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The 5 Best HHCP Carts 2023 Review: Budtender Tried & Tested

It’s been called the next THCp and has only recently hit the market. And we can confirm the consensus. The HHCp cannabinoid delivers a rocket ship of a high in our tests. 

After 25 hours of grueling research and product testing, we’ve trimmed down our recommendations to a list of the 5 best HHCp carts on the market. 

Follow along to discover which HHCp cartridges are worth your precious time and money.

But if you’re in a rush to get buzzed, here’s the summary:

Best HHCp Carts: Our Research Criteria

HHC-P Vape Cartridges Tested
The Top HHC-P Vape Cartridges Tested For This Review

In House Product Testing

Every cartridge on our curated list has been tried and tested in-house. We sampled and scrutinized multiple products to separate the best from the rest. 

You can’t judge a cart by its cover, so we test them firsthand. After hours of sampling and comparing, we came up with top HHC-P vapes the cannabis world has to offer. 

Here we only showcase our favorites. 

HHCp Vapes Third-Party Testing

It’s absolutely vital to check the certificates of analysis (COAs) of any product before buying or trying it. 

As it stands, the only surefire way to verify the safety (and strength) of a product is via third-party lab testing. 

Every product we test is subject to the following standards:

  • Are the COAs accessible? 
  • What kind of COAs are available? 
  • How recent are they? 

The problem with new compounds like HHCp is that there are no established testing standards in place. Unfortunately, this means any COA you currently find isn’t necessarily going to tally up to the same criteria used to test another HHCp cartridge. 

You may be asking, why should we care? 

For starters, the only way we can find out what is actually in a product is by reading the lab report. 

Moreover, the cannabinoid levels listed on the labeling are not always accurate. But by looking at the COAs we can verify the exact potency. This can help determine your ideal dosage. 

Companies that genuinely stand by their products will provide lab reports to their users. If a brand doesn’t offer this transparency, then it’s onto the next.  

Due to the current ambiguity of HHC-P testing, it’s essential we incorporate other factors into our decision-making. 

Which leads us nicely to our next check:

Brand Reputation

HHCp is relatively new to the market. In turn, a good indicator of a solid product is brand reputation. 

Customer opinion far outweighs a smart marketing ploy or plentiful advertisement. So, we examine a few particulars:

Is the company in question an established brand in this space? Are they trusted?

You’re far more likely to receive a high-quality product from a brand that is held in high regard. Chances are if you associate a company with making fire products, their other offerings should be just as excellent. 

Having a good reputation is vital in the cannabis industry. With so much competition, mediocre brands often fall to the waste side. 

What Are Current Users Saying?

Last but not least, we look into customer sentiment.

We have our opinions based on thorough testing, but what are other people saying? We investigate what the customers think about the brand and product. 

Do they agree with what we think? And if not, why? 

That’s why we scour the internet for genuine customer reviews and online forums to ascertain public opinion. 

The larger the fanbase and the glowing reviews, the better the brand. 

The 5 Best HHCp Carts 2023

Here are our top five picks for the finest HHCp cartridges for sale in 2023: 

1. 86% HHCp Cart | Binoid

Binoid is a well-established hemp brand that specializes in unique cannabinoids. Based in Los Angeles, they have been crafting high-quality products since 2018. 

Having started off with CBD and Delta 8, they have since expanded their product line to include the newest cannabis compounds. All goods are sourced from Oregon-grown hemp and supplied

Top Pick
86% HHC-P Vape Cartridge | Binoid
  • Pure HHCp Distillate + Terpenes
  • Excellent pricing
  • Free shipping

PROS (+)

  • Potent buzz
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Vast variety of HHCp products

CONS (-)

  • Not the cheapest option
  • Strict return/refund policy

Their HHC-P cartridges are formulated with premium HHCp distillate, Delta 8 distillate, and hemp-derived terpenes. 

Sold by the single cart or bundle, they come in 1-gram sizes and contain about 86% HHC. Yup. These goodies are potent! 

While they’re also third-party tested, the COA is difficult to interpret due to the lack of established testing standards for this compound. Nonetheless, they check out at 86%+ potency. 

Binoid’s cartridges are packaged in a colorful paper box, secured in a plastic insert. I received my vape in perfect condition. The tight packaging ensures that the cart stays put during the entire shipment product. 

