G Drinks Lemonade – Cannabis Infused


Cannabis drinks are still pretty new to the market. But, as with anything new it can be find the right product which not only delivers in terms of desired effects but also tastes great.

G Farma Labs, a premium brand from California has not only cracked this but nailed it completely with their range of cannabis lemonades.

Yup, these are cannabis drinks which taste like your favorite beverage from summer as a child. Each bottle delivers 100mg THC which is more than enough for a night of relaxation especially if you are not used to cannabis consumption. The drink itself tastes great and the cannabis flavor doesn’t overpower it at all, instead delivers that citrus kick that lemonade should have with just right amount of marijuana taste.

G Farma Labs cannabis lemonade is available in six different flavors. These include passion fruit, blue lemonade, half & half (which is a mix of cannabis and regular), strawberry lemonade, original and pink grapefruit which provides that extra citrus kick just to give it that something special.

G Farma Labs Marijuana infused lemonade is available in dispensaries across the west coast including both recreational and medicinal cannabis markets. Containing from cannabis-derived terpenes, the cannabis lemonade tastes great and provides almost instant effects which can be felt even before you get to finish your drink.

Just make sure to sip slowly, cannabis lemonade is a drink with 100mg THC in every bottle and can hit you hard if your not used to cannabis consumption.

Also, its important to remember that water soluble THC is much more efficient at being broken down and absorbed than if you smoked a joint or ate an edible. So take it easy and enjoy your G Farma Labs cannabis lemonade!