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Delta Extrax Review 2023: Taste Tested THC, HHC, THCO, THCP, THCh/THCjd

Having worked as a dispensary manager for over 5 years I’ve seen brands come and go. Some are gone in a flash, while others continue to march ahead.

Delta Extrax is the latter.

After spending countless hours vaping, smoking, and taste-testing Delta Extrax products, I’ve been to the moon and back enjoying some of the goodies they offer. 

Strap in for lift-off, because if you want to get higher than you’ve ever been In states without access to recreational weed, you need to keep reading. 

Follow along for my extensive Delta Extrax review.

delta extrax d9 vegan gummies

Is Delta Extrax Legit?

Yes. Delta Extrax (DE) is totally legit.

I have tried a variety of products in their range, and as you’ll find out below – I was shape shifting in space, wondering how I ended up as high as an astronaut.

DE is Savage Enterprises’ flagship brand. If you’re not aware, Savage Enterprise is a massive company operating in the hemp space with plenty of experience and multiple brands under their belt.  

Although Delta Extrax is relatively new as a name, they were previously called Delta Effex, and Savage Enterprises are OG’s in the vaping industry, having launched back in 2013. 

Their commitment to retail the best products possible extends to their premium hemp brand Delta Extrax. 

In summary, Delta Extrax boasts some seriously high-quality hemp-derived products that will get you seriously buzzed!

Delta Extrax Review Overview

Delta Extrax was recently introduced as Savage Enterprises’ premium hemp extracts brand and has amassed major popularity ever since.

Delta Extrax | D8, D10, THCO, THCP, THCH, HHC
  • Huge assortment
  • Excellent value
  • Great buzz
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Huge assortment
  • Competitive pricing
  • New and rare cannabinoids

CONS (-)

  • Nothing with mild potency
  • Most lab tests are not full-panel

They are a leading brand in the hemp industry that offers an impressive array of unique cannabinoids. Their product range includes flower, tinctures, vapes, and everything in between. 

Each product is manufactured in Irvine, CA, and made from USA-grown Hemp and primarily plant-based ingredients. 

Self-proclaimed as “the best in the biz at potency” Delta Extrax offers a gummy with 125 mg of THC Isomers. Point well made.

But what makes Delta Extrax exceptionally noteworthy is its use of THC-O, HHC, THCP, and other under-the-radar cannabinoids. 

They specialize in the newest cannabinoids, establishing Dela Extrax as true industry innovators.

All Delta Extrax products are subject to third-party lab testing. The company utilizes a strict two-phase lab testing system to double-check all products for safety and potency. 

As a whole, the brand has an incredible reputation, in part, for its dedication to R&D. This allows them to offer high-quality products in terms of taste, potency, and safety. 

Coming from a well-established brand, Delta Extrax creates superior hemp products backed by ample experience. 

What I like about them: Delta Extrax has some of the most potent hemp products available. They leverage their experience with their commitment to delivering quality products. Whatever they’re doing is clearly working. 

What could be better: They do not list potency on the packaging for vapes and disposables and most of the tests are not full panels so you can’t be sure of testing outside of potency either. For consumers, listing this information readily on the package allows them to be more prepared for the level of stoniness and do so without worry. Which yes. Is high. Very high!

Delta Extrax Delta 8 Review

If you’re looking for powerful Delta 8 products, Delta Extrax offers vapes, infused hemp flower, concentrates, edibles and tinctures. 

For the best deal, check out their Delta 8 bundles. You can score a nice variety of Delta 8 products at a discount.

D8-THC Cart de

Delta 8 Vape Cartridges

In my opinion, vape cartridges are where Delta Extrax really shines. They have a generous assortment of strains from sativa to indica and everything in between.

The packaging, however, has room for improvement. Each cartridge is sealed in a cardboard box offering minimal protection. 

D'Effex 91% Delta 8 Cartridge

Pure D8 distillate + terps. Nothing else!

Carts, disposables and pods with up to 91% D8 potency. D10 also now available.


There is no inner tube, so if you like to switch between carts, you may want to use a spare tube. Every vape cart I received was undamaged as they are packed well in the shipping box. 

