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Best CBD Pre Rolls 2024: Hemp Joints Taste Tested

With numerous CBD joints brands available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming to say the least.

Instead of scanning through lab reports and buying dud after dud just scan though this post to find what works for you.

We’ve done the work, testing over 15 brands and after many hours of smoking back to back CBD joints we’ve come up with the list below. Keep reading to find our picks for the best CBD pre rolls of 2024.

Top Pick: Best CBD Pre Rolls
Cheapest CBD Pre Rolls
Best CBD Pre Rolls For Anxiety
Most Popular Joints Brand
Interesting Strains
Best CS Policies
Largest Variety
Top Pick: Best CBD Pre Rolls
Cheapest CBD Pre Rolls
Best CBD Pre Rolls For Anxiety
Most Popular Joints Brand
Interesting Strains

CBD Pre-Rolls Review: Our Testing Process

In House Product Testing

CBD Pre Rolls Tested

We personally tested all the CBD pre roll options in this review to discover the best CBD pre-rolls on the market. That way we know firsthand which ones to pass on to you.

Here you’ll only find high-quality CBD pre rolls that actually deserve a spot on this list.

So, for this review, we spent several hours smoking different CBD pre rolls to see which ones helped us reach maximum chill.

This review only includes the creme-de-le-creme of the hemp pre-rolls we tried.

Customer Service

The best hemp brands know that to be successful in this saturated industry, they need to do more than deliver great hemp pre-rolls. They also need to provide fantastic customer service.

Offering free shipping, returns and satisfaction guarantees are some of the things we look for to see if brands are serious when it comes to customer satisfaction.

First-time order discounts, subscription services and frequent sales and deals are also a huge plus.

It’s things like this that help brands become ones that people want to return to.

Brand Reputation

Hemp companies can claim they have the best products in the world, but any brand can claim they have the best CBD when their products are anything but.

To find the legit brands you need to do a little digging to see if their claims are legit or they’re just blowing smoke.

While looking at brand reputation we ask these types of questions:

  • Is this brand well-known in the hemp industry, and how does it stack up when it comes to CBD?
  • Does the brand offer other high-quality cannabis products with other cannabinoids?

We want to see a track record of success when it comes to all of their products, CBD and other cannabinoids included.

Current User Feedback

We personally smoked all the CBD pre-rolls on the list, but also looked at what previous customers have said.

Customer experience is crucial to look at because it shows how consistent a product is, and can uncover the good and the bad. Reviews from people that have actually tried the product are far more real than any clever marketing techniques.

We take the time to explore subreddits, public forums and customer reviews. Then, we ask ourselves three questions:

  • Are there more positive reviews than others?
  • What are the customers saying about the CBD products and the brand?
  • Do current users agree with our opinions on the products? What might be different?

By using these questions to assess the different brands and their products we can get a feel for the general opinion of them.

Third-Party Lab Testing

It’s important to ensure you’re getting what’s printed on the product label and that it’s safe to consume. This is why third-party lab testing is so important.

We only recommend brands that offer Certificates of Analysis (COAs) from independent, third-party labs for all their products.

These lab reports offer precise cannabinoid percentages, letting you know the potency of your product.

Full panel lab tests take potency testing a step further by also testing for purity. This means they test to see if there are any heavy metals, residual solvents or other potential contaminants in the products.

If a product isn’t third party tested, find another one that is.

Best CBD Pre Rolls 2023

1. Indoor CBD Pre Rolls | Green Unicorn Farms

Green Unicorn Farms CBD Pre Rolls come in cool reusable tubes and snap packs to ensure these beautifully rolled CBD joints reach you in perfect condition. Available in a 3.5 gram snap pack with seven 0.5g joints, these pre rolls come in four popular strains.

Top Pick: Best CBD Pre Rolls
CBD Pre Rolls | Indoor Grown Hemp | Green Unicorn Farms


  • Indoor grown premium hemp
  • Full panel third party tested
  • Crushed the reviewer's anxiety
  • Expensive
  • Cannot buy singles

Once I popped the top on their tubs I could smell the freshness of dank hemp. The smoking experience was superb, as they lit beautifully and burned evenly. I sampled all four strains.

Each had a strong terpene profile, with super dank aroma and top-notch flavors containing notes of fruit, sugar and skunk.

My favorite was the Lemon Octane. This delicious blend of citrus and gas, and gave me a nice energy to carry through the day.

I found the effects true to high-quality CBD products. Each helped me relax, alleviate my stress, with effects that came on in an instant and lasted for a few hours.

