G Stiks By G Farma Labs

With over 20 years in the making, G Stik cannabis pre-rolls is one of California’s leading brands for high-end recreational and medical marijuana products.

These popular weed cones are sold exclusively at licensed dispensaries throughout several states where medical marijuana has already been legalized or will soon be available through the recreational market.

G FarmaLabs wanted G Stiks to represent what they believe true luxury was all about; freedom from compromising quality, safety, value, and service.

G Stiks offer a truly unique experience based around three pillars: taste, ease of use (lightweight paper) with no messiness & minimal waste while smoking.

G Farma Labs developed this product line exclusively to reach the luxury cannabis market by partnering with rapper The Game as a brand ambassador. The Game’s love for ganja and his genuine appreciation of gourmet cannabis products made him the perfect celebrity spokesperson.

So what are G Stiks exactly?

All in all, G Stiks are a combination of the finest high THCA flower, kief and CO2 extracted THC oil. These are not just your regular pre-rolls but instead are each jam-packed with cannabis flower, with a sprinkling of kief and coated in sticky THC distillate.

G Stik from G FarmaLabs is a potent form of medicine for patients in medical marijuana states. In the adult markets, it has become a status symbol to be seen with this legendary cone.

It’s a phenomenal THCa pre-roll made from 100% indoor flower for those unapologetic moments. The natural paper allows you to taste the aroma of the flower after every draw. It’s an excellent burn that allows you to enjoy the endless flavor. It’s everything you have come to expect from a blend of exclusive Indica and/or sativa flowers.

Available in 6+ strains, including sativa, hybrid, and Indica buds, there’s a g stik marijuana cone for everyone regardless of the kind of weed you enjoy.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that these cannabis pre-rolls are priced higher than average. And if you’re not a cannabis connoisseur or after the highest quality goods, G Stiks are probably going to be overkill for you.

Having said that, if you prize quality over quantity and want to smoke the finest buds without having to roll, there is no need to look any further than G Farma Labs G Stiks.