Each Delta 8 cartridge came in a full gram. This is beneficial because the product lasts for a long time.

Delta Extrax posts a suggested serving size online for their Delta 8 vapes. There is about 20 mg of hemp extract per 4 puffs. In total, there are 2000 puffs per cartridge. 

These guys are one of very few companies to state the dosage per serving of their vapes. Kudos to them!

Made with Delta 8 distillate and natural terpenes, these carts taste amazing! I tried the Cali Orange Kush vape cartridge.  The cart was super smooth and had a nice steady draw. 

I could tell that the distillate tasted very clean with the first puff. There weren’t any weird chemical flavors, which isn’t always the case with other carts. 

The Cali Orange Kush tasted very similar to the cannabis strain. The flavor was lifted by the addition of natural terps.

To my surprise, the effects surpassed the taste. By the second puff, I felt a balance of mental clarity and full-body relaxation by the second puff. 

Being Delta 8, the effects were noticeable but not too intense compared to D9. 

Overall, this cart was excellent for daytime use. The body high was light enough to still enjoy feelings of euphoria without dozing off.

Delta 8 Flower 

You don’t have to commit to a whole eighth of Delta 8 flower if it’s your first time or you are hesitant. 

Instead, you can decide to sample any strain offered by choosing a 1.3 g pre-roll if you want to test it out first.

D8 Flower | Multiple Strains

The Delta 8 specialist with a variety of products.

Including Bubba OG Kush & Sour Diesel strains. Highly rated and great value.


Pre-rolls are sold individually or available in 5 or 10 packs. Hint: buy the quarter if you’re after the best value! 

Eights and quarters are packaged in a resealable mylar pouch. Pre-rolls come in a resealable tube. 

Delta Extrax’ Delta 8 flower is marketed as “infused hemp flower.” Hemp is naturally low in THC, so a distillate made of D8 extract is often used to increase the buds’ potency. 

The most common way this is achieved is by spraying the flower with distillate or shaking it on directly.

Although I didn’t try this product, customers love the company’s D8 flower. Users praise the smooth smoking experience and its potent effects. 

Overall, the strains have 4 ½ star reviews, with most saying they will definitely purchase it again! 

Delta 8 Tinctures

Delta Extrax sells a decent selection of Delta 8 tinctures in 1000 mg bottles. 

1000mg D8 Tincture | DE

Delta 8 distillate + MCT oil combined with unique terpene profiles. Pick from 3 different sets of terpenes for optimal effects.

  • Choose between three tinctures: focus (sativa), balanced (hybrid), chill (indica).
  • Available in select flavors (respectively): spearmint, tropical passionfruit, grape.
  • They’re plant-based and vegan!

Each 1000 mg tincture has an eyedropper with .25 ml intervals, making dosage a breeze. There is approximately 33 mg of delta 8 THC per 1 ml dropper full. 

The tinctures are formulated with a cannabis distillate and natural terpenes. 

Take a drop or two sublingually, under the tongue, to experience quick effects in about 20 minutes. Or use it in your preferred beverage for a gradual high, similar to an edible experience. 

With over 300 five-star reviews, this product is well received by fans. Customers rave about the unrivaled potency, felt almost immediately with just a few drops. 

Consumers claim the Chill tincture is ideal for a solid night’s sleep. The Balanced tincture is perfect for total relaxation. 

The only caveat here is that they are available in a single potency only.

Delta Extrax Delta 10 Review

Delta 10 may be a newer cannabinoid to come to light, but Delta Extrax was one of the first to launch this cannabinoid range.

They offer a vast selection of Delta 10, available in cartridges, disposable vape pens, edibles, and tinctures. 

There’s also a bundle featuring a nice variety of Delta 10 disposable vape pens at a discounted price.

maui wow delta extrax

Delta 10 Cartridges

Their Delta 10 THC cartridges are sublime! 

In fact, Delta Extrax Maui Wowie Delta 8: Delta 10 vape won 1st Place at High Time’s Hemp Cup People’s Choice award. 