The packaging was impressive, with each strain cozily packed in its own container. They’re easy to open, just squeeze and pop the top open.

Green Unicorn Farms pre rolled cbd

Green Unicorn Farms actually printed out the COA for each of the pre-roll products they sent me and put them right in my delivery box. Not only does this show they’re committed to quality, it saved me a good 20 minutes of looking for them myself.

The Wedding Cake pre roll option is great for daytime use. It has an energizing quality along with its CBD smoothness.

The Royal OG, Fruit Funk, and Lemon Octane CBD pre rolls are more suited for evening use as they cause max relax and chill vibes that helped me to fall asleep fast.

All of the CBD pre-rolls cost $34.99 for seven 0.5 gram joints. There is a total of 3.5 grams of premium, CBD hemp flower in each pack. One of the more expensive options but for a premium product.

2. Top Shelf CBD Joints | Botany Farms

Botany Farms CBD joints scream premium quality. The packaging that holds the two 0.5g joints is absolutely stunning, the joints are nice sized and heavy to hold and smoked beautifully. Available in four different CBD strains, this feels like an artisanal pre roll that would go great with a morning stroll at the farmer’s market.

Cheapest CBD Pre Rolls
CBD Pre Roll Joints | Botany Farms


  • 2 joints per pack = cheap
  • Indoor grown buds
  • Smooth
  • COAs at flower level only
  • Potency and terpene tested only

I also smoked some Botany Farms hemp flower, and it was some of the most beautiful, crystalized, purple, and amber-colored CBD nugs I have ever tried. The pre-rolls smelled and looked like they were made of the same fresh nugs and smoked just as fresh.

The flavor of these pre rolls is premium, tasting just like you would expect from the description of the strains on the website. I tried the Godfather OG and the Blueberry Kush strains.

The Godfather OG pre-roll was full of spicy notes and just a hint of berry sweetness. The Blueberry Kush pre-roll was unsurprisingly full of juicy blueberry and fruity flavor.

The effects were immediate and smooth. Such a feeling of calmness after indulging in these joints. Since both indicas, I enjoyed them in the evening and they were like a dessert to my day, making everything seem alright.

The packaging is A+ in my opinion. The joints came in a discreet box with a nondescript return label. When I opened it up it was full of shredded packing paper, keeping everything snug and safe.

The pre-rolls came in two separate doob tubes that were labeled with their marketing and product information. It was so cute I didn’t even want to open them.

cbd pre rolled joint botany farms

There are COAs for their CBD buds, but you need to be careful that you are reading the right lab reports. When I clicked on the COA link that is on the Blueberry Kush pre-roll product page it took me to a COA for a different product.

But they do have the COAs for each CBD product if you go to their COAs page and scroll for the right one.

Both of these indica dominant CBD strains are great for those who want to relax in the evening and sleep with sweet ease. They don’t knock you out but leave you feeling completely satisfied and comfortable in your own skin.

When I smoke a THC joint before bed I can struggle to keep my eyes open sometimes, but these are the perfect way to drift off effortlessly when you are ready without drowsy effects knocking you out early.

The Godfather OG pre-rolls two-pack costs 12.99 for two .5 grams joints. The Blueberry Kush CBD pre-rolls cost only $10.00 for two .5-gram joints. Relatively affordable since they sell their products in 2-J packs.

3. Premium CBD Pre Rolls | Secret Nature CBD

Secret Nature’s pre-rolled joints are made with organic hemp plants grown indoors. Offered in several different strains, each pack of seven 0.6g joints comes in a resealable, airtight box.

It looks just like a pack of traditional cigs. With a smoking experience that’s smooth and sweet, this is a CBD pre roll worth checking out.

Best CBD Pre Rolls For Anxiety
Exotic CBD Pre Rolls | Secret Nature


  • Exotic grade hemp
  • Perfectly cured
  • Smooth
  • Pricey
  • Only potency tested

As soon as I opened the pre-rolls I could smell the aromas of fresh flower. Seriously, the smell of the Secret Nature CBD hemp made me feel a buzz of excitement for what I was about to enjoy, and the taste of this indoor bud was just as described.

The Diesel Puff sativa strain I smoked on was earthy with notes of citrus that lightened up the experience. It’s said the Secret OG strain is supposed to be just as mouthwatering.

The effects of this CBD joint crushed my anxiety. The perfectly balanced high made me feel chill all day long, but energized as well. This CBD pre-roll simply made me feel good while improving my focus. Perfect for daytime use.

These CBD pre-rolls came nicely packed in a box with a mylar-zipped bag, offering double protection that kept them fresh until I was ready to smoke them. When I didn’t happen to finish a whole CBD pre-roll on my own, I could easily store them back in the box.

