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Botany Farms Review: CBD, Delta 8/9, HHC Tried and Tested

With over 5 years working at a cannabis dispensary, I can attest that locating trusted products is not always easy. 

I’ve spent countless hours smoking and taste-testing a bunch of goodies from Botany Farms to see if they’re worth buying. Spolier alert: most of these are absolute fire!

Keep reading for my take in this in-depth Botany Farms review.

botany farms package
Botany Farms Products Tried and Tested

Is Botany Farms Legit?

Yes. Botany Farms is definitely legit!

This artisan hemp brand has a considerable following for small-batch products. And for good reason. 

Having tried and tested a foray of products, which I’ll dive into shortly, I can confirm Botany Farms is legitimate. 

All Botany Farms products are partially third-party tested by a third-party lab. Unfortunately, this is only for potency, but you can rest assured that the product potency is what it says it is. 

They offer THC and CBD cannabis flower to live resin vape cartridges, and everything in between. With their impressive selection, Botany Farms has something for everyone.

Botany Farms Review Overview

Botany Farms is a small boutique-style company specializing in craft cannabis products. Each product is made in small batches, ensuring the utmost quality. 

Flowers are hand-picked, meticulously cured, and the final products are lab-tested.

Botany Farms CBD, Delta 8/9 & HHC Products
  • Hard hitting edibles
  • Free shipping over $75
  • Artisan brand
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Tasty edibles, even the flower had pleasing aromas
  • Impressively potent product selection
  • Vape cartridges delivered a solid hit

CONS (-)

  • Products only tested for cannabinoid potency
  • Strict no refund policy

This Minnesota-based company maintains high standards. They boldly profess on their website: “Our methods might take more effort, but we believe it’s the only way to roll.”

They source their products from U.S. micro-farmers and painstakingly trim everything by hand. And they only use 100% organic cannabis for all of their products.

Botany Farms also boasts an incredible menu. The craft cannabis company currently has over 40 products available.

What I like about Botany Farms

Every single Botany Farms product I tried delivered. 

They were effective, extremely potent, and beautifully packaged. The quality was unmistakable. 

Everything is made with organic cannabis from non-commercial farms. This ensures tongue-twisting flavors across the board.

What I don’t like about Botany Farms

COAs are not available online for all products, and they only cover cannabinoid content when available. 

Also, batch numbers and ingredients are not listed on the packaging. You have to go on the website to find out what’s in the edibles and tinctures, which is annoying.

Botany Farms Delta-8 Review

For a quick refresher on Delta-8, it’s a legal form of THC extracted from hemp. It produces a slightly less intense high than the more commonly known Delta-9 THC.

Botany Farms has a copious lineup of Delta 8 items. 

They craft their Delta 8 products by using a proprietary process. It involves extracting frozen THC distillate, giving their products a more cannabinoid content. 

This also ensures that Delta 8 THC is evenly distributed throughout their products.

Yup. No more worrying about if some gummies from the same container are stronger than others. No more passing out from the same amount of edibles you had the other day rocking out in the sun. 

This can be an issue for those sensitive to THC. Their extraction process instills confidence that you get the correct desired dose. Every time.

Botany Farms Delta 8 Gummies Review

Botany Farms’ flower is small-batch, and their gummies are no exception. With 15 gummies per package at 30 mg of Delta-8 THC and 2 mg of Delta-9 THC per piece, these small delights pack a major punch.

Available in a tropical mix of mango, peach, and pineapple flavors, Botany Farms fans praise these gummies for being impressively tasty. The fruit flavors mask the piney, sometimes unpalatable, THC flavors.  

An added plus, they’re entirely vegan, making them a perfect option for vegans and vegetarians. They’re also decently priced, making them a viable option for any budget.

Botany Farm’s gummies come in an elegant glass bottle with minimalist labeling. It features all the vital information: type of gummies, THC amounts per serving, QR code for COAs, and suggested serving size. 

The only thing missing is the ingredient list. This is a little inconvenient if you have dietary restrictions.

While I didn’t try these on my trip flying in the THC skies, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. 

Most customers love the delicious flavors combined with the euphoric experience. Effects are reminiscent of a hybrid high, the most marked being both uplifting and calming. 

There are a few outlier reviews that say they didn’t feel marked effects from the gummies. But that is usually contingent on customers that only take a small dose of gummies. Knowing your appropriate dosage is key to a good trip!

