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Elyxr Review: D8, D9, THCA, THCP & Amanita Gummies Tested

With a huge selection of all the latest cannabinoids, Elyxr is taking the legal cannabis industry by storm.  And when we say huge, we mean an astounding selection of over 200 products. 

Let’s just say Elyxr is not your run-of-the-mill hemp brand. 

But do their products measure up? 

We just dove head first into a week of sampling several of their products to answer that very question. 

Read on for our honest take in this Elyxr review.

Elylxr LA Products Tested

Is Elyxr Legit?

Yes, Elyxr is legit. 

This Los Angeles, California based cannabis company offers high-quality hemp products manufactured in LA, with hemp sourced from farms in California, Oregon and Colorado. 

They offer third-party lab tests for all their products to prove their commitment to quality and that they aren’t just some scammy company jumping on the legal hemp bandwagon. 

Elyxr is in it to win it with a large cannabinoid selection that even includes legal mushroom gummies!

I spent a week testing out some of their dopest products and am here to tell you they deliver when it comes to hard-hitting effects and satisfying outcomes. 

Elyxr LA Review

Elyxr LA got their start in 2020 with a handful of Delta 8 THC products. They quickly set their roots and found people loved their products so much, they started offering other options.

Today they boast over 200 legal products. 

THCA Products | Isolate, Diamonds, Vapes, Flower | Elyxr
  • THC-A Powder, Diamonds, Vape Carts & Flower
  • Excellent Pricing

PROS (+)

  • Potent products
  • Huge cannabinoid range
  • Super tasty gummies

CONS (-)

  • Vapes lack flavor
  • Lack of full panel testing

With at least 18 different cannabinoid options (and cannabinoid blends), you’ll be able to find exactly what you need to suit your given mood. Whether you want to relax, focus, get some relief, or simply get high af, there are products to get the job done. 

And if you’re looking to explore somewhat of a different experience, they have two different types of mushroom products you can check out. 

What I Liked

Elyxr LA clearly cares about what you think of them. I like that they prioritize the customer experience and offer things like first-time discounts and seasonal sales. 

Their customer engagement is top-notch, they stay up to date on current trends and want to know how they can best serve their loyal customers. 

When new cannabinoids or fresh ideas hit the market, Elyxr is immediately finding ways to safely bring those new things to their customers. Meaning you don’t have to search for a new company to trust just to find the next great thing.

What Could Be Better

I was disappointed that Elyxr don’t currently offer full panel lab tests for their products. 

Being a trailblazer when it comes to new products is a bold thing to do, but the lack of complete transparency isn’t great.

Having full panel lab test results that are double-checking those new products are free from harmful things like heavy metals, residual solvents, mold and more would be the best peace of mind. 

Secondly, they could improve is the flavor of their vapes. I wouldn’t go as far as saying the vapes taste bad. But they are underwhelming when compared to THCa carts from Binoid or Botany Farms live resin carts.

Compared to their tasty-sounding names, all the vapes I tried tasted lightly of cannabis and weren’t as flavorful as I hoped for.

Elyxr THCA Review

The Elyxr THCA product line includes traditional options like THCA flower, joints, carts, blunts, and isolate. 

Elylxr LA Disposable Vapes


I tried the Live Resin THCA Disposable Vape Pen and the Diamond Dabs. Both were concentrated forms of THCA that got me lit without a hitch. 


This 40% THCA Pineapple Express vape was a powerhouse that immediately got me stoned. It was smooth and easy to hit. I could take a big draw without feeling it in my chest at all. 

I felt an instant head rush that settled into a strong body buzz. And it made a satisfyingly big cloud if that’s your thing. Only two hits from this vape and I was set for the next five or so hours. 

When it came to the 99% Diamond Dabs, I used a dab pen to smoke a fingernail-sized piece. It was smooth and potent with intense effects. 