When it comes down to labeling, you have all the info you need to know: strain, size, directions, ingredients, and a convenient QR code linking to the product page. 

I sampled Binoid’s Premium HHC-P cart in Malibu Gold. It earned the top spot on our list due to its fantastic flavor and phenomenal buzz. 

You don’t have to just take our word for it. If you peep the product page, you’ll see that this particular cart garnered perfect five-star reviews.

Binoid HHC-P Cartridge


The Malibu Gold cart is packed with sweet floral notes. Hints of pepper emerge when you exhale. The mix of natural terpenes made this vape one of the tastiest on our list. 

The flavor wasn’t identical to the strain but it was better. The scent of sweet jasmine flowers makes this cart hard to put down. 


Binoid’s HHCp cart provided an expertly balanced hybrid high. The buzz initially leans towards a sativa hybrid, but after a few minutes, the body high kicked in, resulting in feelings of pure relaxation. 

Those after a happy-go-lucky high need to try this cartridge. The psychoactive effects were intense but not all-consuming. I could still be social and enjoy the moment without being tranquilized.

Overall, the high lasted the longest compared to the competition, excluding Vivimu. With a few hits I was able to go about my day with a smile plastered on my face.

Price Point VS Others

Binoid’s HHCp carts cost $37.99 for a full gram. This equates to about $0.044 per mg of HHCp given an estimated 86% potency. 

This price point is a bit higher than some of the competition but we think the quality makes it 100% worth it. Binoid’s premium HHCp distillate carts deliver when it comes down to a long-lasting buzz.

2. Space Candy HHCp Vape Cartridge | Delta Extrax

Based in Irvine, CA, Delta Extrax (DE) is Savage Enterprises’ premium hemp brand. The Delta Extrax brand may be newer to the cannabis industry, but its parent company has extensive experience. Not to mention a huge following. 

The brand maintains an excellent reputation for offering top-notch products at an excellent price point. 

Runner Up: Best Value HHCP Cartridge

PROS (+) 

  • Excellent pricing
  • Live resin
  • Unique cannabinoid formulations

CONS (-)

  • No pure HHCp vapes
  • No refunds, returns or exchanges

Delta Extrax HHCp vapes are advertised as HXC-P, but it’s this is simply the name DE gives to their version of HHC-P.

Crafted with HXC, HXC-P, and premium live resin, these carts offer a superior flavor experience; as close as you will get to to smoking fresh hemp flower without doing so.

These carts are massive, weighing in at 2 grams. What’s better? The affordable price annihilates the competition. 

In terms of packaging, Delta Extrax uses stunning designs. The cartridge is sealed in a cardboard box bursting with rainbow colors and metallic accents. The colors pop!

Delta Extrax utilizes a cardboard insert, but it is very secure. The glass cart doesn’t move an inch. 

I was lucky enough to test the Delta Extrax’ Space Candy cart, and the striking packaging matches the high.

Delta Extrax HXC-P Vape


With the first puff, you are smacked in the face with flavors of sugary citrus. It tasted like slurping a tropical lemon-lime soda. 

The flavor instantly transported you to an island paradise. Notes of pineapple, guava, and lime invade the taste buds. 

Compared to the other choices on our list, this cart had the best flavor. By a landslide! The taste enhanced the high. Overall, I found this vape to be one of the best I’ve ever tasted. 


The effects were characteristic of a sativa-dominant hybrid. After a few hits, my mood improved tenfold. My anxiety quickly melted away, and feelings of utter euphoria took its place. 

I went from stressed out to spaced out in a few minutes. 

Though I was physically relaxed, the high was intense. I had an irresistible case of the giggles and remained uplifted for hours. 

If you’re looking for a happy high that seems to never come down, check out this cart.  

Price Point VS Others

When on sale, Delta Extrax’ HHCp vapes are a steal at $25.99 for 2 grams. But, when you look at the lab test, the cart contains 70%+ HHC so the HHC-p cannabinoid content is quite low. 

Nonetheless, compared to the other options on our list, Delta Extrax’ pricing demolishes the competition when it comes down to price if you’re okay with mostly HHC instead of HHC-P.

