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Green Unicorn Farms Review: CBG & CBD Products Tested

I’ve worked in the cannabis industry for many years. And I know firsthand that finding legit brands can be downright challenging. 

Lucky for you, I’ve invested countless hours trying and testing a range of products from Green Unicorn Farms. 

Spoiler: If you’re after premium CBD products that truly deliver, Green Unicorn Farms will not disappoint. 

Continue reading for my in-depth Green Unicorn Farms Review.

Green Unicorn Farms Products Tested-2
Products Tried and Tested For This Review

Is Green Unicorn Farms Legit? 

Yes. Green Unicorn Farms is 100% legit. 

This artisan hemp brand has a huge fan following for its small-batch products. 

Green Unicorn Farms uses diverse terpene profiles and experienced farmers to create premium CBD products.

Having tried a bunch of their products, I can attest that Green Unicorn Farms is one the best brands on the market. 

Green Unicorn Farms Review Overview 

Who are Green Unicorn Farms?

Green Unicorn Farms hemp company from the Bay area that specializes in crafting high-quality CBD Hemp flower. 

Green Unicorn Farms 

PROS (+)

  • Broad range of effective products
  • Affordable prices
  • Free shipping on orders +$49

CONS (-)

  • Only some products are full panel tested
  • No satisfaction guarantee policy

Founders Christopher Leonard and Robert Hising created the brand in 2019. Their mission was to offer customers a wide range of reliable hemp products just a mouse click away.

They make premium goodies that adhere to impeccable standards using full-spectrum CBD hemp and controlled growing conditions.

All of their indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor hemp flower is third-party tested. And it’s sourced from the finest genetics backed by diligent research.

The brand provides each customer with a personalized experience. You can find the exact product that fits your unique needs. 

Just check out their strain finder tool on their website.

Since its inception, Green Unicorns’ popularity has soared. Their award-winning CBD products reaffirm their excellent reputation.

What I like about them

They offer top-shelf CBD flower with incredible aromas. Their CBD is terpene-rich, creating an explosive flavor experience.  

Each hemp flower I tested provided much-needed relaxation and stress relief. They’re effective!

I’m officially a fan (girl) of their smokable hemp flower. They’ve earned a permanent spot in my collection.

What I don’t like about them

I found that many products are only potency tested. I tend to be wary of smokable Hemp that isn’t tested for pesticides.  

Apart from this, it’s difficult to fault the company based on the Hemp flower and other products I tried.

Green Unicorn Farms Review

CBD Flower

Impeccably trimmed and cultivated, Green Unicorn Farms offers some of the finest hemp flower around.

With these looks, it’s easy to see that each bud undergoes careful inspection before being sold.

There’s an impressive amount of CBD strains to choose from. More than 30! All grown right here in the USA.

If the aromas do not smack you in the face, the calming effects will.

Their CBD flower costs about $10 per gram for outdoor bud or $13 per gram for indoor. 

Hint: the larger quantity you buy, the less you pay. An outdoor eighth will cost $7.15 per gram. An indoor eighth will cost $8.50 per gram.

I found the smoothness and flavorful terpenes make the pricier indoor hemp worth every penny. The hemp flower is carefully packaged in mylar bags adorned with their iconic Green Unicorn.

Green Unicorn CBD Flowers

The high-quality envelopes seal and reseal in the flavor. Each time you open the bag, the smells emanate. You know this hemp is loud.

There’s also a convenient QR code on every package. So lab results are just a scan away. 

The flower itself is beautiful. Indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor buds are solid and well-trimmed.

I personally tested more than a few indoor and sun-grown CBD hemp flowers. The strains I tried were: Wedding Cake, Spec Diesel, Blueberry Muffin (indoor), Strawberry Cake (indoor), and Cali Gold (indoor). 

The sun-grown Spec Diesel was straight gas. As I rolled a joint, the cheesy diesel aromas awakened my senses. 

With a total cannabinoid content of 29%, I felt my eyelids droop after the first few puffs. I have insomnia, but this strain calmed me and prepared me for a wonderful night of sound sleep without any morning grogginess.

Cali Gold had the best smell and taste of the bunch. Containing 5% terpenes, it had strong notes of earthy pine with herby floral undertones. 

If the scent was any indication, Cali Gold was a heavy hitter. I experienced a powerful body buzz but remained lucid. I felt relaxed but not sedated.

