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EmJay Review: The Future Of California Cannabis Delivery? 

Sitting at home, in need of weed?

There aren’t many cannabis delivery services which match up to the assortment and experience EmJay provides.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered and with free delivery to match. Keep reading for our EmJay review and exclusive discount code!

Who Is EmJay? 

Hey EmJay, or simply EmJay, is a pioneer on the global ganja stage.

The company offers a world-class, curated selection of the highest-quality cannabis goodies available on the market.

Both the ordering and the delivery process are dummy-proof.

All you have to do is:

Step 1: Select your favorite products. You can shop by category or shop by brand. This is extremely convenient. It saves you time and energy when scrolling through the vast range.

Step 2: Lay back and relax! The Ganja Goddess will be delivered straight to your door within 60 – 120 minutes after placing your order.

No Extra FeesThere are no extra fees. You’ll pay the same price as purchasing the product from a licensed dispensary.

The only difference is, you won’t have to wait in queues or get stuck in the annoying traffic jams.

Told you it’s the new age of cannabis delivery. At the tips of our fingers!

Also, if you’re having a hard time determining which products will work best for you, check out EmJay’s blog. You’ll find wonderful posts with plenty of meaningful information.

EmJay Cannabis Delivery Review

The products on EmJay’s menu are hand-picked exclusively by EmJay’s partners. One of them is the founder of Sherbinskis – Mario Guzman (better known for his alter ego – Mr. Sherbinskis).

PROS (+)

  • The simple and quick ordering process
  • Fast, easy, and reliable delivery
  • Same pricing as in-store

CONS (-)

  • No 24 hour delivery available (at least at the time of writing)
  • The minimum order is $25

Mario Guzman is a living legend, and one of the most dedicated cannabis advocates. A true ganja guru, he is a free spirit who started his glorious cannabis journey from scratch.

Some fifteen years ago, he was a novice grower working out of his garage in San Francisco. Guided by his endless love for the herb, he ended up creating some of the most beloved cannabis strains – Gelato and Sunset Sherbet.

No wonder Mr. Sherbinskis has over 200K followers on Instagram alone!

The products you’ll find on EmJay’s platform are sourced directly from leading cannabis companies. Each one is evaluated for purity and quality. This is verified by third-party lab testing.

Ultimately, EmJay isn’t just another cannabis brand. The company takes well-deserved pride in its one-of-a-kind, high-end cannabis lifestyle, and wellness concept store.

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EmJay Products Overview 

You’ll find an impressively voluminous list of products to choose from.

The website itself is effortless to explore and navigate. It’s very clearly laid and contains all the information you need so that you don’t end up confused or overwhelmed.

This isn’t merely a game-changer, it’s actually life-saving.
Especially if you love to shop the way I do when I’m already high as a kite and my red eyes merge with insatiable waves of mouthwatering.

Joking aside, I find the professionally built website a great perk for novice ganja users, who often tend to have a hard time picking the best products for their needs.

You have my word: the product range will mesmerize you, inspire you, and have you in a whirlwind of cannabis intoxication.

1. Hydro Cannabis Flower 

Fluffy, sparkling, beautifully trimmed, dense nugs, and multiple strains to choose from. Smoke them, dry vape them, cook with them – you can’t go wrong.

2. Artisan-level Pre-rolled Joints & Blunts

No low-quality trim, just whole, sticky-icky resinous flowers rolled to purr-fection, ready to light up anytime you feel like it.

3. The Edible Multiverse

A voraciously huge selection of gummies, chocolate cereals, organic honey, cookies, macaroons, tea, tablets, taffy, cannabutter, drinks, crackers, you name it!

Enjoy consistent and proper dosing, as well as out of this world potency to help manage stress and pains.

It’s a cannabis paradise to get lost and found in it again and again.

4. THC Vape Cartridges & Pens

Browse the best vape deals – from cartridges through disposables and top-notch vape distillate – the Ferraris of vaping are literally a click away. 

Delectable flavors and unparalleled purity to walk in clouds of smoke anywhere.

