Can You Bring Edibles on a Plane?

For daily tokers, traveling can pose some challenges. You might find yourself wondering how you’re going to get high once you get wherever you’re going.

Since edibles are so discreet, packing them in your luggage could seem like a good option. But weed isn’t federally legal. So can you actually bring edibles on a plane? 

After reading up on the latest regulatory and TSA practices, we’ve assembled the most up-to-date info on flying with edibles. Read on to learn why packing edibles in your luggage is risky…plus a couple tips on how to do it anyway.

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Key Takeaways: Flying With Edibles 

  • Marijuana edibles are not permitted on a plane.
  • TSA Officers search for safety risks, not weed or illegal drugs. 
  • If illegal substances are found in your bag, penalties are at the discretion of law enforcement.

Are Edibles Legal on a Plane? 

So can you take marijuana edibles on the plane with you? 

The short answer is no. Marijuana edibles are not permitted on a plane. Even in legal states, flying with cannabis products is against federal law. 

Remember, THC isn’t legal at the federal level. This means you can’t bring weed with you on a flight. However, certain cannabis products with faint traces of THC can be brought on national flights

According to federal regulations, only hemp-derived edibles containing less than  0.3%  THC are safe to pack in your luggage.. Full-spectrum cannabis products with concentrations under this legal level (like CBD products) are safe to bring onto airport property. 

Destination plays a large role in the legality of bringing edibles on your flight, even those with tiny amounts of THC. Cannabis laws differ internationally. This means you can’t legally pack edibles of any kind (including CBD and other hemp-derived products) on most international flights.

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the agency’s security screening procedures are designed to detect dangerous potential threats.

This means airport security isn’t looking for illegal substances, like those weed gummies you strategically stashed in your bag. If cannabis products or other illegal drugs are inadvertently discovered, however, TSA could have these items confiscated and contact local police.

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Edibles In Checked Bag – Good Or Bad Idea? 

Bringing weed on a plane is always risky, but some ways are riskier than others. Taking cannabis edibles in your carry-on through an airport security check, for example, poses a higher risk than packing weed in your checked bag.

When luggage is scanned, edibles look exactly like regular sweets. If your edibles are in an unmarked bag mixed with other candies, it’s unlikely that TSA security will be able to discern that they contain THC.

Though state laws differ, it is unlawful under federal law to possess marijuana on airport property.

Nevertheless, when flying with a cannabis product, you face the risk of getting caught by TSA security with marijuana or something similar in your possession. As we’ll delve into a little later, the consequences of flying with cannabis can vary based on local legality and police discretion.

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What happens if you get caught with edibles on a plane?

A number of things can happen if you get caught with edibles on a plane. Primarily, legal consequences depend largely on who catches you and where you’re at

As we’ve already discussed, the Transportation Security Administration is not deliberately screening for substances when they check your bag. TSA’s biggest priority is safety, not weed. 

As a result, TSA security officers are searching for items that pose a risk to passengers’ safety. Nevertheless, if cannabis or other federally illegal drugs are discovered in your luggage, a TSA officer is required to defer the situation to a law enforcement officer. 

After an officer is contacted, the next steps depend on the discretion of local laws. The situation is assessed and the appropriate consequences are determined. Punishment in California, for example, is going to be much less severe than it would be if you were caught with edibles in a state with notorious strict cannabis regulations. 

While punishment typically involves fines or fines or flight bans, some individuals have received jail time for transporting cannabis products on a plane. 

With international flights, the risk of bringing marijuana on a plane is even bigger. If you get caught with edibles once you reach your destination, punishment is in the federal jurisdiction of the country that you’re visiting. 

Because cannabis laws are different around the world, bringing edibles on an international flight poses the biggest risk. It’s highly recommended not to take any cannabis products with you when traveling internationally.

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Remember Cannabis is not Federally Legal 

While recreational cannabis and medical marijuana is legal in many states, it remains unlawful nationwide. On the federal level, cannabis still qualifies as a Schedule I substance

With ongoing studies proving the potential benefits of medical marijuana, it may surprise you to learn that weed is still considered a Schedule I drug. These are drugs with a high potential for abuse and little to no medical benefit. Other Schedule I controlled substances include cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, and heroin. 

As long as marijuana remains under this classification, it’s illegal  to possess marijuana at the airport or on a flight. Airports follow federal standards, and marijuana is illegal under federal law.

For example, even though cannabis is allowed recreationally in both Las Vegas and Denver, it’s still unlawful to bring weed across state lines. Even when flying into  Denver International Airport, cannabis infused products remain illegal according to the federal government.

Though TSA scans luggage for dangerous threats rather than substances, if TSA canines sniff out cannabis infused products, punishment depends on local laws. A law enforcement officer could be contacted.

If you’re caught with marijuana at the Denver International Airport, your punishment depends on how much weed you have and state law. TSA is required to contact a Denver police officer if cannabis products are found in your carry on or checked bag…but this doesn’t necessarily mean they will. 

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Can You Eat an Edible Before Getting on a Plane?

What about eating an edible before boarding? 

The simple answer here: why not? If eating an edible helps you avoid flight jitters, there’s not really any risk with taking edibles beforehand and getting on the plane as high as a kite. 

You should definitely use caution when traveling to countries where weed is highly illegal, however. In some countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, even having THC in your bloodstream is considered possession. 

The likelihood of having your blood tested in a foreign land is relatively small. If you fly abroad and require hospitalization for any reason, however, you could be subjected to a drug test. If THC is present in your bloodstream, it could ultimately lead to some unfavorable consequences.

Wrapping Up: Traveling with Edibles 

Bringing cannabis edibles on a flight is illegal. Because cannabis is not yet legal on a federal level, bringing THC and other cannabis products with you when you travel is very risky. 

If you’re caught packing edibles for a flight, punishment can vary depending on local law enforcement discretion. At best, your cannabis products are ignored and you go on your merry way. Then again, you may miss your flight if you’re caught and questioned for too long. At worst, you can face fines, flight bans or jail time. 

If you plan to consume cannabis before your flight, try to do it before you reach the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bring edibles on a plane?

While we don’t recommend bringing any federally unlawful substance on a flight, there are steps you can take to avoid getting caught with edibles in your luggage. But keep in mind this is at your own risk. 

The most discreet way to do it is to mix your THC gummies in with a bag of regular gummies. Use caution: we recommend you mix in one single color of THC gummies so you know which are medicated. 

You can also consider taking any ganja goodies out of their original packaging and repackaging them in plain foil or saran wrap. Then it just looks like a snack for the plane or something you packed in your bag to eat on when you arrive at your final destination.