If you’re looking to kick back and relax at the end of a trying day, these Botany Farms gummies are a great option!

botany farms delta 8 flower

Botany Farms Delta 8 Pre-Rolls & Flower

For those wanting a smooth and flavorful smoking experience, Botany Farms’ Delta-8 flower is meant for you.

The Delta-8 Pre-rolls are neatly packaged in a plastic tube and packed in a natural Raw cone. The cone ensures you taste the bud and not the chemical after taste accompanying other rolling papers.

Delta 8 Flower & Pre Rolls | Botany Farms
  • Top shelf infused hemp
  • Perfect aroma and flavor
  • Well packaged

As I tried the flower but not the pre-roll, I can’t personally confirm it, but Botany Farms’ fans claim they are rolled to perfection. 

Thanks to the D8 pre-rolls being handcrafted, they light evenly with little issue. The small-batch sourcing gives them the same fresh flavor as if you were to roll them yourself.

Their flower, on the other hand, is just wow. It’s packaged in a glass jar with a childproof lid, just like their gummies. Containing 1-7 grams of 100% organic bud, never shake or trim. 

The nugs are as impressive as they are fragrant.

Botany Farms utilizes a unique process instead of simply spraying Delta-8 THC distillate directly on their flower as most companies do. 

They take crushed cold-pressed distillate and sprinkle it on their buds, resulting in a flavorful smoke without the burn.

A unique take on adding D8 hemp extracts to enrich the Hemp, providing a set of psychoactive effects akin to a lighter version of Delta-9-THC.  

Available in a variety of strains, there’s something to suit everyone. The current range includes super sour space candy, cherry blossom, pineapple haze, Hawaiian haze, sour lifter and zombie kush.

botany farms delta 8 flower review
Delta 8 Flowers

I tried the Zombie Kush strain, which had an earthy pine flavor profile with hints of sweet berry. The total cannabinoid content listed was high, at 36.6%. 

It has a 6:1 CBD:THC ratio that invited me to unwind instantly. My worries from earlier stresses simply melted away. 

The high CBD and the delta-8 THC combined created intense relaxation while my head felt completely clear to take on the day. Any stress I was feeling just felted away, and the flavor was on point.

Their sweet-smelling flower is good for chilling at the end of a rough day. It’s perfect for watching movies on the couch and doing absolutely nothing.

Botany Farms’ flower truly lived up to the “craft cannabis” they proudly claim on the label.

Botany Farms Delta 8 Live Resin Vape Cartridges

Botany farms are full-spectrum and made with live resin extract. 

Full-spectrum simply means the product contains the maximum amount of terpenes, cannabinoids, and phytochemicals to retain an identical flavor profile as the cannabis plant. 

Delta-8 THC Live Resin Cart | Botany Farms


  • Artisan level quality
  • Flavor + effects are top notch
  • Live resin terps
  • Strict no refund policy
  • Third-party lab reports only test for potency

This formulation, along with being sourced from small batch cannabis, gives them a superior taste. More cannabinoids means more flavor.

Botany Farms’ cartridges are neatly packaged in thick paper tubes, ensuring safe travel. The cart itself is securely hugged by the inner pillowy tube, so no need to worry about damaging the delicate (glass) product.

The Sour Space Candy Delta-8 vape hit smoothly! There was no coughing or burning throat sensation that can be an issue with some carts. And the effects were instant.

botany farms vape cartridges
Delta 8 Live Resin & HHC Cartridge

One puff, and I felt that tranquilizing high right behind the eyes. As a professed lover of concentrates, I was truly impressed by the quality of these carts.

Impressively, the Botany Farms vape actually tasted like the sour space candy strain. With each puff, you can enjoy the lemony diesel flavor, characteristic of sour space candy phenotypes.   

This vapor cartridge didn’t feel as intense as others, maybe due to the extraction method. It makes it perfect for enjoying the high during the daytime without being drowsy.

Botany Farms’ Delta-8 vapes are excellent for discreetly getting high on the go. Ideal for an anytime high, that still allows you to function.

Botany Farms Delta 9 Gummies Review

Elegantly packaged in a resealable glass jar, the Delta 9 gummies are straight fire. 