Delta 10 THC Cartridge | DE

If you’re looking for a more cerebral sativa like buzz, you need to check out these carts.

D8 Distillate combined with D10 and terps - a flavor explosion!


Because Delta 10 is less potent than Delta 8 or 9, these Delta Extrax cartridges produce a high that’s great for any time of day. You can mindlessly puff on these vapes throughout the day and still be able to function. 

I sampled the award-winning Maui Wowie Delta 10 vape, which was the bomb! The distillate tasted like tropical fruit with hints of sweet pineapple and passionfruit. 

With one puff, I was ready to start my day with a smile on my face. It had an uplifting effect producing a chill yet discernable high. 

The mix of Delta 8 and 10 THC gave a euphoric buzz without being too intense. 

Each cartridge is formulated with a blend of Delta 8 and 10 distillate and natural terpenes. 

Delta Extrax are masters at creating products with superior flavor! Their expert blends of terpenes make all their products taste amazing! 

As a result, you can expect delicious aromas from vapes to edibles.

The vapes come in a 1-gram cartridge so you can enjoy them for about 2000 puffs, depending on how long you inhale. 

The Maui Wowie Delta 10 cartridge is perfect for a high-energy mood boost. If you’re looking for a mellow buzz that will put some pep in your step, this is an excellent choice. 

Delta 10 Disposable Vape Pens

Delta Extrax disposable vape pens are a simple and practical approach to vaporizing Delta 10 THC. No need to hunt for the elusive battery. Just puff and go.

They are available in multiple strains, including hybrid, indica, and sativa. So there’s a vape pen for any time of day or any type of high. 

Formulated with a blend of Delta 10 and Delta 8 THC distillate, this vape is a potent portable. Made with tasty terpenes, these puff-and-go vapes tend to produce a more potent high than most Delta 8 vapes. 

Each disposable comes in a 1 g size. I prefer this amount as .5 g pens seem to go quickly. 

All the brand’s vape pens are conveniently rechargeable with a standard USB micro charger. If the vape pen loses its charge, it’s not a total loss. 

Customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Users love the intense high, and smooth hit. The overall consensus is that these disposables last a long time for vapes. 

And while I didn’t sample this, I expect it’s the same as the regular cartridge, which I’d rate 5 stars! 

Delta Extrax THCP Review

The Delta Extrax brand currently offers THCp products in vape cartridges or disposable pens.  

If you have never heard of THCp, here’s a quick overview. THCp starts off as CGBA, i.e, the original cannabinoid, which all others come from. 

CGBA is converted to TCHPA (Tetrahydrocannabiphorol Acid), turning into THCp. 

THCp has incredibly strong psychoactive effects. Early indications suggest that THCp is up to 33 times stronger than D9-THC. 

DE Vapes

THCP Carts & Disposables

Delta Extrax THCp carts and disposables are formulated with Delta 8 THC distillate enriched with THCp and added terpenes.

The cartridges are available in 1 gram, while the disposable vapes are sold in a whopping 2 gram device. 

Each disposable pen is rechargeable with a micro USB port. This comes in handy since the vape pen is 2g.

THCP Disposable | Delta Extrax
  • Pure D8 + THCP
  • Disposable
  • Strain specific terps
  • Third party tested

Both cartridges and disposables are packaged in a cardboard box with a sleek foil wrapping. The disposable box fits snugly around the pen, ensuring secure travel.

Unlike the Delta 8 carts, there is no dosage listed in milligram (mg) per puff. To be on the safe side, take it slow and go one puff at a time. These vapes will give you a major buzz.

I sampled the Tahoe OG pen in Delta Extrax’ Platinum Collection. (Their Platinum Collection signifies that the product has a blend of Delta 8 THC and THCp.) 

The taste was shockingly delicious. The addition of lemon terpenes blended expertly with the natural pine flavors of the Tahoe OG strain.

The draw was smooth, but you might cough if you take a huge hit.  

The effects were next level. Of all the disposables I’ve tried, and I’ve tested a lot, this ranks among the best. 

From the initial puff, I felt like I was flying high. It was impossible to stop grinning. Two puffs in, and I was couch-locked. My back pain completely diminished before a serious case of the munchies kicked in.

