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Does Delta 8 Smell Like Weed? The D8 Aroma Explained

Delta 9 THC’s chiller little sister, Delta 8 THC replicates the experience of smoking traditional weed. It’s just a more mellow and manageable high. 

The cannabinoids are similar, but does Delta 8 smell like weed? 

Depending on the type of product and what terpenes are used to create it, delta 8 can contain a scent identical to weed. There are also delta 8 products that don’t smell like anything.

Whether you’re looking for the D8 flower that smells like a specific strain, or you prefer something a bit more discreet, we’ve got you covered.

D8 Moon Rocks

Summary Takeaways: Does Delta 8 Smell? 

  • In its pure isolated form, Delta 8 has little to no scent.
  • During the conversion process, terpenes are added to delta 8 products to create specific aromas. 
  • The most commonly added terpenes are similar to those naturally found in cannabis, which can be used to create strain-specific scents.
  • Delta 8 cartridges and flower smell the most like weed.

Does Delta 8 Smell Like Weed?

The skunky smell of weed is famously distinctive.The scent of each unique strain, however, differs depending on the natural terpenes in the plant. These terpenes can produce a variety of scents, which are most often earthy, sweet, citrusy or cheesy. 

Delta 8 THC is a natural cannabinoid found in weed, but it only exists in small amounts. Generally, delta 8 makes up less than 1% of hemp’s total cannabinoid concentration. This is why delta 8 products are created using synthesized delta 8, instead of naturally grown buds. 

In its purest extracted form, delta 8 has little to no scent, but you’ll find a variety of delta 8 products infused with terpenes commonly found in cannabis that produce an aroma similar to traditional weed. 

The potency of delta 8’s scent depends on the type of product you’re consuming.  Not all delta 8 products smell like weed. If you’d rather keep your delta 8 consumption on the down low, you’ll find some delta 8 products with little to no scent at all. 

Edibles and tinctures don’t really smell like anything, which can be useful if you need to be secretive when consuming your delta 8 stash. On the other hand, delta 8 cartridges, distillates, moon rocks and flower typically contain heavier scents similar to traditional weed.

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What Does Delta 8 Smell Like? 

Whether you’re hoping for a scent-free experience or craving a loud aroma, delta 8 products come in a spectrum of options. These options range from nearly aroma-free to strong, dank scents.

Delta 8 products are crafted by chemically converting CBD or another cannabinoid through a process called isomerization, which changes the chemical structure of these cannabinoids. This process allows cannabis scientists to rearrange the components of the original cannabinoid into delta 8 molecules. 

When delta 8 is synthesized from the cannabis plant, it’s then used to create a number of concentrated products. Based on how these products are synthesized, cannabis terpenes are often infused into the product to enhance its flavor and aroma. 

Depending on the type of terpene that is infused, delta 8 products will contain various scents.Some commonly-infused terpenes include:

  • Limonene: zesty and citrusy
  • Myrcene: earthy and fruity, with hints of clove
  • Pinene: herbaceous and grassy, very similar to pine trees

These three terpenes are present in many of the most popular strains of weed. When infused into delta 8 products, they produce a scent much like that of traditional cannabis. 

Do Delta 8 Carts Smell Like Weed?

Aside from flower, cartridges are the delta 8 product with the strongest scent. Delta 8 carts typically smell similar to delta 9 cartridges. The cartridges’ scents depend on the terpenes infused during the conversion process. 

Once the other cannabinoids are converted into delta 8 molecules, it’s processed into concentrated oil, which can then be distributed into cartridges and vaped. During this process, terpenes are infused into the oil, making for an aromatic experience that almost replicates dabbing delta 9 oil. 

The unique scent of each cartridge depends on what specific terpenes are infused into the concentrate. There are several brands that carry strain-specific delta 8 cartridges

Caryophyllene, for example, is another of the most common terpenes naturally found in the cannabis plant. When it’s infused into delta 8 oil, the resulting scent will be spicy, peppery, and familiar to delta 9 enthusiasts. Sour Diesel, Bubba Kush and Death Star are all examples of popular caryophyllene-dominant cannabis strains. 

If you prefer the mellow, gentler high of delta 8 and love the smell of a nice hot dab, delta 8 carts are the best option to replicate the sensory experience of vaping delta 9 THC.

d8 edible smell

What Does Delta 8 Flower Smell Like? 

Hands down, the delta 8 product that smells the most like traditional weed is flower.  

Delta 8 flower is crafted through a multi-step infusion process. This process involves coating coat premium hemp flowers with Delta 8 infused kief and Delta 8 infused distillate oil. After multiple coats, delta 8 buds will carry a frostier look similar to naturally-grown cannabis flower. 

During this process, terpenes are synthetically mixed in to enhance flavor and aroma. As a result, the infused nugs will also smell (and taste) a lot more like weed. Common aromas associated with delta 8 flower include earthy and herbaceous, musky, skunky, and citrusy. 

Smoking delta 8 flower is the closest experience to smoking delta 9 bud. Like delta 8 carts, delta 8 flower is perfect if you prefer less psychoactive effects but still want to feel like you’re smoking weed. 

Wrapping Up: Does Delta 8 Smell Like D9?

When extracted from the hemp plant, delta 8 does not have a strong aroma. Through a multi-step infusion process, however, delta 8 can be synthesized to produce a heavier scent similar to the smell of delta 9.

Particularly, delta 8 carts and flower are the products that best replicate the smell of traditional weed. Added terpenes like caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene can mimic the aroma of your favorite strains.

If being discrete is a priority, lean toward delta 8 edibles or tinctures. If flavor and aroma are essential elements in your smoking experience, however, carts and flower are the best delta 8 products to replicate the smell of delta 9 THC.