Secret Nature Top Shelf CBD Joints

The CBD bud has COAs available on their lab test results page. The lab reports only test for cannabinoid content so you can’t be sure they’re free of things like heavy metals. But at least you can see you are getting what you pay for when it comes to CBD content and other cannabinoids.

These joints are great for those who want to smoke before work or during the morning and not feel lazy with daytime use. With the improved focus and relaxing effects of CBD, they might be able to help fight the urge to smoke a regular joint.

The CBD pre-rolls pack comes with 7 organic pre-rolls for $40. That’s 4.2 grams of organic flower with no additives. Another one with a higher price point but premium indoor flower.

4. Cannaflower

Cannaflower’s beautifully packaged 1 gram CBD pre rolls each contain 150mg CBD, with a flavor that is on point. Available in a 5-pack or single pre roll tube in eight different strains, these quality pre rolled joints are definitely one’s to keep on your radar.

Most Popular Joints Brand
Cannaflower Hemp CBD Pre Rolls
  • Full panel third party tested
  • Decent value
  • Fast shipping
  • Not top shelf hemp
  • No bulk discounts

The Indica-dominant CBD strain of OG Kush pre-rolls I got to try was smooth and relaxing. While it didn’t get me high, smoking this CBD joint made me feel the relaxing benefits cannabidiol is famous for.

An enjoyable experience through and through, the packaging, flavor and effects all hit the mark.

The taste of these joints is just as described. Each puff was a mouthful of fresh hemp flower and terpene notes like cinnamon and diesel which made each inhale a satisfying task.

I plan to try their Frosted Lime flavored rolls next, which has great reviews and is said to be awesome for daytime use. And with a name like Frosted Lime, the taste must be amazing.

They ship their CBD pre-rolled joints to every single state in the US (thank you Farm Bill), arriving in sealed nylon forensic bags with a nondescript address to protect the privacy of their customers and maximize discreetness.

But once you open the package, the box they come in is just as cute as the shipping box is discreet. It’s designed for easy storage that keeps your joints fresh until you get through all of them.

The COA for these pre-rolls right on the CBD product page, which we love. They are one of only a few brands that do this and making COAs so accessible deserves praise.

That said, the COA only shows a cannabinoid and terpene breakdown. They could improve by providing full panel reports that check for things like heavy metals and potential contaminants.

These Cannaflower pre roll joints are great for those who want a strong strain with quality flavor notes. They’re great for anyone who appreciates gorgeous packaging and wants to reduce cigarette consumption or cut back on smoking weed.

The OG Kush pre-roll five-pack comes with five one-gram pre-rolls for $29.95. This is relatively affordable for a high-quality product.

5. Cheef Botanicals

Looking for a pre roll that offers an immediate journey to relaxation and happiness with an easy and even burn?

Cheef Botanicals has you covered with 5-packs of 10 different strains of CBD flower pre roll joints. Whether looking for a sativa for daytime use for improved focus or an indica to help with pain relief or sleep, these hemp products have it.

Interesting Strains
Premium CBD Pre Rolls | Cheef Botanicals


  • 30 day money back gaurantee
  • Premium hemp
  • Free shipping
  • Often out of stock
  • Only tested for potency

Cheef Botanicals CBD pre-rolls have decent flavor, but when compared to the indoor-grown hemp buds that top this list they come in second place.

The Northern Lights strain I tried had mellow and magical effects. Smoked before bed, this pre-roll was the perfect nightcap that had me sleeping like a baby in no time.

These CBD pre rolls ship for free and come in a cute cardboard pack. While the box is simple to open and aesthetically pleasing, I have to admit they are not the best for storage. Sturdy enough to keep a CBD joint from damage, but nothing to keep them fresh if you want to save one or two for later use.

COAs are available, but you need to sift through those to find the type of pre-rolls you want to read about. They only test for potency, meaning you can see how effective your joints should be but can’t see if they contain any heavy metals or potential contaminants.

The Northern Lights pre-rolls are a good option for those who want to chill at the end of the day, get possible relief from chronic pain. If you don’t mind the higher price point the effects are potent and calming.

One box of five pre-rolls with a total of 7.5 grams of hemp costs $44.95. An expensive option but you get a premium and potent product.

6. Exhale Well

Exhale Well offers a 1 gram CBD joint that comes in a 5-pack. With seven different strains to choose from, there’s something for everyone looking to get down on some quality CBD smoke.

