment of delta 8 goodies to determine which brands offer the best products. 

After hours of product sampling (and getting seriously baked), we came up with the stores that offer the best Delta 8 products around.

Not only are these the best online delta 8 stores, these are also our favorite delta 8 brands. 


The best delta 8 shops offer products that are worth every penny. 

To assess the value of a brand’s product we ask the following questions:

  • Are the products affordable?
  • Do the prices reflect the product’s quality?
  • Is there a subscribe and save program that gives great discounts?
  • Does the store have frequent sales or deals?

It’s by asking questions like this that we find stores that sell high quality products at excellent prices.

Customer Experience

To find the top delta 8 stores we look for policies that enhance the customer experience and ask ourselves the following questions: 

  • Does the company offer money back guarantees? 
  • Do they offer free shipping? 
  • Is there a discount offered for first time orders? 
  • Is the website attractive and user friendly? 

Retailers that do not offer impeccable customer service simply don’t make the cut.

Guide to Buying Delta-8 

What To Look For When Buying Delta 8 Near You 

Third Party Lab Tests

Any hemp product you purchase should go through third party lab testing and  come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This is the only way to verify its safety and efficacy.  

While hard to come by, full panel third party lab reports are ideally what you should be looking for. Full panel testing analyzes both purity and potency of products. 

These full panel tests not only tell you how strong a product is, they also let you know if it contains any residual solvents, heavy metals, microbes and pesticides. 

Because solvents are used during the production process of hemp products, there’s a likelihood these solvents can end up in the final product. Full panel lab tests assure that your products are free from any of these potential contaminants. 

To verify the safety of delta 8 goodies (or any hemp product), always check the COA before you buy! 

Branding & Packaging

Good branding can be a solid indicator of product quality. And quality brands with quality products will typically put some thought into the way their products are packaged. 

When assessing branding and packaging, we look for the following:

  • Does the packaging look legit?
  • Does it look like it appeals to children? (definitely not a good thing)
  • Is there a QR code referencing the lab test?
  • Is there a way to contact the brand from the label?

Stores that invest in every aspect of a product (including packaging) show they’re dedicated to the goods they offer. 

D8 Smoke Shops 

Buying delta 8 online is the best choice in terms of product assortment, accessible lab tests and having an unlimited selection of brands. 

You also have the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home. 

If online shopping isn’t your thing, you may find visiting brick and mortar delta 8 shops is better for your personal needs. 

Due to the explosion of hemp derived THC, it’s easier than ever to find physical delta 8 stores, which are basically an offshoot of traditional smoke shops. 

You can also typically find a decent selection of hemp products at regular smoke shops nationwide. 

The Final Verdict: Best D8 Store Online 

The crown for best delta 8 online retailer goes to Binoid. In all they offer some of the strongest hemp products for a great price. The value is unbeatable. 

Our pick for most transparent brand goes to Delta Munchies. Their commitment to being totally transparent is reflected in their mission to educate customers about their products from seed to sale. 

If you’re after affordable delta 8 goodies where quality is never compromised opt for Vivimu. The brand offers a wide selection of high quality products at super low prices anyone can afford.

If gummies and other edibles are your jam, check out Hometown Hero. While the brand’s selection of delta 8 edibles isn’t exactly the cheapest, the quality of these products is absolutely unrivaled.