How To Season A Titanium Nail For Dabbing

Whether you are new to dabbing or are a pro, learning how to season a titanium nail is crucial for an optimal experience.

But why should you choose titanium over glass, ceramic, or quartz? And, how do you season it? We’ll answer all your questions and provide some insight on how seasoning your nail will help you and improve your dabs.

Why Choose A Titanium Nail?

Titanium is meant to survive heavy use, so if you are a bit clumsy and like to drop or knock over your dab rig and tools, a titanium nail will be fine with a bit of rough handling. 

In addition, titanium retains heat well and warms up more quickly compared to alternatives. Also, titanium nail dabs will never suffer from heat stress as ceramic would.

Purchasing Titanium Nails

When purchasing a titanium nail, do not just go for the cheaper option. Look for quality, as some titanium nail manufacturers try to cut corners by adding chemicals and fillers to their titanium. 

These added materials may contain carcinogens and can potentially be toxic to inhale. When buying a titanium nail, look for grade 2 or 3 titanium and always buy from a reputable manufacturer.

Why Season Your Titanium Nail?

There are three primary to season a titanium nail for your rig to dab with: 

The first reason is that it will improve the taste of the vapor when you dab with new titanium nails. This is similar to how you would season a cast iron pan.

The seasoning process involves heating the nail to open the pores of the metal, then coating the surface with oil or resinous material. By doing this, you will avoid that metallic taste that of unseasoned titanium.

Secondly, to season a titanium nail, it sterilizes and cleanses it of any impurities from the manufacturing process. By seasoning, you will also prevent the chemical taste associated with a new dab nail.

Lastly, when you first get the nail, you may notice that your concentrate slips off the new nail’s surface. Seasoning the titanium nail first will prevent this struggle.

How To Season A Titanium Nail

There are two primary methods to season your titanium nail. Before seasoning, be sure you purchased the correct size nail for your dab rig. Test it out, and if it fits snugly, you will know you chose the right one to produce masses of vapor.

Option 1

To season a titanium nail you will need: :

  • A butane torch
  • Pliers
  • Your new titanium dabber (nail)
  • Cannabis concentrate or oil such as RSO

Though it may use a bit of valuable concentrate to season your titanium nail, it is in your best interest to use the oil as it will remove the (undesirable) taste associated with new nails.

  1. Heat the titanium carefully and evenly using a pair of pliers and a butane torch. Do this until the nail is red hot. If done correctly, you will see a dark orange-red coloring.
  2. Set the torch to the side and give it a bit of time to cool down and then dab the oil onto the areas where you will be applying the concentrate.
  3. Repeat this process anywhere between three to five times. After this, it will be well seasoned and ready for use!

If you are not planning on using it right away, disconnect the titanium nail from your rig. Place it in a bowl of 91% isopropyl alcohol until it is fully submerged. Remove it from the solution and leave it out on a piece of paper towel to air dry.

Option 2

The second method of seasoning a titanium nail requires the following:

  • A fireproof container
  • Cold water
  • Ice
  • Pliers
  • A butane torch.

Here’s how you do it: 

  1. Fill the container with cold water and add ice cubes. Place the container within easy reach.
  2. Using the pliers, hold the bottom of your nail.
  3.  With a butane torch, heat the nail until it is red hot (this takes approximately 60 seconds.)
  4.   Turn off the torch and place it carefully into the ice water and swirl it around. This process will remove any chemicals and residue.
  5.   Remove it from the water and begin heating it again until you once again see the dark red-orange glow.
  6.  Repeat the dunking process a total of three times, adding ice when needed to keep the water cold.
  7.  Clean it with 91% isopropyl, let it air dry, and you are ready to dab!

Now that you know how to clean your nail, enjoy your concentrates and related products with confidence!

Disclaimer: Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Nature & Bloom and its staff. This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention for any disease.