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Do Edibles Expire? How To Stop Weed Gummies From Going Bad

Edibles are one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. They’re easy to consume, offer long-lasting effects and taste amazing. 

They’re also an awesome option for people who enjoy the effects of cannabis but prefer not to smoke their pot products. 

But do edibles expire? 

They do indeed. 

How quickly an edible goes bad depends on a lot of different factors. Some types of edibles, for example, have a long shelf life while others don’t. 

If you prefer fresh cannabis products, knowing how to tell when edibles expire is important. Here we’ll take a look at how long edibles last…and ways you can make them last longer. 

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Key Takeaways: Do Cannabis Edibles Go Bad?

  • Like other food products, cannabis edibles have an expiration date.
  • Some types of edibles last longer than others, such as cannabis gummies which typically have the longest shelf-life.  
  • Edibles can lose their potency over time, but there are things you can do to extend their shelf-life. 
  • There are a few different ways to tell if your edibles have gone bad, including expiration dates, appearance, smell and more.

Do Edibles Expire?

Yes, edibles can expire.

But when do edibles expire? How long does it take? Honestly, it all depends on the type of edible it is, what ingredients it contains, how they’re manufactured and stored and more.

THC gummies expire a lot slower than edible cookies, for example. 

Remember, edibles are still food products. And they will go bad when exposed to air or bacteria growth. 

Edible cookies, brownies, chocolate bars and other baked goods often contain perishable items like eggs, butter and other dairy products. A cannabis cookie is just like a regular cookie or brownie that would spoil over time when exposed to elements like moisture and air.

These types of edibles have a shorter shelf life than weed gummies, for example. Because edible gummies are usually made of ingredients that don’t spoil as quickly, such as sugar, gelatin and water. Citric acid commonly used as a preservative. 

Delta Munchies Gummies

Since gummies contain ingredients and preservatives, you can eat expired gummy edibles without much risk. While gummy edibles last a little longer than baked goods, they are still prone to growing mold in the right conditions.

Most cannabinoids are also fat-soluble, meaning they need fats like oil and butter to best deliver cannabinoids into the body. When edibles are made with these fats, they’ll expire more quickly when exposed to elements like moisture and air. 

When you eat expired edibles, you not only risk eating something that tastes off. You also risk exposing yourself to harmful bacteria. And the last thing you want to do is get sick with food poisoning when consuming a product designed to make you feel good.

If you want to preserve your edibles for as long as possible, store them in a cool, dry area and avoid unpackaging them until the last possible moment. This can help maintain a long shelf life and ensure a fresher product. 

When in doubt, refer back to the best-by, sell-by, or expiration dates listed on the edibles packaging. These dates let you know when you should eat your edibles and when they might have gone bad.

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How Long Do Cannabis Edibles Take To Expire?

How long it takes for your cannabis infused edibles to expire all depends on the type of edible.

Edibles often contain the same preservatives as other processed foods to extend storage life. If they don’t contain preservatives, they’ll definitely expire sooner. 

Preservative-free infused cookies, brownies and other baked goods, for example, can get stale quickly if not eaten in a timely manner. They can even develop mold. 

To determine if your baked goods are okay to eat, think about how long the non-cannabis version of that item might last. Regular cookies and brownies only last a few days after they’re baked. Same rules apply to weed cookies and brownies.

Hard candies and Delta 9 THC gummies, on the other hand, expire much slower than other edibles. Since they’re made with ingredients like water, gelatin and sugar (along with the concentrate or distillate), edible gummies should technically have a longer shelf life.

And while they won’t spoil in the traditional sense, THC gummies can still grow mold. Look for visible mold before consuming aged gummies, and keep an eye out for any discoloration or grainy texture your gummy might take on.

To be safe, always refer to the expiration date or best-by date on the edible’s packaging and keep your eye out for any discoloration or texture change.

Factors that Affect Edible Shelf Life

There are a few factors that can affect edible shelf life. Some of these include:


Just like any food item, edibles contain preservatives to increase how long they last. Some products contain perishable ingredients that will expire if not consumed in a reasonable amount of time.

Storage Conditions 

You should always keep your product packaged in a cool, dry area until you’re ready to eat them. Exposing your cannabis edibles to air and moisture increases the likelihood that they’ll go stale or get moldy. When these products are stored properly in an airtight container, they’ll last a lot longer.

Manufacturing Process 

Certain manufacturing techniques and preservatives can increase the edible’s shelf stability. Some extraction processes leave behind more impurities than others which can become harmful and release toxins when they oxidize.

Do Weed Edibles Lose Potency Over Time?

Yes, weed edibles lose potency over time.

When cannabis flower is exposed to heat, light, and oxygen, cannabinoids can degrade. For example, research shows THC not only loses its potency over time, but also degrades into cannabinol (CBN).  

Storage time plays a large role in THC loss, but elements like heat, light, and oxygen can also speed up the degradation process.

Storing your cannabis-infused products in an airtight container or freezing them can help combat this so they’ll last longer.

How to Determine if Edibles have Expired

The best-by date isn’t the only way to determine if your canna goodies are still safe to eat. Their odor, appearance and taste may also change.

When cannabis edibles expire, they may look and feel a little different. Stale items will have a stiffer texture and may be darker in color. With edible gummies particularly texture is a huge sign they’ve gone bad.

Edibles might also smell a little off if they’ve expired. They might have a rancid odor or even lose their smell altogether. 

Another telltale sign that your product has gone bad is a change in flavor. When the product expires, it might taste stale or just gross.If your product tastes off, it’s best to dispose of it and purchase something new. 

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Are Expired Edibles Dangerous To Consume?

Yes, expired edibles could be dangerous to consume.

As time passes, edibles lose some of their potency. But that’s not the only downside. When they expire, they can also put you at risk for foodborne illness or other physical maladies. .

Elements like oxygen, moisture, light and heat pose the risk of microbial growth and other nastiness. 

If the edible has visible mold or smells/tastes a little off, it’s safest to toss it in the trash.

Does Freezing Marijuana Gummies Extend Shelf Life?

Yes, freezing marijuana gummies can extend their shelf life, making these cannabis infused treats last even longer.

Freezing THC gummies will prevent exposure to the oxygen, light and heat that degrades cannabinoids. When you freeze edibles, it can keep them from spoiling  and help maintain the natural cannabinoid concentration in the edible.

On the other hand, freezing cannabis gummies can impact their texture and flavor. While this shouldn’t affect overall potency, it might make them less enjoyable to consume.

Also keep in mind that if you don’t store your gummies properly in the freezer, they risk exposure to air and extreme temperatures, which can ultimately decrease their quality and shelf life.

Advantages of Freezing Gummies

  • Freezing slows down the rate of degradation.
  • Storing gummies in the freezer can prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Disadvantages of Freezing Gummies

  • Freezing gummies could cause changes in texture and flavor.
  • If you don’t properly seal gummies before freezing, they might not last as long.