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Delta 8 Pro Review

In my years of working at a dispensary, I’ve seen and tried more brands than I can count.

When it comes to potency, transparency, and product quality, Delta 8 Pro has got you covered. 

The company not only specializes in vapor cartridges but also offers high-quality Delta 8 and 9 THC products and other alternative cannabinoids that had me flying sky high.

Continue reading for my full take in this Delta 8 Pro review.

delta 8 pro
The Delta 8 Pro Products Tested!

Is Delta 8 Pro Legit? 

Yes. Delta 8 Pro is most definitely legit. 

This hemp brand has a substantial fan following for newer alternative cannabinoids such as D8, THC-O, THCV, and of course, Delta 9. 

Most of their products undergo full panel testing performed by a third-party lab and are easy to find on the site.  

Overall, Delta 8 boasts one of the largest arrays of Delta 8 products available online, with open book transparency when it comes to quality control.

Delta 8 Pro Overview 

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Delta 8 Pro is an online hemp retailer that launched in 2008.

Their product range includes gummies, syrup, prerolls, capsules, vapes, distillates, infused flower, moon rocks, tinctures, and bundles.

PROS (+) 

  • Most products are full panel third-party tested
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Huge assortment

CONS (-)

  • Not the cheapest brand
  • Customer service closed on weekends 

Each product is meticulously tested for potency, heavy metals, microbes, mycotoxins, pesticides, residual solvents, and foreign materials. So you can be confident that what you’re buying is safe and clean. 

What we like about them: Delta 8 Pro offers full panel testing on most products and each COA is easily accessible online. 
What we don’t like about them: Delta 8 Pro doesn’t have a satisfaction guarantee policy. They also have a strict return policy.

Delta 8 Pro Delta-8 Review 

Our Delta 8 Pro review is conducted with thorough research and personal experience. Each featured product has been tested first hand by me, an ex-dispensary manager with 5 years of experience working with weed.  

Keep reading for my thoughts on Delta 8 Pro and a summary of the effects felt.

Delta 8 Gummies 

Delta 8 Pro offers a huge assortment of Delta 8 gummies. Fifteen different kinds to be exact. 

Every gummy comes with third-party full panel testing that is easy to access. Most are made with organic and natural ingredients. 

I tried the Delta 8 Pro Sour Blue Razberry Pyramid gummies. Overall, I was very impressed with their delicious taste and mood-elevating effects. 

The D8 gummies were strong but not panic-inducing or overwhelming. This is something I look for in my edibles. 

Delta 8 Pro’s Delta 8 gummies are packaged in a resealable mylar bag. The baggy protects the gummies inside the mylar envelope to ensure optimal freshness. 

The label contains everything you need to know about the product, from the dosage to the ingredients. 

d8 gumies

Conveniently, a QR code on the package will link you to the gummies’ COA. If you go to the product page, you can access the full panel lab report directly from Delta 8 Pro’s website. 

Made with organic ingredients in the USA, these Pyramid gummies are completely vegan too. 

They contain organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, fruit pectin, filtered water, natural flavor extracts, citric acid, potassium citrate, natural fruit and vegetable extracts (for color), and Delta-8 THC derived from industrial hemp.

Each gummy contains 25 mg of Delta 8 THC. There are 10 gummies per pack and 250 mg in total. 

At $24.99 per package, you are paying $0.10 per mg. It is expensive, but they hit the spot and taste good while being backed by full panel third-party testing certificates. Tick, tick and tick! 

In terms of flavor, these Pyramid gummies are absolutely mouth-watering. 

These edibles are lightly dusted with organic sugar and taste just like sour fruit candy. Hempy flavors are nonexistent. And the chewy texture makes them even better. 

The sour blue raspberry was yummy. Perfect for sweet and sour lovers. In case sour flavors aren’t for you, they also come in fruit flavors such as watermelon and strawberry too.

Apart from awesome flavors, the effects are legit. 

Within an hour of eating two of these chewy delights, I was certifiably stoned. The experience was euphoric and stress relieving all wrapped into one. My mood was lifted, but my body was completely relaxed. 

The effects lasted for over five hours. Towards the end, I did get a bit drowsy. Not a bad thing, just something to note. 

Overall, Delta 8 Pro’s Pyramid gummies are great for those in need of destressing. If you need to kick back with major happy vibes, this product is what you’re after.

Delta 8 Vape Cartridges 

Crafted with botanical terpenes and Delta 8 distillate, each D8 vape cart contains 100 different terpenes, and they’re tasty too.

I had my doubts when reading they’re botanically derived, I love Cannabis-derived terpenes (CDTs), but the cart had on-point flavor. 

These vapes will satisfy even the pickiest cartridge enthusiasts. 

Each 1 ml contains roughly 650-900 mg of Delta 8 THC. The actual amount depends on the strain you pick, as the terpene % varies per strain. 

Delta 8 Pros’ Delta 8 carts are strain-specific. They offer sativas, indicas and hybrids. If you’re looking just to puff and go, the vapes also come in a disposable pen form. 

Stored in a plastic clamshell package, the vapes aren’t well protected. I don’t love this type of container because it’s not reusable or insulating. Kind of sucks if I’m honest.  

The cartridges come with an info card that contains all the basic stuff you need, like total mg and ingredients.  The card also features a QR code. So you can quickly access the third-party lab reports. 

At $29.99 per 1 ml cart, this equates to approx $0.03 – 0.04 per mg. Quite a bargain! 

d8 disposable vape

I tested the Strawberry Cough and Green Crack Delta 8 vapes. 

The Delta 8 carts had a smooth draw and weren’t harsh. I took a large puff and didn’t experience any throat burning. 

When it comes to flavor, this product had a pleasant earthy taste. The full spectrum terpenes matched the respective flower strain but the flavor was more full bodied.

