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Best CBD Flower Strains 2024

With the interest in Hemp skyrocketing, there’s more brands than you can count. The problem?

Figuring out which brands are pushing poor quality CBD products that wouldn’t be fitting even at a gas station. 

Finding the best CBD flower strains requires both time and research. We’ve done the work and spent 28+ hours figuring out which brands produce and sell the dankest Hemp flower on the market.  

Keep reading for the details, but if you’re in a rush, here’s our ultimate winner and top picks:

Top Pick
Sovereign Bubba CBD Hemp Flower | IHF

Trichome coated top shelf hemp flower with a limonene boosted aroma.

Sativa Pick
Sour Lifter [Herb X Botany Farms]

Hemp buds especially grown for a partnership with the media company Herb. Cerebral sativa like buzz with diesel and lemon notes.

Largest Hemp Nugs
Hawaiian Haze Hemp Buds

Naturally rich in myrcene, this one’s perfect anytime! Expect large nugs with an aroma to die for!


Our CBD Hemp Flower Brands Selection Process

Let’s speak up the truth, ganjanauts!

Hunting premium hemp buds is not always an easy endeavor.

Nowadays, the quickly evolving CBD market is chock full of CBD strains to choose from. So many CBD hemp flower brands out there. Yet, the abundance of products tends to make the selection process harder to navigate.

We believe that sharing means caring and that health equals wealth. These are two of the mantras we use in selecting the best CBD bud hemp strains and brands out of the bunch.

Now, an important (side) note.
The “best CBD flower” for user A is not necessarily the best one for user B.

Yup, the reality of truth.

Our goal as ceaselessly curious cannabisseurs is straightforward.

To make sure our bud buddies can find the top CBD flower products to suit their UNIQUE needs and preferences.

So, here’s how our side of the deal looks:

  • We spent a total of 26 hours researching products to create this article. But we didn’t stop here.
  • We kept trawling through customer reviews and forums for further insights.
  • Also, we talked to the brands in question about each product. We took into account brands’ reputation, too.
  • Nonetheless, we assessed if a Certificate of Analysis (COA) is available for each flower that made it to this list.
  • Last but not least, we evaluated customer service, customer support, shopping experience, and refund policy. For this purpose, we asked them a set of questions. This helped us test how much they know and if they are willing to help.
  • Finally, we have narrowed the countdown to the top 8 hit-the-sweet-spot, high CBD buds below.

Feeling excited to share a great range of products. There’s a little bit of everything to find your personal favorites.

Quick Heads Up

After thorough research, we narrowed down only the top 4 hemp flower brands and 8 strains. Also, all the products in our roundup contain less than 0.3% THC, in line with the 2018 Farm Bill.

High time to walk that talk.

3, 2, 1, let’s roll!

Best CBD Flower Strains 2021

#1. Sovereign Bubba Hemp Flower by Industrial Hemp Farms

A go-to-flower for the aficionados of Bubba strains, this nug grabs your eye immediately. The dense buds stick to your fingers. And yes, this whole sugar-coated sparkling goodness is all about a smooth smoking ride.

Top Pick
Sovereign Bubba CBD Hemp Flower | IHF

Trichome coated top shelf hemp flower with a limonene boosted aroma.


PROS (+)

  • Bulk order options available.
  • Hand-trimmed to ensure perfection-satisfaction.
  • Bulk discounts available

CONS (-)

  • Exact terpene content per batch is unknown.

Great for: Anyone wanting to buy top shelf Hemp flower.
Not (that) great for: Newbie users may find it too potent.

The aroma is pungent and crispy citrusy, with sweetness lingerings on the final exhale. Most users’ reports relate this flower to potently relaxing effects and a truly delightful flavor blend.

Strain Summary

  • CBD content: 18.68%
  • Terpene profile: Lab tests available only for cannabinoid levels
  • Growing Conditions: Greenhouse

#2 – Sour Lifter by Herb x Botany Farms

Who’s in for some wake’n’bake? Hail some glorious Sour Lifter morning energy. Also, if you’re a fan of limited edition strains, then you’d definitely love to check this out.Sativa Pick

Sativa Pick
Sour Lifter [Herb X Botany Farms]

Hemp buds especially grown for a partnership with the media company Herb. Cerebral sativa like buzz with diesel and lemon notes.