CBD Joints & Pre-Rolls | Exhale Wellness
  • Free shipping
  • Large strain assortment
  • XL size joints
  • Not the smoothest
  • Only potency tested

The flavor of the Exhale Well joints I tried was okay. They smoked smooth but didn’t provide the premium experience of great taste that made me want more.

I sampled the Sour Space Candy and felt this balanced hybrid was better suited for evenings rather than daytime use, as it really helped me unwind and relax at the end of the day. All my sore muscles let go of the stress of the day as I felt let my worries fade away.

The packaging is simple and basic. After getting into the discreet shipping box, you’ll find pack of pre-rolls in a box. They slide out of the bottom with each one being tucked in its own crevice. This makes it easy to grab, but not the best for long-term storage.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a COA for the CBD pre-rolls I tried. Meaning no potency tests or tests for heavy metals or pesticides. There are COAs listed on the lab test page for CBD buds, but the list only included three strains of their flower.

This leaves room for concern as having a third-party report is standard now for top brands in the hemp game.

These joints are a good option for those who are looking for a middle ground between quality and affordability. They still offer a high-quality CBD experience without being over-the-top expensive.

The Sour Space Candy costs $39.95 for five one-gram joints. This price is middle of the road, but you also get middle of the road quality.

7. CBD Pre Roll | Plain Jane Hemp

Plain Jane offers hemp pre-rolls in a few different options for a great price. They definitely offer the most variety and super attractive packaging at a low price point, but honestly didn’t contain the high-quality I was hoping for.

Largest Variety
CBD Pre Rolled Joints | Plain Jane
  • Huge variety including twax and kief joints
  • Cheap
  • Single to bulk quantities available
  • Only potency tested
  • Not exotic grade

Where Plain Jane lacks the most is flavor. The smoke was a bit dry, leaving me to believe the CBD pre-rolls were primarily trim instead of premium flower. Unfortunately, not the best CBD experience I’ve had by far.

But to be honest, for the price point, I didn’t expect much.

I blazed the Hawaiian Haze and even though the taste wasn’t as good as other options, the CBD effects were good. The energizing effects were good for daytime use and kept my anxiety at bay, while keeping me from smoking any Delta 9 THC flower.

If you are trying to lay back on D9 THC joints, this CBD option is a good alternative with lasting effects.

The packaging is classic, clean and stylish, with a simple carton that allows the joints to slide out of the bottom. It doesn’t do much for long-term storage and freshness but will keep your joints free of damage. That said, they do have single roll options that come in a resealable tube.

You can find lab reports on the accompanying COA by going to their lab certificates tab. They test the bud for potency, but the report is not full panel. So, who knows if these CBD pre rolls are free of things like heavy metals and pesticides.

The Hawaiian Haze is a great option for those who desire solid CBD effects for daytime use without breaking the bank. The flavor and overall smoking experience aren’t the highest quality, but they get the job done at a great price.

You can get seven of their 0.5g CBD joints for $15.99 per pack. That’s a total of 3.5 grams for a heck of a price.

Guide to Buying the Best CBD Pre Roll Joints

What Makes A Good CBD Pre Roll?

The best CBD pre-rolls are those that offer a smooth and simple experience, but what separates good CBD pre-rolls from the rest?

Well, the CBD quality is the first thing you should look for. Quality CBD starts with quality hemp.

The flower in your CBD pre-roll must be top-shelf from the start, meaning it was grown with high-quality standards and is free from impurities.

The curing process is crucial for preserving the best flavors and the potency of the flower.

High-grade CBD hemp also comes with higher cannabinoid and terpene content and has more tasty and potent effects.

Another sign of a good CBD joint is good flavor. You want a rich and natural flavor that creates a well-rounded CBD smoking experience, balanced with different flavor notes.

The final facet of a good CBD pre roll is a smooth smoking experience. The CBD pre roll should burn evenly from start to finish.

What To Avoid

When it comes to what to avoid in a pre roll, we’ll start with the most obvious answer. Do not buy CBD pre-rolls without lab reports that contain an accompanying COA.

If they don’t have lab reports, that means they are not regulating their products and cutting corners regarding customer safety and satisfaction. There’s no guarantee that the roll is safe or contains the potency listed on the label.

Remember, the hemp market is still largely unregulated, meaning lab reports from independent, third-party labs is the only way to know that you are getting safe and effective products.

You also want to avoid any CBD brand with poor customer service policies. This could look like no returns, no money-back guarantees, poor reviews, cheap shipping practices and more. CBD companies that care will always put customer satisfaction first.

All of these are red flags to look out for that the CBD brand you are considering doesn’t care about their customers and is not shooting to secure return customers.