Both carts were potent! 

The Strawberry Cough effects were predominantly cerebral. I was energized and ready to tackle a difficult day. 

The Green Crack felt like a pure sativa. It produced uplifting effects and significantly improved my mood. It left me feeling clear-headed and focused. 

These Delta 8 vape carts are ideal for anyone seeking an instant high. These carts are the way to go if you’re after an alternative to edibles or flower.

Other D8 Products 

Delta 8 Pro carries an impressive range of Delta 8 products.

Apart from gummies and vape carts, the brand also offers the following Delta 8 items:

  • Pre rolls 
  • Flower
  • Moon Rocks
  • Distillate
  • Diamonds
  • Oil syringes
  • Tinctures
  • Soft gels
  • Noid Bombs
  • Crumbles
  • Shatters

Delta 8 Pro also bundles its products. So if you are after the best deal, be sure to check out their reasonably priced bundles. 

Their Delta 8 products are good for anyone seeking a milder high. It’s a nice alternative to Delta 9, which is typically more potent. Delta 8 Pro’s Delta 8 line is a solid option for those sensitive to THC.

Delta 8 Pro D10 Review

In terms of Delta 10, Delta 8 Pro offers a smaller variety of products. 

You can choose from high-quality Delta 10 gummies, vape carts, or disposable pens. 

Unfortunately, unlike their other products, all Delta 10 offerings only come with a third-party lab detailing potency. This was disappointing, but this is the norm for most alternative cannabinoids. 

Each container of Delta Pro 10 gummies includes three flavors: pina colada, cherry cola, and blue razberry. They’re made with natural and organic ingredients. No artificial dyes or flavors here. 

There is 50 mg of Delta 10 THC per gummy, which is certainly on the higher end. You’ll need to be a fully-fledged space cadet to take one of these and still communicate.

Pro tip: the 30 pack is a steal! Those who want a great deal or just love gummies will save a lot of cash. 

The gummies cost just $0.02 per mg of Delta 10 for the 30 count. Or $0.50 per mg for the 10 count. 

delta 10 cartridge

I personally tried Delta 8 Pro’s Delta 10 vape carts and disposables. The terpene profiles and balanced psychoactive effects earned my seal of approval. 

In line with Delta 10, the effects are stoney but somewhat milder than Delta 9. 

Each Delta 10 vape is crafted with over 100 full-spectrum botanical terpenes. 

What’s unique about this Delta 8 Pro product line is its cannabinoid content. Each 1 ml cart or disposable contains 250 mg of Delta 10 THC and 500 mg of Delta 8 THC. 

This mixture provided intoxicating effects without increased anxiety. 

The carts cost $0.03 per mg of cannabinoids, another pretty sweet deal.

The brand’s packaging has room for improvement. The disposable pens come in a cardboard box, and the carts come in plastic clamshell packaging. These vapes aren’t too delicate, but they lack protection. 

Nonetheless, Delta 8 Pro’s D10 Berry Gelato cart and Maui Wowie disposable did not disappoint. After only a few puffs, I was lit. 

The Berry Gelato cart had notes of sweet berry and earthy pine. After 10 minutes, my body was in a state of pure relaxation. 

The high gave me the giggles for a solid 30 minutes before sedative effects kicked in. 

Those needing to decompress and achieve a great night’s sleep, look no further. 

The Maui Wowie disposable pen was one of my favorite products from Delta 8 Pro. It had a herbaceous aroma with hints of tropical pineapple. 

Overall, the sativa-heavy effects were uplifting, energetic, and mentally stimulated. 

I puffed on the Maui Wowie when I needed to get some housework done and had energy to spare. 

If you’re looking for a motivating high that provides creative vibes, this one’s for you. Delta 8 Pro’s Maui Wowie pen will elevate your mood.

Delta 8 Pro THC-O Review 

Their THC-O products adhere to the same standards. Each one is full panel tested and made with 100% natural ingredients. The gummies are made with organic ingredients and fully vegan.

The brands’ THC-O strain-specific carts are available in Forbidden Fruit, Pineapple Express, Super Sour Diesel, Blueberry Kush, and Strawberry Banana. 

The gummies are offered in three yummy flavors: coconut lychee, sweet papaya, and ginger. 

Delta 8 Pro’s 1 ml carts are potent, containing 800 mg of Delta 8 THC-O. 

Each gummy contains 50 mg of THC-O. They come in a 10 count, for a total of 500 mg of THC-O per package. 

In terms of price, Delta 8 Pro’s THC-O line is pretty affordable. The carts cost $0.03 per mg of THC-0. The gummies cost $0.05 per mg of THC-O. 

Those with strong tolerances will enjoy these vapes. If you’re ready for the next level high, give these a try. 

thco edibles

I tested the sweet Papaya THC-O gummies. These sweet treats are fire. From the taste to effects, these Delta 8 Pro gummies delivered. 

Each bite was like eating a slice of sugar-coated papaya. Fruit lovers will enjoy these. 

These THCO edibles aren’t strain-specific but felt most similar to an even hybrid. The psychedelic high was uniquely intense. I was stuck on my sofa. 

Feelings of uplifting euphoria combined with intense relaxation. I found the experience to be more intense than Delta 9, so approach these THC-O edibles with caution. 

Delta 8 Pro’s THC-O gummies are good for experienced users. Those who want to be majorly stoned will appreciate these edibles.

Wrapping Up 

Delta 8 Pro absolutely delivers. 

They boast a huge range of hemp products that feature a superb selection of new and unusual cannabinoids. 

From their mostly full panel lab testing to their affordable pricing, the Delta 8 Pro brand offers legit high-quality products. 

I highly recommend that you check out Delta 8 Pro!