Delta Extrax’ Tahoe OG disposable is great for achieving a great night’s sleep. I have insomnia, but after a few puffs from this pen, it was a non-issue.

It’s perfect for those looking for total relaxation, body, and mind.

Delta Extrax HHC Review

For those seeking a slightly stronger high than Delta 8 THC, this is where Delta Extrax’ HHC line comes in. 

The company currently has a sizable collection of HHC products available in carts, disposables, and tinctures.

They even have HHC disposables containing live resin terps, offering a superior taste with perfectly balanced terpenes.

HHC is a chemical compound naturally found in hemp, similar to Delta 8. Being a newer cannabinoid, not much is known about HHC and its effects. 

HHC gives intoxicating effects, and I can confirm that the high is similar and somewhat more euphoric than Delta 8 THC.

DE HHC Live Resin Disposable

HHC Live Resin Disposable Vape Pens

Delta Extrax disposable vape pens are packed in a thick paper box with attractive foil detailing. 

All the crucial info is listed right on the packing: strain, type, ingredients, and suggested use.

93% HHC Cartridges | Delta Extrax
Use code NB15 for 15% off
  • 93% HHC distillate + terpenes
  • $0.04 per MG HHC
  • 2 strains available
  • Third party tested

The HHC live resin disposable vape pen in Super Glue was delightfully aromatic and euphoric. Upon the first draw, you are met with an impressive terpene profile of lemon and pine. 

The fresh-frozen flower used in the live resin distillate is apparent with every puff. Each tasty hit is reminiscent of dabbing live resin concentrate.  

Delta Extrax’ disposables allow you to take a small or large hit. No matter the size, the live resin distillate is velvety smooth. 

Not to be outshined, the effects of the Super Glue vape were intensely euphoric. Enticed to take another puff, I began to feel my stress subside as happiness took over. 

Overall the high was similar to an indica hybrid as the feelings of euphoria were equal to the relaxing effects. 

The disposable itself is a sleek and discrete black device. There is no labeling on the pen itself, so you can use it in public and remain inconspicuous. 

However, this also means you may be likely to mix up your disposables if you keep them together. Oops!

Always keep the original packaging to avoid such confusion. 

Each Live Resin disposable is strain-specific and only available in 2-gram pens. This is beneficial for longevity and price. Larger quantities tend to be offered at better per-unit prices. 

Delta Extrax’ HHC pens are pure HHC! They are uniquely formulated with HHC distillate and natural terpenes. 

For HHC live resin vape pens, the difference is that the terpenes are cannabis-derived from Live resin, and the vape contains HHC-O, HHCP too. You can choose from Cannatonic (hybrid), Runtz (sativa), or Super Glue (indica). 

Novice cannabis users should be careful with this product. Its lab test indicates that it contains about 90% total HHC. Strap in. Get ready for take-off!

Delta Extrax HHC Live Resin devices are the ideal option for potency chasers. The extensive terpene profile and intense potency will impress the most stringent concentrate snob. 

All in all, I was surprisingly pleased with the disposable pen’s quality!

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HHC Gummies

Delta Extrax also offers a special selection of cannabinoids in their line of premium HHC gummies

The HHC edibles come in two options: HHC gummies and HHC + HHC-0 gummies. 

Each type of gummy only comes in one, albeit delicious, flavor: sour mixed fruit flavors (HHC) and mango (HHC-0). 

HHCO Gummies | Mango Madness | Delta Extrax
Use code NB15 for 15% off!
  • 15mg HHCO/HHC Mix
  • Great Value
  • Potent

Delta Extrax’ HHC gummies have 10 mg of HHC per gummy in a pack of 25, for a total of 250 mg. 

The HHC + HHC-0 gummies have 15mg per gummy in a pack of 10, for a total of 150 mg. 

They may seem less potent in terms of mg, but HHC-0 is often stronger than HHC. Where it lacks in per-mg strength, it more than makes up for it with overall intense potency.  

