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How To Smoke Wax Without A Rig

Regardless of if you smoke dabs daily or rarely, sometimes you just want to enjoy your favorite concentrates without a rig. 

The good news?

You don’t need to carry around a hefty dab rig to blitz through concentrates. In fact, you can use old-school methods to enjoy THC wax pretty much anywhere and everywhere. 

If that’s piqued your interest, keep reading to learn how to smoke dabs without a rig!

Yes, You Can Enjoy Wax Without a Rig!

While using an electronic dab rig to smoke your wax may remain the optimal method for using these types of concentrates, they can be inconvenient to transport and use anywhere but within a private, controlled environment. 

Luckily, however, using dab or oil rigs is not the only way that you can enjoy the powerful, uplifting effects of various forms of Cannabis concentrates. 

The methods provided below will offer you 6 different methods for enjoying Cannabis wax without a rig.

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6 Ways To Smoke Wax Without a Dab Rig

Smoke A Bowl

filling up a bowl with weed

Smoking a bowl is probably the easiest way to dab without a rig. 

Begin by loading the bowl halfway full with some of your favorite flower, and then take a small dab of wax from its container with a metal dabbing tool. 

Drop it carefully on the weed below before filling the rest of the bowl with flower to max out the bowl.

The reason for doing it this way is that allowing the open flame to touch the concentrate directly will greatly degrade the quality of the THC (or CBD) contained in the extract. 

By letting it slowly incorporate itself into the weed as it smolders, you can derive the full benefits of both the wax and the weed.

This technique is both simple and highly effective; because, even if the flower you are using is not the best, the entourage effect (synergies of cannabis) created by combining it with the concentrate will still leave you with a smile on your face!

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Take A Bong Rip

bong rip

Because of their physical makeup and how they operate, a bong can be a nearly perfect tool for conversion into a homemade device that will allow you to smoke a dab without the benefit of having a specialized rig.  

However, because of the nature of the process, only bongs with shorter necks will provide you with a proper dab hit that can be enjoyed in a single inhalation. 

Since a bong bowl traditionally has a female intake cup, you will need to buy a male-jointed dab nail that can be slipped inside to accommodate the conduction of heat properly.

Avoid using bongs the incorporate a percolator since the water can end up filtering out many of the terpenes that contribute both flavor and aroma to your smoke.

While you may still need a torch, a carb cap, and a dab tool to use the bong bowl method effectively, it provides a great workaround that allows you to dab without a rig.

Hot Knives With A Butter Knife

hot knives

The practice of ‘hot knifing’ Cannabis concentrates has been around since the first crude marijuana extracts appeared on the black market in the mid-1970s. 

Hot Knives were popular when virtually none of the smoking accessories like dab rigs and glass oil pipes were even on the market, let alone legal to smoke wax.

Using hot knives is perhaps the simplest and most basic way to vaporize a thicker form of THC concentrate in order to enjoy dabs without a specialized piece of equipment like a dab rig.

The beauty of this stove-top method is that it doesn’t even require a torch, just the gas or electric range that you have in your kitchen.

All you need is a butter knife from your utensil draw, which you then heat over the heat source for at least 30 seconds until it becomes extremely hot. 

At this point, simply use a dabber to add a bit of extract onto the heated surface of the blade. This will cause the extract to vaporize immediately, which will create a trail of rising vapor that can be immediately inhaled.   

Admittedly, this type of stovetop method using butter knives can be a bit wasteful since the vapor tends to dissipate rapidly. 

This situation can be remedied by taking your hit using a soda straw, which effectively makes the entire trail of vaporized extract available to be inhaled with little or no loss.

All in all, the most old-school way to dab concentrates without a rig.

The Herb Vape Pen Sandwich

vape pen illustrated

Making an herbal sandwich in your dry herb vaporizer is something that requires no bread or mayonnaise but is becoming more popular as time goes by, and is a great way to do dabs without a rig.

It is a basically simple process that involves filling the chamber of your vape pen half-full of weed, adding a thin layer of whatever forms of extract you are using, and then topping off the remaining area of the chamber with more weed prior to vaping the sandwiched combo.