From their taste to their effects, these Botany Farms’ edibles delivered to reduce stress and were some of the tastiest gummies I’ve had while being vegan friendly.

10MG Delta 9 Gummies | Hemp Derived D9 | Botany Farms
  • <0.3% D9 THC - 10MG D9 per gummy
  • Ships to all states
  • 14MG CBD
Our Rating:

The hard container has a childproof lid, perfect for ensuring your precious gummies don’t get squished or morph into one giant gummy. Yup. It’s happened to me a few times with other brands! 

The branded labeling is minimal but contains all the crucial things you need to know: mg and mg per gummy.

I wish they included the ingredients on the packaging to remove the guesswork. But you can quickly find the ingredients on their easy-to-navigate website.  

Botany Farms’ delta-9 edibles only come in watermelon flavor. But don’t let that disappoint. The flavor is ridiculously delicious. 

botany farms delta 9 gummies
Delta 9 & CBD Gummies

Their fruit sweet taste entices you to devour the entire jar, so approach with caution! Coated in light sugar, these soft chews are so good you’d swear they don’t contain cannabis.

Yet, the effects quickly remind you that though decadent, they are indeed potent. After 30 minutes of taking these gummies, I was transported to major relaxation. 

They made me forget my anxiety. The unmistakable head high eventually transcended to a peaceful sleep. Thank you, Botany Farms!

I would say the effects most closely resemble a hybrid high. You can expect to initially feel a euphoric energy boost followed by sleepy relaxing effects. 

Botany Farms’ gummies are not strain-specific. This is a commonality in the cannabis market. Most companies do not offer gummies made with a single strain.

If you’re looking for a tasty edible with a combo head and body high that you can enjoy before the drowsiness takes over, the delta 9 are the gummies of choice!

Botany Farms CBD Review

Somewhat more limited than their other offerings, Botany Farms offers CBD products in edible, tincture, and flower form.

All of their CBD products are also crafted in limited amounts via their exclusive extraction process.

Their cannabis flowers feature the largest array of CBD options. Compared to other options, they are competitively priced. That’s quite significant considering their 100% organic and small batch sourced.

Botany Farm CBD Gummies Review

Botany Farms’ Sour Grapefruit CBD gummies were particularly tasty. 

Encased in their quintessential glass jar, the CBD gummies came in a pack of 12, with 25 mg of CBD per gummy and 300 mg per package. They offer a huge assortment of flavors, 8 to be exact.

When you bite into the sour grapefruit gummy, it’s as if you’re biting into a fresh grapefruit heightened by a delicate sugar dusting. 

These fruity-flavored CBD gummies taste just like candy with a soft, chewy texture.

botany farms cbd gummies
CBD Gummies

These had the mildest effects of all the Botany Farms products I tried but were absolutely yummy all the same. 

The pure CBD gummies eased my sore muscles and tempered my anxiety. My body felt completely relaxed. The effect was modest, but I was focused and ready to tackle the day. 

The CBD gummies are great for easing stress and relieving persistent body aches. They are perfect for daytime use!

Botany Farms CBD Flower

Nestled in an attractive glass bottle with their iconic branding, Botany Farms’ CBD flower comes in an impressive variety. For nearly every strain offered, they have its high CBD counterpart available.

Each strain is packaged by the gram, 1/8 ounce or ¼ ounce. And every type of cannabis is offered: sativa, indica, and hybrid.

All the CBD joints are sealed in a solid resealable plastic tube. Negating the chance of receiving a bent, out-of-shape preroll.

I didn’t try the CBD flowers, but customers claim the CBD flower provides an overall calming effect with a very mild buzz. The sativa variety is described as pleasantly uplifting, and the indica is described as deeply relaxing.

Most agreed upon by Botany Farms fans was the superior flavor and smoothness of the bud. The small sourced and expertly handcrafted flower makes the terpenes shine.

This product would be good for those looking to decompress and relieve stress but still remain alert. Botany Farms’ CBD flower is perfect for users looking to reap the calming benefits of CBD with a minimal psychoactive high.

CBD oil 1500mg botany farms

Botany Farms CBG Pre-Rolls Review

Botany Farms’ CBG Pre-rolls are one of their most popular items. Only two CBG pre-rolls are offered online, and one is often sold out.

Each 0.3 g joint is strain-specific, featuring a high CBG and modest THC content. This provides a balanced high that is enjoyed by new and experienced users alike.

