CBD concentrates are proving a popular way to vape and dab cannabidiol. Nature & Bloom broad spectrum 97% CBD wax is extracted via supercritical CO2 and infused with terpenes sourced from Oregon, United States.

97% CBD Wax
£24.99 – £99.99

97% Broad spectrum CBD, available in a variety of terpene infusions or natural. The most versatile extract available today.


All of our CBD products are third party tested, offering peace of mind and assurance that the CBD wax crumble is what it says on the tin. Regardless if you enjoy vaping or dabbing cannabis full spectrum CBD extracts, you will enjoy being immersed by the aroma of terpenes as soon as you open the lid!

With the illegality of full spectrum CBD flower in the UK, concentrates offer an alternative for those looking to enjoy a flavourful experience by vaping CBD. With a full cannabinoid profile and non-detectable levels of THC, your broad spectrum CBD wax is versatile enough to be used in four different ways.

How do you use CBD Wax UK?

Like any other Hemp concentrate, you can use your favourite CBD wax in the following ways:


Dabbing is similar to vaping, except in this case you are vaping single hits of a concentrate which need topping up each time the concentrate is vaped (usually after 4-5 hits, but only a couple is more than enough as it’s so potent)

To dab, you use a CBD dab pen to vaporise the extract without dilution and enjoy the immediate effects of broad spectrum CBD. This is a great way to enjoy the potency and flavour of terpene infused CBD wax crumble, especially if you need a high, immediate dose.

Create your own CBD e liquid

Dilute the CBD with propane glycol and vegetable glycerin to create your own vape juice at home for use in any vape tank. Usually, CBD vape oil is made from Isolate and doesn’t offer a broad spectrum cannabinoid profile and nor does it contain terpenes. Create your own potency and flavour as you desire with CBD wax crumble instead!

Check out our post here on how to use wax crumble to create your own vape juice.


If you’re feeling adventurous, you can easily make your own CBD oil at home using CBD products such as this concentrate. All you need is a carrier oil such as MCT, a 10ml/30ml bottle, and some scales to get started!

You can read more about the process in our blog post here.


Taking CBD under the tongue offers the second-highest level of absorption after vaping. You can directly place the wax under your tongue for it to absorb sublingually. Although, note you only need a tiny amount as its 97%+ CBD and ideally you want to measure this out using a scale.

DIY CBD Edibles

Our CBD wax crumble can be added directly to any food to create high quality infused CBD edibles! Check out our post about cooking with CBD learn more about the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. CBD bud is illegal in line with the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. You can read more about the specifics here.

Using CBD products which are designed for dabbing offers a near-immediate way to feel the high potency effects of concentrated CBD. CBD dabs work in the same way as vaping, but you are inhaling much more cannabidiol puff for puff due to the potency of the extract.

It is illegal to possess and smoke CBD flower in the UK. However, CBD products like wax UK are legal as soon as they don’t contain any THC.