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Hash Rosin VS Rosin: What’s The Difference?

As cannabis legalization steadily continues and we move towards a bright, cannabis-filled future, there have been a lot of new kinds of concentrates available on the market. 

With a plethora of extract products to choose from, it can be really confusing trying to keep track of what’s what. 

Of the most confusing extracts are hash rosin, rosin, live rosin and live resin, which can even be confusing for experienced cannabis consumers. 

We’re here to take away any confusion associated with cannabis products. Here we’ll look at the difference of rosin vs hash rosin and other concentrates to give you a clear idea of what’s what.


Key Takeaways: Rosin VS Hash Rosin Extracts

  • Rosin and hash rosin are some of the purest forms of concentrates as extraction doesn’t involve solvents.
  • Rosin is made from dried and cured cannabis flower.
  • Live rosin is made from fresh frozen cannabis.
  • Hash rosin is made from bubble hash.

What Is Hash Rosin?

Hash rosin is hash made from bubble hash or dry sift hash, and is widely considered to be one of the purest cannabis concentrates that exists. 

Hash rosin is created by applying heat and pressure to hash, which produces a sticky resinous extract that’s super pure and extremely versatile. You can dab it on its own, top a bowl with it, mix it into a joint and even use it to make edibles. 

Because it’s made with bubble hash or dry sift hash, it’s typically harsher than rosin made with cured cannabis or live rosin made with fresh frozen flowers.

How Is Rosin Different?

Rosin is different from hash rosin in that it’s made with cannabis flowers, while hash rosin is a type of rosin made from bubble hash.

Rosin is made by applying pressure and heat to cannabis flowers. Flowers are pressed between hot plates in what’s known as a rosin press. Rosin can also be made at home using a hair straightener. 

Rosin is one of the purest concentrates on the market, making it more expensive than other concentrates extracted with solvents like butane, CO2 or alcohol. 

This sap-like solventless extract can be just as potent as extracts like wax and shatter.

Hash Rosin VS Rosin

Hash rosin and rosin will both get you super lit. 

And they’re both considered to be super versatile products. Both can be mixed with flower in a joint, pipe or bong for an extra kick. You can also drop a glob of each into the chamber of a concentrate vape pen. 

The purity, potency and versatility of both hash rosin and rosin is what makes them highly sought-after concentrates.

But how do they differ?

Check it out.

Extraction Technique

Compared to some other extraction processes in the cannabis industry, hash rosin and rosin are considered the purest of the pure. They’re made without the use of solvents, after all, meaning zero solvents were used during extraction. Highly attractive to the health-conscious cannabis consumer, they both typically sell for a pretty penny. 

Rosin is fairly simple to make. You don’t necessarily need to rely on special hardware, and the product can be made at home with some parchment paper, cannabis flower, and a hair straightener. If possible, we recommend you invest in a quality rosin press.

Rosin presses feature two hot metal surfaces that are pressed together with dried and cured cannabis buds in the middle.When pressed, a honey-like extract oozes out of the plant material between the two plates.

Hash rosin, on the other hand, is rosin made with bubble hash. Rather than extracting oil from cannabis flowers in the press, bubble hash is pressed between the hot plates.  

Basically the biggest difference between the extraction method of rosin vs hash rosin is the material each product is made with. Rosin is extracted from dried and cured flower, while hash rosin is extracted from bubble hash.

rosin hash


When made correctly, both rosin and hash rosin have an exceptional taste that’s similar to the flavor of the strain from which it was produced. The flavor of both all comes down to the quality of the starting material they’re made with. 

Hash rosin is typically said to taste even better than rosin because of the high terpene count naturally present in bubble hash. 

If you’re consuming a high-quality product, you’ll find both rosin and hash rosin are some of the tastiest extracts you can find. 


The texture of rosin and hash rosin are similar, with a honey-like appearance and consistency. 

Hash rosin is a bit more refined than rosin because it goes through an initial ice water extraction before being made into rosin. 

Aside from this, however, the consistency of both rosin types is similar.

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Live Rosin VS Hash Rosin

What about the difference between live rosin vs hash rosin? 

Let’s take a look. 

Extraction Technique

Live rosin is made using fresh frozen cannabis flowers instead of the dry, cured cannabis flower used to make regular rosin. 

Cannabis flowers used to make live rosin are harvested and immediately frozen for at least 24 hours. This preserves the cannabinoid and terpene-rich trichomes. 

Live rosin is extracted the same way regular rosin is, with the only difference being the material that’s used. Fresh frozen flower is pressed between heated plates to produce this pure, solventless extract. 

Again, hash rosin is made with bubble hash, which is produced in an ice water extraction process that releases trichomes from cannabis by agitating ice water, filter bags and cannabis flower. 

Hash rosin is basically an extraction of bubble hash extraction. This double refining technique can generate a very high-quality hash rosin that’s far superior to rosin and other extracts.  


Like any other cannabis concentrate, the flavor profile of the end product depends on the starting material.

For example, if you use high-quality bubble hash, hash rosin will taste and smell very similar to the strain the bubble hash was made from. 

Live rosin made with high-quality, fresh frozen flower is one of the tastiest extracts you can find. 

When made with high-quality starting material, live rosin and hash rosin have an exceptionally pure flavor that no other extract comes close to. 


Like traditional rosin, live rosin and hash rosin have a very similar consistency. 

Live rosin’s consistency could be compared to honey. Keeping that in mind, various consistencies can be acquired during the curing process. 

Both live rosin and hash rosin can take on a sap-like, waxy and crumbly consistency depending on the cure.  Many commercial producers choose the “cold cure” method, which creates a creamy, buttery texture.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, rosin and hash rosin are considered two of the purest cannabis extracts that exist. 

Rosin is made by pressing dried, cured cannabis, while live rosin is made by pressing fresh frozen cannabis. A good way to remember this is that “live” rosin is extracted from plants that are closer to being alive than rosin made with plants that have been dried and cured. 

Hash rosin is a concentrate made by pressing bubble hash. 

Both products are potent and pure, offering an experience that’s coveted by consumers in the cannabis space that insist on the purest products possible.