My personal favorite was Strawberry Cake. This frosty indoor strain was a beauty! Trichome-encrusted buds tasted like sweet strawberries with hints of cheese. 

Feelings of intense full-body relaxation took over, making this strain ideal for sleep. 

Yup. Each one of these CBD flower strains is 100% worth smoking, In my opinon. 

Good for: Users seeking powerful relief from anxiety and stress. Any one of their high-quality CBD strains will have you relaxing like a day at the beach. 

Not so great for: Customers that like to trace their buds back to the original farm.

CBD Gummies

Having tested the CBD Sour Bears, I can confirm they will please your taste buds and ease your stress.

They will be a great addition to your nighttime routine.

Made with natural ingredients and fruit concentrate, these goodies will delight your taste buds. They are gluten-free but contain gelatin.

If you’re vegan, don’t worry! There’s a CBD gummy just for you. Check out Green Unicorn Farm’s organic CBD Sleep Gummies.

The CBD Sour Bears cost about $0.06 per mg of CBD. Affordable yet effective! 

I was impressed with the price, considering the superior quality of these edibles.

Sour CBD Gummies

Packaged in a plastic container, the CBD gummies don’t have a childproof lid, so ensure the cap is tight. No one wants to lose their precious edibles.

The label contains all the vital info: serving per bear, dosage per container, ingredients, and QR code.

They’re only tested for potency, but the listed strength is pretty accurate at 27mg of CBD per gummy on the latest batch. 

Note, if one gummy is too strong a dosage, it can be easily cut in half.

In terms of texture, the bears are on the chewier side. Similar firm sour patch gummies for comparison.

Taste is where these chewy delights really shined. They’re delicious! 

Each gummy is individually flavored according to color: apple (green), cherry (red), lemon (yellow), and tangerine (orange). And they taste just like fruit!

Due to my higher tolerance, I ate four gummies. They’re labeled as THC-free. I can confirm there’s no high, but I was floating in clouds of relaxation. 

I didn’t experience any psychotropic effects. Nevertheless, my stresses from an anxiety-ridden day vanished. As an added bonus, my sore muscles melted away within 30 minutes.

Good for: Those seeking effective CBD gummies for a killer price.

Not so good for: Those looking for a combo effect of CBD and THC. These edibles are pure CBD and not full spectrum.

CBD Prerolls

Rolled to perfection, these CBD prerolls deliver supreme smokeability and enjoyability. 

If you’re after a flavorful smoke that’s smooth to the very last hit, this one’s for you!

Available in six potent strains, there’s a preroll for you to smoke day or night. You can choose from: Special Sauce, Lifter, Elektra, Hawaiian Haze or Sour Space Candy.

Note: The Sour Space Candy is frequently sold out because its fire. It’s definitely worth hunting down.

The prerolls are made from sun-grown hemp bud, not from shake. This ensures that the product has superior terpenes and smoothness. The smoking experience is superb, but it isn’t as tasty as the indoor-grown buds I tried. 

They are available in a single .75 gram preroll, 2 pack, 5 pack or bundle. If you want a buffet of strains, pick up the bundle to sample them all.

Green Unicorn CBD Pre Rolls

Delicately packaged in a glass tube, these premium joints ooze high quality.

The label is elegant but sparse containing the strain, weight of preroll, and QR code.

The hemp isn’t full panel tested. While we can’t verify this, the company claims its USA hemp is grown with organic practices.

On average, the prerolls contain 14% CBD and 18% total cannabinoids, depending on the strain.

I tested all five of Green Unicorn Farm’s joints.

The Sour Space candy had notes of fruity citrus with sour undertones. Its unique terpene-rich aroma was something I’d never experienced before.

It was uplifting and relaxing all in one. My mood was lifted. I felt like I was never coming down. Positive vibes only!

Another preroll perfect for daytime was Hawaiian Haze. It was bursting with tropical flavors and hints of floral.

After hitting this joint a few times, I felt a jolt of happy energy. It was like taking a shot of strong espresso. But in the form of smokable hemp.

If you’re looking for a well-balanced hybrid, go for the Elektra preroll. This terpene-rich profile tasted like diesel and spicy pine. It helped ease my stress and calm my mind.

