G Farma Labs


Founded by Ata Gonzalez in 2010, G Farma Labs quickly established itself as a trusted brand in the California cannabis space.

Having started bootstrapped under the name of G Farms, with a 7-acre farm and an outdoor grow, the business rapidly expanded through profit reinvestment and switched from a cannabis grower to a vertically integrated brand in 2012. 

Launching their now famous products such as the G Stik, G Drinks, Liquid Gold Vape Oil, chocolates, and cannabis pre-rolls. With the brand winning the cannabis cup for the best edibles in 2014. 

While all these kinds of products were already on the market via other brands, none held them all under one brand. 

GFarmaLabs was entirely self-funded during the early years because funding wasn’t widely available regardless of growth potential. However, with the emergence of the cannabis industry and, importantly, the legalization of recreational cannabis in California, G Farma Labs raised a seed venture round in 2016 from Mentor Capital, used to expand into other states outside of California.

Later, the brand rolled out product offerings in partnership with The Game. Including G Stiks, containing pure premium cannabis flower, sprinkled with kief and coated in their famous liquid goal CO2 extracted cannabis oil for the smoothest smoke.

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The Next Stage

In parallel, G Farma became one of the go-to suppliers for all things related to cannabis oil and water-soluble THC for cannabis drinks. Supplying the same cannabis concentrates used in their own line of products on a white label basis. This expansion into wholesale white label helped G Farma Labs to both lower the cost of production and built trust with other cannabis entrepreneurs/brands. 

By 2017, GFarmaLabs was available in over 700 dispensaries in the state of California and had established a reputation for producing some of the finest cannabis products on the market.