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From CBD Tea to Smoothies – How to use CBD in drinks

So you’ve heard about the CBD buzz, and now you want to get involved. Like many of us, you might be wondering how do I partake without resorting to dropping oil under my tongue?

Let’s face it, the taste of cannabidiol in oil often isn’t great, and it can be overpowering with some of the less processed oils.

So can you use CBD in other ways in your daily life, like a hot drink, for instance, where it can fit in a little easier? I’m glad to say you certainly can!

But before we dive in, there is a small caveat to take note of – CBD is not (usually) water-soluble.

So what does that mean and why does it matter?

CBD Tea loose hemp

The absorption of CBD differs depending on how you use it

If you are adding CBD to a drink by way of oil, as with any substance which doesn’t dissolve in water, it will rise to the surface and create an additional layer in your drink.

While this in itself isn’t a problem, it’s something to be aware of before proceeding ahead. This lack of water solubility also means that CBD has a lower bioavailability rate when digested vs when used sublingually or via vaping or dabbing, which is one of the main reasons why CBD drops and vapes are the most popular way to use CBD.

There are new products in the hemp space, which are water-soluble, sometimes called aqua CBD. The exact absorption improvement derived from using these products is up for debate as there isn’t a study which has used them to date.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s move onto the most popular way to consume CBD in a drink:

Can I add CBD to all kinds of tea?

CBD tea for sale

There is nothing like a hot cup of tea when it gets cold, and you need something to keep you hydrated but warm. In the United Kingdom, tea is a quintessential way of life, and homemade brews are increasing in popularity.

So what about a cup of CBD tea?

Theoretically, you can add CBD to any regular cup of tea you love, from buddha teas to green tea or any in-between.

If you are using an oil and already use CBD, consider starting with half a pipette of your natural strength CBD drops (more than usual due to the absorption rate) and assessing if you feel the benefits you desire 60 minutes after consuming the tea.

However, the most common way to use CBD teas is in the form of crushed up hemp flowers which are either bought as a tea bag and sold or in bulk for you to add hot water used with a tea strainer at your leisure.

This type of full-spectrum CBD tea is commonly brewed before bed, to assist with getting off to sleep.

Is there anything else involved to learn how to make CBD infused tea?


If you are using CBD flowers in tea, it’s essential to let the hemp buds or tea bag steep in hot water for 10-15 minutes to decarboxylate and release the benefits of cannabinoids such as CBD into the drink.  

What about my morning coffee?

CBD coffee

Are you looking to turn down those early morning coffee jitters?

A growing community of CBD users is adding the compound to their coffee, so many that we would be surprised if you cannot buy CBD infused coffee in your local coffee shop!

If you already use CBD drops, doubling up your dose for use in a drink is an appropriate step to ensure a similar amount of CBD reaches your bloodstream as when you use CBD oil under your tongue.

I use Nature & Bloom anytime CBD oil under my tongue before drinking my coffee. Getting the best of both worlds, as this oil has little taste, it doesn’t have an earthy aftertaste, and it’s absorbed best sublingually.

Is CBD oil suitable to be mixed with different alcoholic drinks?

CBD Cocktail

Alcohol is a depressant of the central nervous system and can promote feelings of relaxation along with reduce inhibitions.

Research suggests CBD can have some similarities, and it can help make users more relaxed or calm without any intoxication.

As a result, it’s important to be aware that if combined there is a possibility that the CBD will amplify the effects of the alcohol.

There is only a single study looking at this in particular, with a small sample set. Nonetheless, the study of 10 volunteers analysed the effects of 200mg CBD capsules in combination with 1 gram of alcohol per kg of body weight.

Finding that participants which were given the CBD along with alcohol had reduced blood alcohol levels vs consuming the same level of alcohol alone, in addition to reduced motor movements and an altered perception of time.

Although, 200mg is an unusually large dose for use as a supplement. Regardless, it’s clear more analysis is required in this area given the lack of formal data.

Which CBD products are the easiest to mix with drinks?

If you are using water-soluble CBD, it will mix into any drink of your choice. 

Otherwise, you want to stick with an MCT based distillate CBD oil for minimal taste. No matter what you do, do not use a raw oil or one with hemp seed as the carrier oil – as this can be bitter and ruin the taste of your CBD drink.

There isn’t a specific drink that makes usability easier if its an oil, any CBD drink is going to be the same in terms of mixability unless you use a water-soluble CBD product.

The most common way is to add as much oil as you wish (experiment to find your sweet spot, everyone’s CBD dosage differs).

From smoothies, CBD protein shakes, and regular tea, you can add it to anything you want! In the states, companies are even specializing in ground hemp flower itself.

Be aware that if you have eaten some food before consuming your infused drink, it’s likely going to take longer to take effect due to the CBD having to pass through the digestive tract. Patience is the word!

Final Word

As with anything CBD related, trial and error are part and parcel of the process. Nothing worth doing is ever easy, and finding your right strength or infused drink can take some experimentation.

You might find that your parents or even your grandparents have loose hemp tea in the cupboard ready to brew already (I know I was when my mum showed me her CBD tea stash – although she didn’t know what it was!).

Finding what works for you isn’t going to be the same as the next person necessarily, so keep an open mind and try different products with cannabidiol to find your space.