Uniquely, the pre-rolls are made with full-spectrum hemp, meaning they have a mix of cannabinoids to offer a broader and more balanced high. 

Botany Farm’s pre-rolls are individually packaged in a secure plastic tube. The strain and type of cannabis (sativa, hybrid or indica) is conveniently listed on the label.

According to customer feedback, the CBG slow-burning pre-rolls are excellent for daytime use. 

It’s ideal for calming the mind while keeping your senses sharp. With a low THC content, they cause a pleasantly mellow psychoactive high.

These are good for people seeking tranquility while remaining attentive. It’s suitable for any time use, so if you must brave the dreaded family gathering, this will surely take the edge off and ease your worries.

Botany Farms HHC Review

HHC is a newer (semi-synthetic) cannabinoid making big waves in the cannabis industry. Little is known about the chemical compound, but it is quickly gaining popularity.

HHC is not technically a type of THC. However, I can confirm it produces similar psychoactive effects to Delta-9 THC.  

Currently, there’s a lack of agreement regarding HHC’s potency, but I’d say Botany Farms HHC is lighter than D9.

Botany Farms is quick to arrive on the HHC scene. Unfortunately, they only offer one product with HHC. Nonetheless, this is impressive in its own right, considering it’s one of the latest cannabinoids to be available.

Botany Farms HHC Vape Cartridge Review

The HHC vape carts are packed in secure paper tubes that stabilize the delicate glass cartridge. 

Botany Farms’ uses an inner tube to ensure that the vape doesn’t move an inch. This also ensures that the oil stays upright, resulting in a well-hitting product. 

1000MG HHC Vape Cart | Botany Farms
From $0.045 per MG HHC
  • Free shipping over $75
  • Real cannabis terpenes
  • Artisan brand

All cartridges are placed in a locking childproof container. They can be resealed to guarantee safe travel when on the go. Due to the thickness of the oil, putting the vape back in its container is the best option for maintaining a clear hit. 

HHC vapes are only available in 1 g carts. This proves beneficial for not running out of oil too quickly. In my experience, 0.5 g vapes just do not last. 

Botany Farms’ utilize its attractive minimalist style labeling to display the strain, type, cannabinoid, and flavor profiles. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the COA on the company’s website, which is annoying. 

But, I did receive a copy of the cannabinoid potency result when I asked for it explicitly by contacting them. 

HHC vape cartridge botany farms

Showcasing an impressive pale yellow color oil, HHC vape in Bubba Kush was surprisingly aromatic and potent.

From the initial inhale you can taste the earthy chocolate flavors with notes of freshly brewed coffee. 

No flavor overwhelms the other. The mix of terpenes results in one of the best-tasting cartridges I’ve ever tried. 

Perhaps more pronounced than the taste is the effects. The euphoric high came on instantly as soon as I inhaled the first hit. 

The giddiness transformed into a heavy relaxing buzz that I felt from head to toe. The experience is true to a classic full-body indica high. 

Note – while the packaging says it contains a whopping 99.1% HHC, the CoA suggested just over 70%. Still, this cart may be a little too intense for the novice cannabis consumer. 

All in all, Botany Farms’ HHC vape cartridges are an excellent choice for experienced concentrate users. The high potency delivers a solid relaxing high ideal, a perfect addition to your nighttime routine.

Wrapping Up: Botany Farms Review 

Overall, Botany Farms warrants recognition for being an artisanal cannabis company that offers a wide selection of products that deliver.

The care they put in each step of making their products is reflected in their impressive quality. 

Botany Farms CBD, Delta 8/9 & HHC Products
  • Hard hitting edibles
  • Free shipping over $75
  • Artisan brand
Our Rating:

The cannabis being sourced from micro-farms along with the meticulously hand-making of their products, solidifies their commitment to providing superior cannabis goodies.

Botany Farms’ eclectic variety of cannabis products has some to offer for all new customers. And each type offers many benefits. 

If you want a milder high, check out their Delta-8 offerings. If it’s the hallmark intense high you desire, opt for their Delta-9 products. 

And if you’re looking to reap the relaxing, decompressing benefits of CBD they offer it in all forms, from high CBD gummies to flowers.

All in all, Botany Farms is a respectable company with high standards and high-quality products to match. I strongly recommend you give them a try!