CBD Cream, Muscle Rub & Topicals

As part of our CBD Cream & topicals range, we have two fantastic and unique options. Whether you need a relaxing infused beauty treatment or something to support any aches and pains, we have something for you. From CBD Body Butter to a soothing, CBD Gel we offer a range of topical CBD creams and products which can serve as a product that is easily added to your daily beauty regime or the gels which can target joints, muscles, or skin directly. 

Typically, before hitting the mainstream, topical hemp products consisted of CBD oils, pastes & what is called ‘green cream’. This type of cream was made with coconut oil and infused with hemp. Each of these has a strong smell and often stained the skin, but as science has developed, CBD cream and topicals no longer have these issues.

Benefits of CBD Cream & Muscle Gel

There is a lot of information out there about the best way to use hemp derived products, and often CBD creams and topicals are overlooked. 

The benefits of using CBD to your skin is that it delivers a targeted and localised application to the skin and the surrounding area. While using sublingual oils, you can improve your overall health and well-being, but CBD topicals interact with with localised cells.

Cannabinoids support the Endocannabinoid System, and can support this network of receptors in its role of helping the body maintain a healthy balance. This system triggers healthy cell growth, anti-inflammatory responses, reduction in irritation and much more. Support your body’s healing process by giving your ECS some love!

CBD Body Butter UK

CBD Cream with mango

CBD Body Butters are essential for your daily beauty regime. They have a wide range of benefits that a conventional moisturiser or skincare product cannot provide. CBD Body Butter is specifically designed to slip into your routine and to give your Endocannabinoid System a boost without any added effort. 

The CBD content in the Body Butter is absorbed directly into the skin and the surrounding cells. While a sublingual application, taken in the form of a CBD oil for instance, is taken directly into the bloodstream, a CBD body butter absorbs the compound more slowly and affects the cells close to the skin.

This ensures that you enjoy the overall well-being benefits of hemp extract on targeted areas of your body and cares for your skin too.


Our body butter is produced using all-natural ingredients including: 300mg CBD, Shea butter, Mango butter, Jojoba oils and Grapefruit seed extract along with Vitamin E and other essential oils. 

The scents and texture are calming and bursting with vitamins and minerals to help ensure that your skin is healthy and silky soft. 

We have specifically chosen the fresh scents of grapefruit and mango to complement the relaxing effect of CBD this body butter is the ideal addition to your meditative self-love routine.

CBD Cooling Gel

CBD Muscle Gel

You don’t need to be a sportsperson to need some CBD Cooling Gel in your life. As we get older, we experience all of the aches, pains and stiffness that our parents always talked about, but we haven’t felt feel before. 

As our body ages, our joints become a little worn out, and our muscles can deal with less activity. What if there was a muscle rub that could help to support your Endocannabinoid System while administering localised cooling relief? Well, CBD gel does just that, powered with 500mg Cannabidiol.

If you are a sports person, CBD cream may not do everything you need it to do – you may need a gel to use as a muscle rub to help support your weary muscles. CBD gel is particularly popular with long-distance runners and weight lifters.