PROS (+)

  • Hand-trimmed.
  • Highly rated.
  • Pre-rolls, as well as CBG flower power, are also available on the menu.

CONS (-)

  • No bulk discounts.
  • Only available in 3.5 grams quantity.

Hemp buds especially grown for a partnership with the media company Herb. Cerebral sativa like buzz with diesel and lemon notes.

Great for: Sativa strain lovers looking for a combination of both energy and relief.
Not (that) great for: Not the best night-time hemp flower to opt for.

Similar to the original Lifter strain, the Sour Lifter flower kicks in with strong, memorable flavors. It combines notes of zesty lemon and mouth-watering grapes with a funk, gassy aroma punch.

The diesel-y blends in this hemp flower brought us reminiscents of the cult classic Sour Diesel.

For a delectable smoking experience, try combining this strain with a cup of citrus-mint tea or decadent roast coffee.

The lemon tones have to do with high levels of Limonene.

Interestingly, research suggests that Limonene can enhance the absorption of other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Myrcene is responsible for the fruity, grape-like flavor profile. This terpene relates to promoting muscle relaxation

Strain Summary 

CBD content: 17.3%

Terpene levels: Not specified by the lab tests.

Growing Method: Organic outdoor growing in select micro-farms

Shopping experience: The website is effortless to navigate. Reaching the support team is also easy and quick-working through a simple contact form.

Order details: Quick delivery. But mind that once you place your order, you can’t cancel or modify it. At the time of writing, returns and refunds are not available. That’s due to the Covid-19 situation.

Other favorite CBD products by this brand: The top-notch CBG vape cartridge is a heart-stealer. Awesome Cannabidiol x Cannabigerol treat.

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#3 – Hawaiian Haze

If you’re up to a great-to-use-anytime bud, Hawaiian Haze has a lot to offer. This well-balanced Sativa strain lives up true to its name.

Cannaflower CBD products are but ganja-bijoux.

The juicy, tropical flavors can make you want to pack your bags and head to Hawaii asap. The sour citrus tinges give that extra zesty, refreshing kick.

Largest Hemp Nugs
Hawaiian Haze Hemp Buds

Naturally rich in myrcene, this one’s perfect anytime! Expect large nugs with an aroma to die for!


PROS (+)

  • Pre-rolls are also available.
  • Hand trimmed and slowly cured.
  • Quality packaging keeps the product fresh for longer.

CONS (-)

  • Free shipping only applies for orders over $75.
  • No wholesale price for buy-in-bulk ordering.

Great for: Users looking for a fruitilicious daytime strain that can also double as an evening treat.
Not (that) great for: Those searching for products with low to moderate levels of Cannabidiol.

Strain Summary

  • CBD content: 18.50%
  • Terpene profile: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Bisabolol, Borneol.
  • Growing Method: Greenhouse

#4 – Cookies CBD Hemp Flower by ATLRx

A CBD bud to remember! Yup, this CBD-rich hemp flower heads our list for some (smokin’) good reasons. Above all, it boasts of the highest levels of Cannabidiol in this runup.Broadest Set Of Strains

Broadest Set Of Strains
Cookies CBD Buds | ATLRx

Earthy, sweet and smooth. This brand has a wide variety of strains to pick from too!


PROS (+)

  • Buds with potent levels of Cannabidiol.
  • Family farms-grown.

CONS (-)

  • The wide choice of strains on the menu may feel confusing to the newbies.
  • More expensive on average.

Great for: Those looking for a chilled-out experience with a tasty Cannabidiol flower.
Not (that) great for: Users looking strictly for an uplifting, 100% daytime train.

This cookies strain pampers the sense with its herbal flavor profile. Hints of chamomile merge with the dominant hues of fresh, earthy hops. Splashes of cinnamon undertones give off an exotic tint.

Also available in pre-rolls, this strain is a keeper.

Overall, this pungent flower offers a smooth and flavorful smoke. Most of the people who experienced this strain highlight its tastiness. 

Another bonus is that ATLRx has an awesome variety of other CBD-rich hemp strains to choose from (Sour Space Candy, Green Giant, Star Master, Special Sauce, CBG Jack Frost).