For the first couple of hours, I felt like I could hang all day. But after one or two follow-up dabs, I settled into the couch and snacked for the rest of the night. 

Product Info

The THCA vape pen is a 1-gram disposable that costs $34.99. You can choose sativa or indica strains depending on if you want more energizing or more relaxing effects. 

The 99% THCA Diamond Dabs are made from High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract. One gram of the Diamond Dabs costs $29.99. 

There is a COA for the THCA products right on their shopping page, making it easy to view the lab report without having to search for the right product. They test for potency, so you can see the total cannabinoid content, but they don’t test for anything else. 

The lab report link on the Diamond Dabs product page takes you straight to the accompanying COA which shows the total cannabinoid content. This batch came in at a whopping 99.7%.

As for the THCA pen, I was a little surprised to see that it only had 6.18% THCA, because after I tried a couple of puffs I was lit like the moon. But with a total cannabinoid content of 74.2% it obviously still has enough special ingredients to make the magic happen. 

Seeing that THCA diamonds are an extremely highly concentrated form of THCA, it wasn’t surprising that they were the most potent product I tried in my Elyxr lineup. 

The flavor of the Pineapple Express Vape was straightforward without much sweeteners or terpene notes. It is earthy and has a cannabis aftertaste. 

It was basically the same when it came to the Diamond Dabs. There was a nice terpene flavor but not much. The flavor came and went as fast as the breath of smoke. 

Elyxr THCP Pens & Carts

When it comes to THCP, Elyxr has you covered with an extremely diverse product selection. You can find carts, gummies, disposable vapes, flower, dabs and distillate. 

Elylxr LA Disposable Vape


I sampled the Elyxr Orange Soda 90% THCP Disposable Vape. It is another smooth and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of hemp and get stoned at the same time. 


Since the THCA products worked so well for me, I decided to stick to the recommended instructions that came with the THCP vape. And I’m glad I did. 

After taking half a puff I had an immediate head rush and it was very stony. I felt almost no body high, but it was relaxing just the same. 

Lazy vibes took over the rest of my day, which I really didn’t expect as what I tried was marketed as a sativa.

Product Info

The Orange Soda THCP Vape has 0.5 grams of 90% THCP vape formula that also contains Delta 8 THC oil and terpenes. It costs $49.99. And you can choose between a sativa, indica or hybrid strain. 

The COA for the THCP Orange Soda vape shows that it has a total cannabinoid content of 88% Not quite the 90% percent promised.

Even though it was less than 90% this vape is still a potent potion that got me high. Only half a puff was plenty to get my head buzzing. 

This vape pen was even more plain tasting than the THCA vape, although I didn’t get any hints of orange soda like I was expecting. It was a decent flavor experience overall, but nothing too special.

Elyxr Delta 8 Review

The Elyxr Delta 8 products are a relatively mellow option compared to their hard-hitting THCA and THCP products. But that’s what makes Delta 8 so great. A soft high that still lets you get stoned without being overwhelming. They offer D8 carts, gummies, disposables, tinctures, flower, joints, dabs, gel, moon rocks, blunts and distillate. 

Elyxr LA D8 Gummies


I tried their Delta 8 AK-47 Disposable Vape Pen and their D8 gummies. The vape pen gave me a quick way to feel a smooth, balanced buzz, while the gummies provided a lasting Delta 8 experience I didn’t want to end. 


The effects of the Delta 8 products I tried hit just like I hoped. The vape pen was smooth just like the other two vapes I tried. And the effects came on within about half a minute. 

It gave me an energetic head high that helped improve my focus without being overwhelming in the slightest. 

I took three of the Delta 8 gummies, and it took the better part of half an hour to feel them settle in. But with time, I started to feel the recognizable high reverse up my body and into my head. 

Product Info

The Delta 8 vape pens are $29.99 each, with plenty of flavors and strains you can choose from. The pen is supposed to come fully charged with a 280mAh battery, but the one I got didn’t work right out of the package. 