In short, you should only buy CBD pre-rolls from hemp brands that offer lab reports for their products, and offer the customer service that proves they care about you and not just making a profit.

CBD Pre Rolls Effects

CBD is famous for its relaxing effects, help with sleep and possible pain relief. The effects of a CBD joint are exactly what you’d expect from any quality CBD product. Relaxing and soothing, with the potential to even help with things like improved focus.

CBD doesn’t cause intoxication so they won’t get you high. But these pre-rolls have the power to help you unwind your body and mind.

I love to use them to experience rapid effects and to help me relax. I personally find CBD bud is a great option when I am doing something stressful that I need to be at 100% mentally. Like before a job interview or a public speaking situation.

THC can make my palms sweaty and my heart race when added to a situation that naturally causes me anxiety, so I have learned to avoid mixing the two.

But with CBD I don’t have to worry about a case of crippling anxiety creeping up on me, yet I can still enjoy the benefits of CBD and feel calm, cool and collected.

Types of CBD Pre-Rolls

There are a few different types of CBD pre-rolls you can choose between and each one has its pros and cons. Your options include pure CBD flower joints, CBD distillate-coated joints, blunts, kief-dusted blunts and more.

Pure CBD flower joints are as pure as they come. High CBD hemp flower is broken apart, finely grinded and rolled into joints for the smoking.

CBD distillate-coated joints are joints that have hemp flower inside that may not have a high CBD content naturally, so it is added in by being coated with CBD distillate. This can produce a potent CBD joint as CBD distillate is concentrated and can be applied in higher quantities than what might naturally occur in the flower.

CBD blunts are basically CBD joints that are rolled with hemp or tobacco paper. They are generally thicker and sometimes have flavor added.

Lastly, kief-dusted CBD blunts are pre-rolls that are rolled with hemp or tobacco paper and then finished off with a coating of kief. CBD kief is also more potent compared to flower so this is another potent option for smoking CBD.

Are CBD Pre Rolls Good For Anxiety Relief?

Many people believe, myself included, that CBD is good for anxiety relief. It’s actually one of the top reasons people use CBD. And there’s some pretty solid evidence to back it up. 

As a frequent Delta 9 THC consumer, I love the euphoric effects of weed. But the activities of my day don’t always jive with being high. And sometimes getting stoned can make my anxiety much worse.

But CBD doesn’t come with any of the negative side effects that can sometimes be associated with THC. There’s even research to suggest it can counter adverse THC effects some people experience such as anxiety.

It doesn’t cause intoxication and it is legal to use so it could be a great option for finding anxiety relief for all kinds of people.

Are CBD Pre-Rolls Legal?

Yes, CBD pre-rolls are legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill that made hemp legal as long as it contains less than .03% THC.

As long as the hemp in your CBD pre-roll meets this requirement then they are good to go.

What Do CBD Pre Rolls Help With?

There are several reports and studies showing that CBD may help with a variety of things. Some commonly cited things it might help with are anxiety and sleep problems.

But there is a laundry list of other things as well. It is even an FDA-approved medication known as Epidiolex that is used for certain types of severe epilepsy.

And while more research is needed, there is preclinical evidence that it may help with things like depression, PTSD, sleep disorders, and even acne.

Do CBD Pre Rolls Expire?

Yes, just like weed, a CBD pre-roll will also expire.

To extend the shelf life of hemp and your pre-rolls as long as you can, make sure to store them in an airtight container and keep them in a cool, dark, dry place.

Proper storage will help you keep them fresh for their entire shelf life. But even with the right precautions try to use pre-rolls within about three to six months.

The Final Verdict: Best CBD Pre Rolls

In a sea of endless CBD pre-roll options, our top pick is Green Unicorn Farms pre-rolls.

Top Pick: Best CBD Pre Rolls
CBD Pre Rolls | Indoor Grown Hemp | Green Unicorn Farms


  • Indoor grown premium hemp
  • Full panel third party tested
  • Crushed the reviewer's anxiety
  • Expensive
  • Cannot buy singles

Their indoor hemp pre-rolls offer an exquisite CBD pre roll smoking experience with perfectly preserved flavors and potent effects.

Coming in at a close second place is Botany Farms, with their tasty hemp flower, gorgeous packaging and excellent effects.

For those looking for the most budget-friendly option buy CBD pre-rolls on the list, Plain Jane Hemp has you covered.

Whether you’re looking for a stimulating effect for daytime use or a CBD smoking experience that’s a bit more mellow, any of the options on this list will offer exactly what you need.