#5 – Sour Space Candy

You’d better get your space helmets ready, the Cannaflower CBD collection is here with another superstar.

This hybrid flower brings the best of both worlds. The experience with this strain lives up to its description “enlivened calm.”Tropical Aroma Buds

PROS (+)

  • Hand-trimmed.
  • Grown in select micro-farms.
  • Quality packaging ensures prolonged freshness of the products.

CONS (-)

  • The moderate levels of Cannabidiol may not be the best option for some users.
  • No bulk purchase discounts.

Great for: Cannabisseurs who wish to enjoy a clear-head, daytime strain.
Not (that) great for: People who are strictly after a pure Sativa or Indica flower.

Sour Space Candy can easily become your favorite all-day relaxation nature secret. The dense, purplish nugs delight the senses at a glance.

Detectable citrus tones embraced in sour tropical fruit hints with just the right touch of flowers and cheese (yeah, what a combo!). Not your average buds but an intergalactic treat, for sure

#6 – Sour Special Sauce

Indica strains aficionados, here’s a flower to pamper your body, mind, and soul.

This strain is a limited release by Oregon master breeders. User reports affirm that this cannawonder can work great for promoting deep relaxation.Best Indica Strain

Best Indica Strain
Sour Special Sauce Hemp Buds

Berry like sweetness and an indica heavy feel. Great for winding down and couch lock!


PROS (+)

  • Available in 1, 3.5, and 7 grams.
  • Smooth smoking experience and taste.
  • Craft-level products are produced only in small batches.

CONS (-)

  • Due to the small-batch production practices, products may be out of stock.
  • Some users may find the sharp tart berries aroma overwhelming to their taste.

Great for: Indica strain hunters.
Not (that) great for: People who are after a daytime strain.

An awesome go-to for your bedtime-secret-nature-hug rituals, Sour Special Sauce aromas further complement this true Indica.

The flavor symphony is orchestrated by diesel tinges laced in sweet undertones amidst the dominant tart berries body.

Strain Summary

  • CBD content: 16.9%
  • Terpene profile: The available lab tests do not include terpene levels details.
  • Growing Method:  Organic outdoor/ greenhouse.

#7 – Skywalker CBD Hemp Flower

Most users’ reports describe this Cannabidiol-rich Skywalker variety to bring calming yet focused sensations.Best Value Pick

Best Value Pick
Skywalker Hemp Flower | IHF

Top shelf buds with bulk price discounts you cannot ignore! $75 an oz and even cheaper if you want more!


PROS (+)

  • Hand-trimmed.
  • Available in 1, 3.5, 7, 14, and 28 grams.
  • Extra fragrant smoke.

CONS (-)

  • Less smooth smoke
  • It’s super pungent smell isn’t discrete.

Great for: Users who want to enjoy an intense flower with moderate levels of Cannabidiol.
Not (that) great for: People who need a detailed list of terpene levels in this strain.

The sticky, pungent flowers start teasing the imagination before you even get to inhale the smoke.

As the dank aroma disperses, the body and mind step into a cosmic dance of smooth relaxation.

An awesome go-to for your bedtime-secret-nature-hug rituals, Sour Special Sauce aromas further complement this true Indica.

The flavor symphony is orchestrated by diesel tinges laced in sweet undertones amidst the dominant tart berries body.

Strain Summary

  • CBD content: 13.35%
  • Terpene profile: Lab tests available only for cannabinoid levels.
  • Growing Method: Greenhouse. 

#8 – Bubba Kush

This is our favorite next bud in the evening-use-friendly category.

Bubba Kush CBD is an Indica-dominant strain. Hence, it’s an excellent option for those seeking relaxation rather than an energy boost.Alternative Indica

Alternative Indica
Bubba Kush | Cannaflower

The perfect alternative pick for evenings.


PROS (+)

  • Hand-trimmed to ensure quality.
  • 90-day slow cured.
  • Artisan-level cannabis.

CONS (-)

  • Lower Cannabidiol levels than Cookies and Sour Lifter strains above.

Great for: Cannabis users on the hunt for an evening-friendly hemp flower.
Not (that) great for: Sativa strain lovers.

The symphony of flavors hits with just-smell-these-explosions-of-lemon-and-cloves. The palate tingles with delicious notes of coffee and cocoa.