5. The Caviar Of Cannabis Extracts

It’s the dabber’s dream coming true here, canna fam! Whatever kind of extract you may be looking forward to enjoying – EmJay has got you covered. 

Extremely versatile and soooo potent!

6. Green Wellness & Canna Lifestyle

This section is meant to take your breath away. A continuously growing range of the most innovative products in this category.

No other way around but to shed a tear from happiness. Amazing choice for users who wish to avoid smoking, treat localized pain, or simply diversify the typical ganja routine.

A variety of cannabinoid blends are available in the form of full-spectrum oils, transdermal patches, balms, tinctures, syrup, bath salts, creams, and sprays. Hakuna Matata!

7. Accessories

In this category, you’ll find all sorts of high-end, connoisseur-level products.

Pick up essentials like grinders and lighters to cut-edge batteries, dab rigs, vaporizers, pipes, and rolling papers. 

EmJay makes sure you’ll have everything handy for a miraculous ganja experience.

EmJay Service Areas 

EmJay provides safe cannabis delivery across cities in California. Including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Long Beach.

However, they have the broadest coverage over the Los Angeles area.

Everywhere from West Hollywood to Silverlake, from Manhattan Beach to Santa Monica. As the saying goes, a friend with weed is a friend indeed!

Best of all, EmJay’s website offers free access to an easy-to-use Los Angeles coverage map. Besides the service zone map, there’s also a list of valid zip codes to help you out.

Delivery Time & Price 

The truth is, we only need the sweet juice details and no excess ramblings here, right?

Let’s keep things extra crisp-and-straight-to-the-point.

  • 24-hour Delivery: No
  • Delivery Hours: 10 AM – 9 PM. Note that you can also place an order outside the work hours. EmJay allows you to schedule a future delivery for a day of your choice.
  • Expected Wait: 1 – 2 hours
  • Delivery fees: $0

Payment Methods 

You can pay with cash or with your debit card.

Your courier is the one who is going to accept your payment. You won’t be spending a dime before you actually get to hold your selected products in your hands.

Note that there is a $3.50 fee for debit.

Ordering From EmJay: Let’s PLAY!

So, what is it that you need when ordering from EmJay (besides the obvious fact that you want some firecracker weed)?

In a nutshell:

  • 1. Your state ID (or something equivalent)
  • 2. Some cash (or your debit card) 

Then, get your grateful face on and enjoy your favorite courier delivering your goodies, much like the Weed Santa Claus.

Seriously, though, ordering cannabis has never been easier and more pleasurable.

Here’s the entire process in some more detail.

  • Log into your EmJay account (or create one if you are a new user)
  • Once you are done shopping for your favorite products, select your payment method. Upon delivery, the courier will collect the payment.
  • You can opt for immediate delivery, or you can schedule a future delivery time for your best convenience.
  • Keep your ID handy, as the courier will scan it upon delivery to finalize your order.

Shop From EmJay If You

1. Value Transparency 

In a world dominated by confusion and endless streams of information, it’s essential that we’re able to sift through the junk.

When you order from EmJay, you’ll pay the same price as the dispensary with no delivery fee. Yeah, I know I am repeating this over and over again but it’s such an insanely awesome asset!

Pretty much, the dispensary pays EmJay, not you. Nom, nom, nom, YUMMY!

2. Like Deals 

And who doesn’t like a good deal anyway?!

EmJay definitely knows how to spoil us with some Insane cut-price goodies. You’ll come across plenty of daily deals with steep discounts.

If you’re not brand loyal yet, I bet you will love it!

3. Value A Consistent Experience 

EmJay is one of the only vertically integrated platforms in the industry. This means the company owns all of our own infrastructures.

Ultimately, EmJay’s team hires and also trains their very own drivers.

Wrapping Up: Cannabis Delivery EmJay Review 

Emjay review countdown: I’ll just be in my robe, sweet ganja fam.

Finally, we can sit in our pajamas and get along with some home tasks while joyfully awaiting a free, fast, and safe cannabis delivery right at our doorsteps.

The renaissance of cannabis is ours to explore, and EmJay is among our best ganja buddies. No strings attached, just infinite love for a green(er) world of oneness, peace, and synergy.