After about an hour of charging it up, however, it was good to go. 

The COA that is linked to the D8 vape pen showed a 90.9% total cannabinoid content of Delta 8 THC, with a very slight amount of CBN. And this COA was a full panel! 

When it comes to the potency of the Delta 8 vapes, I couldn’t have been more pleased. The effects hit fast, with the best of those mellow Delta 8 effects. I didn’t have a worry in the world after testing out these products. 

Being a frequent cannabis consumer, I used this pen more often than the THCA and THCP vape pens I tested out. But even still, I only needed to take one or two puffs every two to three hours to maintain my daytime high. 

As I mentioned earlier, the flavor options are expansive.

I recommend choosing your flavor based on the strain and effects you’re after because the AK-47 I tried was just like the other vapes. Lacking in any real flavor notes and characterized with a clear medicinal cannabis taste. 

The Delta 8 gummies are where Elyxr shines when it comes to flavor. Seriously, their gummies were some of the best I’ve ever tried. 

The Cherry was bright and juicy, the Watermelon was sweet and refreshing, and the Mango, Orange and Blue Razz were all just as mouthwatering. 

All of the gummies were fresh and chewy with a sweet sugar coating. There was a slight aftertaste of cannabis flavor but the sweetness of the gummies took center stage. 

Elyxr Amanita Mushroom Gummies

The Amanita Muscaria mushroom gummies are a completely legal way to try out the psychedelic effects of mushrooms. Instead of psilocybin, these mushrooms have a psychoactive compound called muscimol that can take you on a trip. But it’s more likely to chill you out

With effects similar to D8 more than it is to make you hallucinate as if you chowed down on some psilocybin mushrooms.

Elyxr LA Amanita Mushroom Gummies


These mushroom products are still extremely new, so proceed with caution to make sure you only try out the best and safest products. 

There are countries like Sweden, Ireland, Mexico and the US that allow the sale and consumption of this mushroom variety, but there are not a lot of regulations. 

Louisiana is one state that has outlawed Amanita Muscaria except for ornamental purposes. 


As it is a new product in my repertoire, I followed the usage instructions to a T and only took one gummy. After about an hour I could feel the gentle effects start to take hold. 

To my satisfaction, it was a clear-headed and gentle buzz, just like promised. Cheerful vibes were the biggest feelings I got, but there was an unfamiliar energy as well. 

I felt tingly in my hands and feet and could tell that had I taken two or three gummies the same way I usually do when trying D8 or D9 products my experience might have been much more than I bargained for. 

Product Info

The gummies come with 5000 mg of mushroom extract for $34.99. There are 10 gummies in a pack, with each containing 500 mg of magic elixir. They are free of additives and filler ingredients.

Just like their other products, they are lab-tested for potency. You can read the report listed on the product page to verify that there is no psilocybin or psilocin. 

The potency of these mushroom gummies was just what I was hoping for. I felt a nice buzz but it didn’t send me over the moon into a bad trip. 

As a creature of habit and someone who deals with a decent dose of anxiety, I was a little worried about having a bad experience. But overall it was just enough to have a great time that made me curious for more. 

Final Verdict: Elyxr LA Review

Elyxr LA is a legit company with a crazy diverse range of high-quality hemp products. 

There is seriously something for everyone. With over 200 products, you’re bound to find something to suit your unique needs and then some. 

THCA Products | Isolate, Diamonds, Vapes, Flower | Elyxr
  • THC-A Powder, Diamonds, Vape Carts & Flower
  • Excellent Pricing

If you want the most potent way to get high fast go for the Diamond Dabs and you will be sky high in no time. 

If you want a more chill experience that’s still euphoric and fabulous, then their Delta 8 gummies are a tasty way to get a nice mellow high that still allows you to function throughout your day. 

For those looking to elevate their experience beyond hemp-derived cannabinoids, Elyxr’s mushroom gummies offer a whole different high.