The high Terpinolene content makes this a perfect smoke before bed too!

Order details: Free shipping for orders over $75. Discreet packaging. Orders are processed in around 2 business days. Although, the brand offers no refunds at the time of writing.

Other favorite products by this brand: Honestly, we think all the products available deserve some love!

Strain Summary

  • CBD content: 17%
  • Terpene profile: High in Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Limonene, Bisabolol, and Humulene.
  • Growing Method: Outdoor – naturally sun-grown. 

CBD Flowers Buying Guide: Ride The Top Hemp Flower Paradise Tide

People genuinely want nothing less but the premium CBD flower, right? After all, that’s the very reason why this article was born.

Firstly, you need to understand how to estimate the quality of CBD flower. To do so, you want to trace the entire cultivation process from seed to bud.

A great CBD product is a soil-to-body gift from Earth. It’s also a soil-to-soul miracle Mother Nature herself offers.

Remember, if your under 21 to also check if there are any age restrictions for CBD in your state.

How The Best Of The Best Hemp Flower Is Born

The rise of any Cannabidiol rockstar strain requires a ton of experience. Furthermore, it has to be coupled with solid knowledge in cannabis breeding. Remember, the cultivation process practices matter SO much.

Yes, the bud-to-order hemp flower strains pathway is a long journey. There are many possible twists and turns.

It all starts with experts choosing the best hemp flower seed genetics.

Next, the growing process keeps unfolding for months. Carefully grown hemp strains will be free of any pesticides or other contaminants leftovers.

What follows is proper harvesting, trimming, curing, and drying of the plant material.

Premium Quality CBD Flower Cultivation Process Experience

Ultimately, the cultivation process is not single-folded. More importantly, each element in this process plays a crucial role.

It requires a ton of discipline, know-how, and dedicated work. Experts commit to proper cultivation every single day. Day after day.

Properly grown hemp flowers provide unparalleled benefits.

Top-quality, CBD-rich hemp must embody consistency and purity. And reputable brands know this very well. Hence, each brand has to test the cannabinoid content of every product.

These include THC content VS CBD content in each strain, among other active cannabinoids. They also test moisture levels, as well as the cleanliness of the agricultural methods employed.

In return, users can enjoy quality hemp flowers that live up true to the description of the CBD brand producer.

OG Kush Hemp Buds In Glass Jar

CBD Hemp Flowers for Sale Online: Quick Overview On The Things To Look For

The Cannabidiol market is still quite an unregulated space.

That’s why when you hunt down the best CBD flower hemp brands, you must look for a certificate of analysis (CoA).

CoAs are the only proof you can have that your CBD flower has been third-party lab tested.
The accredited third-party lab tests ensure and verify the quality of each cannabis flower strain. They also contain invaluable information about:

  • CBD content and THC content (among other cannabinoids).
  • Testing for any pesticides, environmental contaminants, heavy metals.
  • Additionally, some of the COAs also offer a complete terpene profile of each flower.

Does Cannabidiol Show Up On A Drug Test?

Cannabidiol use in Isolation does not impair motor skills or judgment. Thus, the most common workplace drug tests (urine tests) aren’t looking for Cannabidiol.

But a Cannabidiol user can still fail a drug test. This depends on the levels of THC involved.

After all, THC may be present in some CBD products, even though in low amounts.

When you opt for quality hemp CBD flower strains, the levels of THC are at the bare minimum. That’s less than 0.3% THC content.

Yet low-quality products’ labels may mistake the levels of THC. That’s another reason to opt for state-licensed CBD strains and products that are tested and regulated.

Also, mind that if you consume about 1000 milligrams of CBD a day, the residual THC could mean you have issues passing a potential drug test.

Worried about ordering CBD products because of possibly failing a drug test?

Then CBD isolate is your best bet. It has no THC content present. Everything is removed from the plant material during the extraction process, creating 100% pure, premium CBD.

So, WTF Is CBD Hemp Flower In A Nutshell?

Hemp plants belong to the Cannabis Sativa L. family.

But are hemp buds and marijuana the same?  Yes. But, only partially.

Industrial hemp is cultivated to contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC in dry weight. As hemp lacks the high levels of THC, the intoxicating effects of traditional marijuana are also absent.

