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Can You Dab Kief? 

Kief is the best cherry on top of any bowl, joint or blunt. It can boost potency and cause strong, euphoric highs.

But can you dab kief? Is dabbing kief even a thing? 

In short, yes, you can dab kief. And kief dabbing is definitely a thing. Especially with cannabis consumers with high tolerance levels. 

Why would you want to dab kief? 

Well, for one it packs a powerfully potent punch. And it’s a much cleaner option than solvent-based concentrates that are typically dabbed. 

Below are a few tips and tricks for dabbing everyone’s favorite marijuana dust.

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Key Takeaways: Dabbing Kief

  • Yes, you can dab kief.
  • Kief is made up of cannabis trichomes and contains a high terpene and cannabinoid concentration.
  • Kief dabs can cause a more intense high and pose less safety risks than solvent-based extracts.

Is Kief Hash?

No, kief is not hash. But it is used to make it.

Kief (aka dry sift, pollen or weed crystals) is the dusty plant material that falls from cannabis plant flower when ground through kief screens or a weed grinder.

It’s composed of the tiny trichomes that grow on buds and sugar leaves, which contain the cannabis plant terpenes and cannabinoids.

The result is extremely potent cannabis powder.

Basically, kief is the fine dust that collects in your weed grinder. 

Some smoke kief by sprinkling it onto a plain pot bowl burning regular marijuana to add extra pollen power. Some even prefer a pure kief bowl or products like solid hash or bubble hash, which are made using fine mesh screens to release tiny trichomes.

Can you dab kief?

Yes, you can dab kief as it’s largely made from THCA.

While it doesn’t melt like traditional concentrates, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You can sprinkle kief onto the nail of your dab rig. You can also dab kief in other forms, such as kief oil and hash oil.

However, when the flower is heavily ground, tiny pieces of cannabis flower get through the filter screen into the dry sift. This plant material lowers the overall potency and purity.

Low purity kief generally isn’t suitable for dabbing, as it can leave behind sticky residue in your dab rig. This residue can cause an unpleasant flavor on your dab nail for future dabs.

If you dab kief, make sure it’s a light tan or blonde color, rather than green. A light tan color indicates higher purity, containing almost exclusively trichome heads.

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Why Dab Kief?


Kief can have up to double or triple the THC concentration of regular cannabis flower.

And because filling the kief catcher tray in your grinder is such a slow process, weed dust is jam-packed with a varied mix of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

With those higher concentrations come a more powerful high. Compared with regular cannabis buds, smoking or dabbing dry sift can cause more intense effects.

Rapid Onset

Kief is incredibly potent, as it contains a high concentration of THCA, which when decarbed turns into THC.

As such, it can cause a quick, and powerful high.

When you dab kief, you’re inhaling vapor rather than smoke. Smoother vapor can mean bigger hits.

So, in theory, the ability to take bigger hits when you dab can lead to an even more rapid onset of that intense high.

hash pressed from kief

No Additives

Kief is a natural part of cannabis flowers. As such, no chemical solvents are required for cultivation.

On the other hand, waxes and concentrates used for dabbing are made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids from the plant. This process usually requires the use of butane solvent, CO2, propane or ethanol.

That’s why products like butane hash oil pose a bit of a safety concern, as chemical solvents are used throughout the process.

Dabbing Kief Risks

There’s only one real risk with dabbing kief.

It’s strong. 

Kief is highly concentrated compared to regular bud. If it’s high-quality, it can contain THC concentrations of up to 70%.

That said, this precious cannabis pollen should be dabbed with caution. It may be too strong for beginners, which could lead to unpleasant effects.