These premium gummies are made with natural flavors. But unfortunately, they are not vegan as they contain gelatin. They come in resealable containers, ensuring long-lasting freshness.

Fans approve of these yummy gummies. Users claim the delicious flavors combine with intensely soothing effects for an all-around enjoyable high. 

Many customers note that the effects from these HHC gummies are stronger than the effects from delta 8 THC edibles. For the experienced and inexperienced cannabis consumers, you’ve been warned.

Delta Extrax THC-O Review

The brand’s THC-O line includes vape cartridges and disposable pens. Edible and flower lovers should try Delta Extrax’ other vast offerings of various cannabinoids to find the ideal product. 

THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, comes from THC-O. THC-O is extremely potent, delivering a transcendental high. 

Trust me. I love THC and have a high tolerance, but this hits hard and fast. 

To make the high more tolerable, Delta Extrax adds Delta 8 to the distillate for a more balanced product all cannabis consumers can enjoy. 

THCO Disposable DE

THC-O Vape Cartridges & Disposable Pens

Delta Extrax THC-O vape cartridges and disposable pens are available in 1 or 2-gram sizes.

They are both made with Delta 8 THC distillate, THC-O distillate, and terpenes to complement the naturally occurring aromas of each strain. 

THC-O Disposable Vape Pen & Carts | DE
  • 63% D8 | 30% THC-O | 7% Strain Specific Terpenes
  • Third Party Tested
  • Golden Pineapple, GSC & Berry Gelato Strains

THC-O vapes and disposables are also packaged in a sturdy paper box that glistens with an eye-catching red foil design. 

The strain, size, type, and ingredients are plainly listed on the label. Also included is a QR code that shows you how to use your new device.  

For THC-0 vape carts, you can choose from Golden Pineapple OG (hybrid) or Mimosa (sativa). 

When it comes to THC-O disposable pens, you have a larger array of options: Berry Gelato (indica), Double Bubble OG (hybrid), Grape Ape (indica) and GSC (hybrid). 

I tried the Delta Extrax’ Grape Ape disposable pen and instantly fell in love!

The Grape Ape made my body instantly relax and unwind. It’s perfect for those times when you need to chill and let go of some major stress. 

The Grape Ape vape was a bonafide indica. So it’s more suitable for nighttime use. Just sit back and get ready for complete tranquility.

thcjd thch gummies and disposable vapes
Tested THCjd THCh vapes and gummies

Delta Extrax THCjd THCh Lights Out Review

THCH + THCJD Lights Out Gummies Review

The brand’s THCh + THCjd are so coveted, that they are often out of stock. What’s more, they don’t just contain these two rare cannabinoids. 

Apart of Delta Extrax’ “Lights Out Collection,” these products feature a unique blend of common and not so common cannabinoids: Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, THCh, THCjd, and THCp

THCjd Gummies | Delta Extrax | 125MG THC Per Gummy!
  • D8 live resin, D9, THCh, THCjd, THCP blend
  • Much stronger than D9
  • Excellent value

This proprietary combination is truly unique, you won’t find anything like it. 

  • Available in three mouthwatering flavors: Purple Berry, Root Beer Float, Sour Peach.
  • Super high potency: 125 mg of total THC per gummy! 20 pieces per jar, for a total of 2,500 mg per package. 
  • Not strain or sativa/hybrid/indica specific. 

Be careful. Delta Extrax’ THCh THCjd gummies are ridiculously tasty! I had to stop myself from eating more than one because these chewy delights are potent!

I sampled the Sour Peach and Purple Berry gummies. It was hard to pick a favorite as both were equally delicious and strong! 

The Sour Peach gummies had a juicy peach flavor with notes of sour candy. The Purple Berry tasted like grape Kool-aid mixed with fresh blueberries. 

After just one gummy, I was lit! The high was next level. The effects were intense euphoria and major relaxation. 

lights out gummies

The powerful buzz was unique. Delta Extrax proprietary blend of Delta 9 THC, THCh, THCjd, THCP, and Live Resin Delta 8 THC hit differently. 

I was flying high for hours. It was almost a hallucinogenic experience and I enjoyed every minute of the magic carpet ride. 

