Organic CBD Crumble UK

Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates

Just like CBD powders and Isolates, our Organic CBD crumble is now available in the UK; a potent and concentrated form of CBD. It is usually CO2 extracted and distilled, hence crumble can contain up to 99% CBD. Unlike a CBD powder, the texture is soft and crumbles easily from touch or heat.

CBD crumble can be infused with terpenes to give an added depth of flavour and added wellbeing benefits. Our CBD crumble is in a crystal-like form in larger quantities and is broad-spectrum, naturally rich in cannabinoids including CBD, CBG and CBDV. This CBD concentrate is for true canna-enthusiasts! 

We have taken particular care in sourcing our organic CBD concentrates, bringing only the most premium products to market. We have partnered with a Swiss farm to obtain a certified THC & CBN free product, which is both completely legal, and of the highest standard.

We offer the choice to add terpenes to infuse your crumble, adding flavour and depth if you wish!

Buy CBD Crumble UK & Samples

Below you can see our range of CBD crumble ready for order and next day delivery in the UK. We know that getting the perfect CBD concentrate for you takes time, patience and some trial and error. That is why we also offer the opportunity to buy CBD crumble samples so that you may try it out before you decide whether it is worth it. 

  If you are a regular CBD concentrates user then we are sure you will never go back to what you were using before! Get yourself a sample or go all out – we know you wont regret it!

CBD Crumble FAQ

What are CBD concentrates?

CBD concentrates are high potency forms of CBD and are usually vapourized. Popular with people who want to feel the effects of CBD quickly and effectively. CBD concentrates, including at Nature & Bloom are frequently infused with terpenes, improving flavour and overall effect.

What is the difference between CBD crumble and CBD Isolate?

CBD crumble contains multiple cannabinoids and is broad spectrum, CBD Isolate on the other hand is just pure and Isolated CBD. Using multiple cannabinoids in conjunction with CBD, is thought to help CBD work synergistically with the other compounds, this is called ‘the entourage effect’. 

How Do You Use CBD Crumble?

There are three primary methods via which a CBD crumble can be consumed: Through a process called dabbing with a concentrate pen, by adding it to your normal vape juice which you put in your everyday vape, or taken sublingually – i.e. by placing it under your tongue. Dabbing, for new users, may seem a little serious but it is quite an easy process, you can follow the link to see how!

Consuming our organic CBD crumble sublingually is one of the most effective ways to use the product. Using a similar absorption path as CBD oil, the cannabidiol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the membranes present under the tongue. 

Thus, ensuring a relatively high level of bioavailability and absorption when compared against digestive consumption. When you eat a CBD crumble, a large portion of the compound can be wasted during digestion and when it is metabolised into the liver. Especially when you buy CBD concentrates, it is important to ensure that the delivery system is as efficient as possible.

How Do You Dose Crumble? 

Dosing CBD concentrates & crumble all depends on how potent the product is, usually our concentrates are between 95% and 99% CBD, which makes it simple. If you take 0.5 grams of the crumble, you will be consuming roughly the same amount of CBD. Be careful with how much you take as this is a potent product – always carefully weigh and measure the concentration when adding it to a carrier oil or when dabbing.

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