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How to Hit a Cart Without a Battery

In an ideal world, all cartridges would come with reliable batteries that never get lost, and no one would have to worry about how to take a hit from their cart without one. 

But in the real world, sometimes batteries die or just get lost. Even worse:  sometimes there just isn’t enough time or money to go get a new one. 

So are there any other options? It turns out yes, there are.  Keep reading to learn how to hit a cart without a battery.

hitting vape cart no battery

How To Wire A Cart Without A Battery

Before we dive into explaining how to hit a cart without a battery, let’s take a second to acknowledge that this option may come with some risks. If you make a mistake, you could fry your cart or worse, electrocute yourself. 

The easiest and safest option may be to just buy a new battery. That is what I would do, and what I recommend you do. But, if you are determined to hit your cart now, here’s how you can do it.

1. Grab An Old Android Charger To Cut

Get your hands on an old android charger that you don’t mind cutting up. Android chargers are the easiest ones to use  because they have the simplest wiring, making them the most user-friendly. 

2. Cut The Cable Exposing The Wires

You need to cut the android charger to expose the wires inside. Cut it so that you have the USB side and a little bit of cord left to work with. 

Then you need to strip the wire so that you can get to the red and black wires inside. Use wire strippers to quickly do this. If you don’t have wire strippers, you can also use fingernail clippers or hold the wires over a lighter. 

Once you strip away the outer layer, you should be able to see the smaller colored wires inside. 

3. Remove The Green & White Wires

You only want to work with the black and red wires. Remove the green and white wires completely. All that should be poking out are the two red and black wires. 

4. Strip The Black & Red Wire

Now you need to strip down the ends of the black and red wires. Do this to expose the little threads in the middle of each wire. 

Give yourself about an inch to two inches of threads to work with. These are the parts you will insert into your cart to make it work. 

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5. Insert Black Wire Into Your Cart

At this point, you are ready to insert the threads from the black wire into the hole in the middle of the bottom of your cart. 

Just gently place the threads into the center of the hole. You don’t need to stuff them inside or push them against the cart to make it work. 

6. Touch Red Wire To Exterior Cartridge

Now you just have to tap the red wire threads to the outside of your cartridge. When you do this, the cart is ready to be hit. 

Don’t leave the wires attached to the cart when you are not taking a hit. 

7. Plug USB Cable In

Plug in your USB cable and your cart will have power. Hit the cart and remove the wires from your cart. 

Don’t leave it plugged in or hold the wires to the cart for too long as this can heat your coil too much and waste your product.

hitting cart without battery

Can You Hit A Cart With An iPhone Charger?

Yes, you can do the same thing and hit a cart with an iPhone charger,but it is a more difficult process. The cabling in iPhone wires is much more complex and there are more wires to deal with. It’s just not worth it given the complexity. 

Instead, you should keep it simple and just use an android USB cable. Don’t deal with extra wires when you don’t have to. 

Wrapping Up: How To Smoke A Cart Without A Pen

Now you know there is a way to hit your cart without a battery. But to do so, you will need to destroy an android phone charger,and there is some risk involved. 

If you are desperate, then strip the wires down and plug your cart in to take a hit. But remember, we think you should just cut your losses and get a new pen.