After the high simmered down, I slept more soundly than I have in a very long time.

Overall, these gummies were some of the strongest and tastiest I’ve ever tried, hemp or not. Even for those with super-high tolerances, one gummy should definitely be enough! 

Yup, it’s no surprise these gummies are in very high demand.

Delta Extrax THCH + THCJD Lights Out Disposables Review

These vapes are straight fire!

After a few puffs of Delta Extrax’ THCh, THCjd vapes and I was delightfully buzzed. 

2G THCjd THCh Lighta Out Vape | Live Resin Terpenes | Delta Extrax
  • Live resin terpenes and a mix of D8, D10, THCh and THCjd
  • 2 gram rechargeable disposable
Our Rating:

The Strawberry Kush vape produced a hybrid high. I felt my entire body unwind, from my head to my toes. It was like I was moving in slow motion. Tranquil effects were at the forefront. I was simultaneously uplifted and at peace.

If you’re looking to be stuck to the couch like glue, this disposable is perfect for you. 

The Ekto Kooler vape pen felt like a classic sativa. The effects were intensely cerebral. Strong feelings of euphoria combined with an invigorating head high. I was energized and exuberant at the same time. 

After a few minutes I had a serious case of the giggles. Feelings of sheer happiness took over. 

Both disposables had excellent flavor. The Strawberry Kush vape had aromas of sweet strawberry and pine. The Ekto Kooler vape was bursting with flavors of citrus, orange and skunk.

Crafted with live resin, the vapes had a terpene profile reminiscent of their respective cannabis plants.

These vapes seemed to last longer than other vapes on the market. So use them when you have down time to just chill.

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Delta Extrax Delta 9 Edibles Review

Currently, Delta Extrax’ line of Delta 9 THC products are limited to edibles. However, they cater to all tastes as you can find Delta 9 chocolates, gummies, or drinks. 

Note – the Delta 9 THC shot appears to be the most popular edible as it is currently and frequently sold out. Fans praise its convenience, effectiveness, and yummy taste.

DE D9 Edibles

Delta 9 Gummies

These chewy delights are bursting with fruity flavor! 

Delta 9 Gummies are made with THC Delta 9 and natural ingredients that deliver an amazing taste and solid buzz. An added bonus, these candies are gelatin-free and vegan!

Delta 9 Hemp Derived Gummies
  • 15MG D9 gummies derived from Hemp (<0.3% D9 dry weight)
  • 20MG D8 Gummies also available


They come in packs of 10 or 25 and are 10 mg of Delta 9 THC per piece. For live resin gummies, pick up the 25-piece pack.

I tried the Blueberry Citrus Burst gummies; they are so delicious that I could not stop at one. But, the serving suggestion is ½ gummy, so be cautious not to overdo it the first time. 

These chewy edibles tasted just like lemon and blueberry candies with notes of apple. The texture was similar to a jello shot, a refreshing break from firmer gummies. 

After 45 minutes, I experienced a cheerful buzz. I was transported to a state of peaceful bliss before feelings of tranquility took over. The high was similar to a hybrid high, where my mood was elevated, and my body was relaxed.

Delta Extrax’ Blueberry Citrus Burst gummies are great for kicking back after a demanding day. 

For an edible that delivers a balanced hybrid high and a delectable taste, these Delta 9 gummies are the way to go.

Delta Extrax Coupon Code

Save some cash on your next Delta Extrax order. Use code NB15 for 15% off!

Wrapping Up Delta Extrax 2023 Review

Delta Extrax lives up to its reputation. They have an impressively potent product selection, all of which deliver. 

Delta Extrax is a legit hemp company with high-quality products, high potencies, and a great selection of unique cannabinoids.

Delta Extrax | D8, D10, THCO, THCP, THCH, HHC
  • Huge assortment
  • Excellent value
  • Great buzz
Our Rating:

The only caveat here is that not all their products offer a full panel certificate of analysis.

Overall, If you’re interested in potent products that taste great and actually live up to their listed potency, Delta Extrax has something for you. 

I thoroughly recommend that you check out Delta Extrax!