The Special Sauce was the smoothest but least tasty of the bunch. It had a woodsy wild berry aroma. I found the herbal notes to be very intense when smoking. This relaxing joint gently soothed me to sleep.

Green Unicorn Farm’s prerolls cost $16 per .75 mg for a single joint or $35 for a 2 pack.

Compared to their flower, it’s pricey! Of course, the convenience of only needing to spark up to begin your smoking sesh is factored into the high cost.

Good for: Customers needing a smokable CBD hemp flower that’s ready to go. These pre-rolls are impeccably rolled, just light it up and enjoy.

Not so good for: Users looking for Indoor quality pre-rolls. While these are great they don’t use indoor-grown Hemp.


The Full Spectrum oil is a great alternative to smoking CBD flower.

Made with the same hemp they use for their premium strains, this oil is heavily concentrated and very potent.

It’s formulated with only two ingredients: a blend of organic MCT oil and single-source Hemp.

The full spectrum tincture is available in 1500 mg, 3000 mg, and 6000 mg sizes. 

They cost between $69.99 to $149.99, depending on which product you buy. So you can expect to pay about $0.05 to $0.02 per mg of CBD.

Yup. This oil is a great deal!

It comes in a glass vial with an eyedropper marked with .25 ml intervals and dosing is a breeze!

I found the oil to be a little unappetizing my first time trying it. The hemp flavors are strong.

So I like to mix the oil in food, like salad dressing, to hide the earthy tang.

It also has a tingly sensation in the back of the throat. But adding it to your favorite drink or food will make that feeling vanish.

strong cbd oil

The effects make up for the hempy cannabis flavors.

Half an hour after taking one dropper full I could feel my stress disappearing with each passing minute. My mind was completely calm.

It usually takes an hour of tossing and turning to get to sleep. With this tincture, I fell asleep almost immediately.

Good for: Those needing CBD effects to kick in quickly. Taken sublingually, tinctures are intended to work faster than edibles.

Not so good for: Those who do not like Hemp flavors. This oil tastes just like a concentrated hemp plant in liquid form. The earthy flavors may be too strong for some. Opt for the citrus flavor oil instead.

Green Unicorn Farms CBG Review 

CBG Flower

Green Unicorn Farm’s CBG flower is a game-changer. If you enjoy smoking CBD flower, you’ll probably love this CBG strain.

The White CBG contains a whopping 11.2% of total CBG.

It’s sun-grown, but you couldn’t tell by looking at the gorgeous buds. The bright green buds sparkle with frosty trichomes.

You can pick from a variety of sizes: from a single gram to two ounces.

Perhaps more striking than the plant is its terpenes. When you crack open the mylar bag, scents of lemony pine and sweet mint overwhelm the senses.

The thick packaging traps the aromas. Each time you unseal the bag, it’s as if you opened it for the first time. It’s no wonder it won an award for best aroma.

This low THC flower offers unadulterated therapeutic effects. You can be relaxed, remain focused, or reduce stress without feeling stoned.

white cbg buds

My first time smoking this CBG was delightful.

Unlike CBD, the White CBG was intensely cerebral. I felt clear-headed but energized. I was ready to tackle the day. It seemed to ease my anxiety as time went on.

Overall the buzz was simultaneously tranquil and invigorating. 

I must say, this wasn’t the smoothest flower I tried. It didn’t burn my throat, but I did cough after a few hits.

The White CBG costs $9.99 per gram. Per usual, the larger amount you buy, the more you save.

The pricing is the same as their CBD flower. For a novel cannabinoid, it’s very affordable!

Good for: Those looking to smoke high-quality CBG hemp that is full panel tested.

Not so good for: Those who smoke CBG hemp for night time or to fall asleep. This strain is sativa heavy. It’s more suitable for day time.

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Wrapping Up

Overall, Green Unicorn Farms is a reputable company that fulfills its promise of offering top-notch hemp products.

Once you have experienced indoor CBD weed that’s this good, it’s hard to go back.

While sun-grown flower may not be as pretty, the CBD effects are just as strong.

Looking for a reliable hemp brand with flavorful terpenes, high-quality flower, and affordable prices? Look no further! 

If you’re in need of quality sleep, I can vouch for the effectiveness of their CBD offerings.

If you’re interested in an energizing alternative to CBD, check out their White CBG.

Their premium products may not have you seeing unicorns, but they will have you believing in unicorns.