Do Carts Smell Like Weed When You Vape?

The smell of weed is pretty distinct, making it difficult to disguise if you’re trying to keep your canna consumption on the down low.

Dry weed smells especially dank, meaning smoking flower is out for those who need to hide the smell of weed.

If you’re one of them you might be wondering if vaping weed will keep you in the clear.

While there’s def a “vaping weed smell,” vape pens and oil cartridges don’t really put off too strong of an odor.

Here we’ll take a deeper dive into vaping weed to see if it really does reduce the strong weed smell cannabis is famous for.

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Key Takeaways: Do Weed Carts Smell?

  • Weed oil carts smell much less potent than cannabis flower, although they do still contain a distinct marijuana smell.
  • When it comes to weed carts, oil cartridges tend to smell of weed the least.
  • Dabbing weed tends to produce the most odor when it comes to vaping weed smell.
  • There are ways to reduce the smell of vape carts, which can make consuming weed much more inconspicuous.

Do Carts Smell Like Weed?

If you’re curious whether carts emit an odor when vaping weed, the answer is a definite yes.

That said, this all depends on what type of carts you are using.

Things like how many terpenes are present in the smokable oil cartridges will definitely affect how strong carts smell when vaping.

The weed strains from which the distillate, cannabis oil, wax, live resin or rosin originates can all play a role in the vaping weed smell that’s produced.

The potency of the scent also depends on the pen you’re using. If you’re using a ceramic chambered pen that only contains shatter, the weed aroma should be minimal.

Conduction heating, on the other hand, will combust the material differently and will have a distinctly strong odor.

That’s why the type of concentrate that’s combusted matters.

With softer concentrates like budder or wax, you’ll notice a stronger odor. A harder concentrate will take longer to release the fragrance as it heats, but once it does and you take a nice puff, you’ll only slightly notice the weed scent.

On the other hand, smoking dry herb in a dry herb vaporizer will make the vaping smell of cannabis smoke be very evident in the air.

That said, with a dry herb vaporizer, you’ll notice the vaping weed smell will dissipate faster than if you were smoking weed in a joint.

Nonetheless, even if there isn’t a pungent aroma, remember a drug dog can smell your cart!

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Do Dab Pens Smell?

Out of the majority of ways of consuming weed, dab pens can smell a bit. But the scent is typically easily dispersed.

This is because they usually come with a flavor and are typically made with distillate. Whether it be reusable or disposable, they usually don’t have much of a marijuana smell.

Whatever flavor the manufacturer added to the cartridge may add to the aroma of weed for a bit, but it won’t linger in the air for a long period of time.

Most cannabis oil will have added flavors like pineapple, mango, cotton candy and other tasty flavor profiles. There’s a huge variety of flavored vape pens on the market, which cover up the aroma and can be used pretty much everywhere.

This means you can avoid people giving you the dirty looks you might get if you were smoking a blunt of dry herb in public.

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Do Oil Pens Smell?

Smoking or vaping weed in the form of cannabis oil pens can produce a significantly strong odor if the oil isn’t masked with other scents and flavors.

If this is the case, the scent will be similar to smoking a dry herb vaporizer because both have the volatile organic compounds to combust, which produces the strong smell of weed.

Oil cartridges are typically reusable with a ceramic cup or coil heating element. If you are going for minimal odor, opt for a ceramic element. It will produce a good taste with minimal odor.

They’re easier to load, and if you like the taste of the terpenes this is one of the best ways to get the full effect of the weed oil.

The best part is that you’ll escape the weed smell.

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Do Vaporizers Smell?

Vaporizers can smell of weed, but that depends if you are using cannabis oil or concentrates or if you are using a dry herb vaporizer.

The dry herb vaping weed smell is potent, but the smell will still disappear after a minute or two. Use a well-ventilated area to diminish the smell faster.

A good tabletop vaporizer runs on convection heating, producing less smell since the concentrates don’t touch the heating element.

However, portable vaporizers run on conduction heating, creating a slightly more intense smell.

But out of all the ways to do dabs, a desktop vaporizer produces less smoke aroma in general.

How to Reduce the Smell of Vaped Weed

If you want to hide the smell of weed, cannabis concentrates produce the least amount of odor. But there is still an odor, which can be dissipated by opening a window or using a homemade filter.

To make a homemade filter that will eliminate the smell of weed, all you need is a toilet paper roll stuffed with dryer sheets.

When it comes time to exhale, simply blow the smoke in the end of the roll towards a window, which will definitely decrease the scent of your oil or herb.

You can also put a fan in the window in reverse position so that it is blowing outward and whatever smoke is produced can just go outdoors. All this requires you to do is sit by the window while using your vape pens.

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Some people go to the bathroom, open the window and take a few small puffs to keep smoke at a minimum and prevent the smell of vaping weed. Just make sure you produce baby clouds and that this smoke goes out the window.

You can also reduce the scent by bringing a change of clothes to change into after you smoke and carry around perfume or cologne.

Chewing gum or a sweet treat can not only help cover the smell, but they’re also good for a case of the munchies.

The very best way to reduce the vaping weed smell is to take the vape pen outside and let the scent of the vapor smoke dissipate in nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are a few questions we’re commonly asked about how to keep the scent of weed to a minimum. Especially by our readers trying to decide on the best high quality vapes, whether they’re looking to hide the odor of a wax pen, vape pen or vape for dry flower.

How long does cart smell linger?

The smell of a cart lingers for about 5-10 minutes in general. In a well-ventilated room, the amount of time can be considerably reduced.

If you are really concerned about someone smelling your cart, then buy the flavored ones. They come in all kinds of flavors and can be easily mistaken as a nicotine vape.

Do live resin carts smell like weed?

Yes, live resin carts smell like weed. But significantly less so than other methods of vaping cannabis. Take smaller and less frequent puffs, and no one will notice it as much.

While the taste of a live resin cart with all those terpenes is something you want to savor, these are the same terpenes that are making a scent you’re trying to hide.

Do delta 8 carts smell?

Generally, Delta 8 THC doesn’t have a strong scent. The scent of D8 THC products varies depending on whether they’re flavored or contain the distinct herbal aroma of marijuana.