Moreover, hemp is legal to sell and purchase almost all across the USA. That’s thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp at the federal level.

Smoke-grade CBD hemp flower refers to the dried and trimmed buds of the hemp plant.

You can consume it by rolling it into a joint or adding it to a pipe. Also, you can vaporize it. Alternatively, you can use it to craft homemade tinctures, edibles, or even DIY body self-care topicals.

The effects of each CBD hemp flower vary from strain to strain.

Hemp Bud Illustration

CBD Hemp Flower Types: A Short And Sweet Breakdown

As a rule of thumb, all hemp CBD flowers are derived from hemp. Yup, quite logically.

Meanwhile, there are also high-CBD strains with levels of THC beyond 0.3% available on the market.

The thing is, each CBD strain and even bud can contain a different level of cannabinoids and terpenes.

For example, some strains are bred for higher Cannabigerol (CBG) content.

If you’re after these, then look for a CBG flower and not a general hemp flower. That’s because CBG has to be harvested earlier.

More precisely, CBG harvesting starts when the cannabis plant is still growing. This cannabinoid is most prevalent in young plants at about weeks 6 – 8 of the flowering cycle.

What are the other factors people need to consider when picking the best type of CBD flower? 

  • Above all, a brand’s reputation and reliability. 
  • Nonetheless, you want to evaluate the flavors and aroma profiles of the strain.

Why Terpenes In Cannabis Matter

Different strains contain different terpene profiles

Ultimately, which terpenes you’re looking for is a strictly personal matter of choice. This has to do with your unique preferences for flavors.

Each terpene provides unique potential benefits. When combined in buds, you’ll taste and feel the effects of terps working in synergy with cannabinoids. 

For instance, some strains are high in Linalool. Studies suggest that this terpene possesses
“sedative, analgesic, antiinflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antitumor properties.”

CBD Pre Rolls VS CBD Flower: Find Your Happy Hour!

Of course I know how to roll a joint!”
– Martha Stewart

Ahh, we adore your kitchen miracles just as much as your joint rolling skills, Martha! But not everyone enjoys the rolling process.

Also, sometimes it is much more convenient to have a rolled joint handy. This way, you can indulge when and as needed, with no fuss attached. 

Pre-rolls are basically CBD joints. They are all ready for you to smoke immediately without needing papers. Smoking CBD flower made-easy, ta-dah!

If you can’t roll and want to smoke, you might want to pick pre-rolls. They’re good for being easy to use.

CBD Pre Rolls VS CBD Cigarettes

On the scale of easy-to-easier-to-smoke, CBD cigarettes are the ultimate winners.

So, for the people who want something REALLY easy to consume, buying CBD cigarettes can be a wonderful option.

These cigarettes contain ground hemp flower in, oh well, cigarette form.

They’re near enough the same as pre-rolls. Yet they look like cigarettes, so they have a filter, too.

The filter works well for stealth. But it naturally reduces the amount of vapor inhaled. This means that CBD cigarettes are not the most budget-friendly option due to the (slightly) lower amount of vapor you can intake.

However, some people tend to be more sensitive to smoke and the cough-inducing effects. Thus, CBD cigarettes can be a great go-to product.

And yet another succulent mental floss…

Paradoxically and anecdotally, CBD cigarettes might just be helpful in the reduction of regular cigarette consumption too.

The Final Verdict

Drum rolls, please. 

The CBD Sovereign Bubba is our top favorite, premium CBD flower pick.Top Pick

Top Pick
Sovereign Bubba CBD Hemp Flower | IHF

Trichome coated top shelf hemp flower with a limonene boosted aroma.


It packs a high level of Cannabidiol content. In combination with the traditional earthy cannabis flavors, that’s what we call a connoisseur-level treasure.

Third-party lab tested and cultivated in a perfectly controlled, hygienic environment, it tastes and sounds like a dream come true.

We also adore that this flower merges relaxation with sweet waves of energy without heavy sedation.

For daytime strain lovers, we’d recommend the Sour Lifter flower.

Sativa Pick
Sour Lifter [Herb X Botany Farms]

Hemp buds especially grown for a partnership with the media company Herb. Cerebral sativa like buzz with diesel and lemon notes.