3. Fire OG HHCp Disposable | Binoid

In addition to HHCp carts, Binoid also offers disposable HHCp vape pens. 

The brand’s HHCp disposables are made from a proprietary blend of THC-P, THC-H, and HHCp distillate, live resin, and hemp-derived terpenes. Marketed as their “Knockout Blend”, in our testing, the mixture provides a well-rounded buzz packed with flavor.

PROS (+) 

  • Incredible brand reputation
  • Smooth hits
  • Affordably priced

CONS (-)

  • Not pure HHCp (made with a blend)
  • Lacking sativa or hybrid choices

Sealed in a glossy cardboard box stamped with metallic red writing, Binoid’s packaging feels expensive. Once you open the box, your assumptions are confirmed. 

These disposable pens come in 2 grams and are available at a discount if you buy a bundle. 

The sleek device is shiny white and well-crafted. The material and weight feel perfect in your hands. I’ve tried a lot of disposables, and Binoid makes some of the best around.

Binoids HHCp pens are only available in 2 different strains: Ice Breaker and Fire OG. Both are indica strains. Strictly sativa or hybrid lovers may be disappointed. 

But rest assured, these disposables will make you positively lit. I tested Binoid’s Fire OG Knockout Blend pen and was dazed out of my mind. 


With the first hit, you can vividly taste the spicy pine flavors that are exclusive to the Fire OG strain. The live resin terpenes embody the kush flavors we come to love in OG phenotypes. 

The vapor has an authentic hemp taste. There’s nothing artificial about this cart. The pen also produced an incredibly smooth him. We have high-quality hardware and superior distillate to thank for this.


Binoid’s disposable pen contains some of the lowest HHCp content compared to the other options on our list, but its overall potency in respect to the high was unrivaled. 

The blend of THC-P, THC-H, and HHCp produced a more intense body high than HHCp alone. 

A few hits gave me a euphoric buzz that had me coasting through cannabis clouds. It was a nice balance of full-body relaxation and sheer happiness. An added bonus was that the neck pain I was suffering from at the time dissipated after 10 minutes of use. 

In all, Binoid’s pens are aptly named. The high is a total knockout!

Price Point VS Others

These HHCp disposables are a little steeper than their carts at $43.99. But they come in 2 gram sizes so it’s actually a better deal! 

This product is overall one of the cheapest on our list. When it comes to value, the only brand that can beat these low prices is Delta Extrax. 

4. Runtz HHCp Disposable Vape Pen | Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax also sells HHCp in a disposable vape. So no battery, no problem! You can still get your vape on. 

Formulated with HXC (HHC) and HXC-P (HHCp) live resin, these two-gram vape pens are remarkably potent! The high 72.5% HHC level provides an incredible high.

2G HHCp Disposable Vape | Delta Extrax
  • Huge 2G capacity
  • Cheapest HHC-P Disposable
  • Live Resin Terpenes

PROS (+) 

  • Cheap
  • Purity tested 
  • Strong, long-lasting buzz

CONS (-)

  • Does not ship to all states
  • Unlisted HHCp content

Delta Extrax keeps up with the eye-catching packaging when it comes to these disposables. The bright rainbow package draws you in with a high that is just as vivid. 

The white device is nestled in a plastic insert that keeps the pen in place, but it’s not perfectly protected. The packaging has a window where you can touch the device. 

It’s attractive but not very practical. The pen will survive shipping unscathed, but you should not reuse the packaging for safe storage. 

Delta Extrax HXC HXC-P


I personally tested Delta Extrax’ HHC-p cart in Runtz. 

The flavors were as colorful as the packaging. Each puff emits fruity flavors of lime, strawberry, grape, and orange. If the packaging is any indicator, you can really taste every flavor of the rainbow. 

The use of live resin provides notes of herby sweetness that balances the delightful fruitness. In my opinion, the flavors (though intensified) honored the strain. 


This cart was gas! It’s reminiscent of an indica-heavy hybrid. With a single hit, I experienced full-body relaxation. I was instantly glued to the couch. 

Mentally, I was transported to my happy place. Feelings of euphoria had me over the rainbow. 

The effects were long-lasting too. I felt stoned for hours before drifting off to sleep. 

Price Point VS Others

Delta Extrax competitive pricing extends to their disposable vape pens as well. These 2-gram pens are available for the low price of $33.99. 

If you’re after the most affordable vape, Delta Extrax is an excellent option. But, the HHCp content maxes out at around 25%, given the high HHC concentration in this option.

5. 95% HHC-P Distillate | Vivimu

Vivimu is a hemp retailer on a mission to offer high-quality goods on a budget. They operate via high industry standards employing internal as well as third-party testing. 

A rarity in the cannabis realm, Vivimu partners with other brands that operate by their strict standards. This ensures that they can offer a plethora of superior goods and very low prices. 

Vivimu specializes in the rarest cannabinoids. Those after the newest compounds will likely find what they’re looking for in various forms.

95% HHCp Distillate - Bulk & Wholesale | Vivimu
  • Pure HHCp Distillate
  • Third Party Tested
  • Excellent Value

PROS (+) 

  • Incredibly potent (94% HHCp)
  • Versatile (can be dabbed or used to refill cart)
  • Fast shipping

CONS (-)

  • HHCp only sold in syringe distillate
  • Must spend over $100 for free shipping


The HHCp distillate syringe from Vivimu doesn’t contain terpenes. 

As a result, there isn’t much to write about its flavor here. Nonetheless, if you’re happy to combine the dab with terps or another extract, you can use the HHC-P to boost potency Instead. 

HHC-P Distillate Syringe


Alright. This nearly knocked every other option out of the park when it came down effect.

I first placed a small dab on my eRig. I immediately felt an all-over body high which only got stronger over time until I peaked, and it mellowed within an hour or so. 

I definitely felt that the effects lasted longer than I originally anticipated, and the high didn’t fully kick in until around 10 minutes after inhaling the dab.

Later, I added a small dab onto a mix of live Delta 8 distillate, and this is where the HHCp came into its own. Combining the flavor of the live extract with the potency of the HHC-P dab was a knockout. 

Price Point VS Others

Vivimu’s HHCp distillate costs $49.99 for 0.25 grams. Yup, it’s expensive. But this is the purest extract we’ve come across, and you literally needed the tiniest of dabs to power up even the weakest extract.

The Final Verdict: Best HHC-P Cartridge Review

Binoid’s HHCp cartridge is our winner for best HHCp cart in 2022. This cart overpowered the competition by a mile.

Top Pick
86% HHC-P Vape Cartridge | Binoid
  • Pure HHCp Distillate + Terpenes
  • Excellent pricing
  • Free shipping

Another vape that deserves an honorable mention is Delta Extrax’ Space Candy. The live resin terpenes give it a pleasurable flavor experience matched with an out-of-this-world high. 

Those looking for the best budget pick should opt for the Runtz disposable pen. Though it wasn’t our very top pick, it’s certainly the cheapest. 

Whatever you choose, you won’t be let down by any of our top-rated HHCp cartridges on this list.

Frequently Asked Questions: HHCp Cartridges & Vapes

HHCP Cannabinoid Effects

HHCp is brand new, so finding a consensus is difficult. This is where product testing comes in handy. 

In my opinion, the psychoactive effects of HHCp are similar to Delta 9 THC but stronger. The high was euphoric, uplifting, and relaxing yet energizing. HHCp didn’t make me as tired or sedated as THC often does. 

In all, the effects were more intense and mainly cerebral. I also experienced more stress and anxiety relief than I do from Delta 9 THC.

As far as longevity goes, the high from HHCp lasted longer than Delta 8 or 9.  

Is HHCp Federally Legal?

Yes. At the moment, HHCp is not federally regulated like Delta 9 THC.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, HHCp extracted from 100% natural hemp is legal. In most states, consuming and distributing HHCp is permitted at a federal level. 

Nonetheless, users should be aware that even though HHCp isn’t federally regulated, it may be illegal in some states. Certain states set their own restrictions when it comes to hemp products. 

Is HHC-P Stronger Than HHC?

Yes. HHCp is much stronger than HHC. Some believe it’s up to 20 times more potent. It also provides a longer-lasting high, up to three times longer than HHC. 

HHCp is thought to have a higher bioavailability than Delta 9 and HHC. This means the body can absorb it more easily, translating to a more intense high. 

To break it down, HHCp is to HHC what THCp is to Delta 9 THC – super potent!