This method is quick, effective, and provides you with enhanced psychoactive effects of the entourage effect created by the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes.  

This one is probably the easiest way to smoke dabs without a rig along while enjoying your regular weed in one go!

Use A Dab Pen

the best dab pens in 2020

One of the most convenient ways to smoke dabs without a dab rig is the dab pipe (pen). 

They are small, highly portable, and easy to operate, unlike your typical wax rig. 

Unlike an herbal vaporizer, which is designed to be used with Cannabis flower, A dab vape pen provides a smaller extract chamber, smaller heating coil, and smaller battery chamber so that it can provide a heat source that effectively vaporizes the concentrate.

In essence, they work like dab rigs but allow for portability so you can enjoy concentrates on the go.

The chambers on dab pens that are designed to accommodate wax are generally constructed with a heating element made out of a metallic coil that wraps around a small ceramic rod or wick. 

They usually come complete with a dabbing tool to help you scoop out your extract and place it on the heating coil.

This can be one of the most challenging parts of loading your pen to smoke dabs since pushing down too hard on the dab coil with your tool while applying the extract can potentially break the metal coil if it is fragile or worn down. 

Fortunately, if this should occur, you can usually buy a replacement; but it is far better to try and avoid it happening in the first place.

The type of battery chamber used for your wax dab pen is an important consideration. Variable voltage batteries are not recommended because they can burn out your wax if the section gets too hot. 

But, if you do happen to have this type of battery chamber, always start out by setting it to the lowest voltage available, which is generally 3.2 volts. 

If you have the luxury of having specific temperature options available, it is best to choose one that ranges between 420° and 500° Fahrenheit.

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Smoke Dabs In A Joint

twaxed blunt

The concept of mixing dried marijuana with a more potent Cannabis product, such as hashish, in order to achieve an enhanced effect is not a new idea and goes back centuries.  

Early on, people realized that mixing the two types of Cannabis together could offer them a higher buzz than either one of them could on their own.

Hashish has since been joined by a lot of ‘new age’ products made from potent weed concentrates, such as wax and shatter, that can also be incorporated into a marijuana joint to achieve an enhanced psychoactive effect. 

This practice has become so popular that a special name has recently been coined to describe a joint that has been fortified in such a manner; it is the Twax joint.    

In many ways, smoking a Twax joint provides an excellent alternative to using a specialized piece like a dab rig to enjoy THC. 

It is much easier and convenient to transport and smoke a Twax joint virtually anywhere, as opposed to the involved process of smoking a dab from a rig in a remote place.

Not to mention that, from a social standpoint, it is far easier and more realistic to share a joint than to try and share a dab rig.

There are a few items that you will need to roll up a Twax joint. However, most of them are things that a dedicated Cannabis lover will likely already have.

These include:

  • Your favorite cannabis concentrate
  • A few quality rolling papers, 
  • A healthy pinch of your favorite ‘ready to roll’ weed
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Dabbing tool to help distribute your concentrate onto the weed 
  • Small container of rubbing alcohol. 

The latter will only be used to help you get any remaining concentrate off of your fingers after the process has been completed.

To top it off, most people add a thin trail of concentrate on the outside of the joint to further boost its potency.

But it should be noted that this method can be a bit messy, which makes having the rubbing alcohol on hand even more important.

The actual technique necessary to create a basic Twax joint is rather simple as long as you follow these few basic instructions:

Take a rolling paper and open it up as if you were about to roll a joint, then take your dabbing tool and heat it lightly with your cigarette lighter so that you can more easily scoop a small amount of concentrate prior to application.

Use your dab tool to carefully spread a snake-like line down the entire length of the paper in such a way that it will ensure that a small amount of your extract is in every hit you take.

Take your ground-up weed and sprinkle it evenly across the surface of the pre-waxed paper, and then continue by rolling up the joint in the conventional manner. Give the paper a lick, roll, and then seal it up as you normally would.

For the finale (you can miss this step if you want though), coat the joint in THC distillate, and dip it into kief from ground weed. 

Then all you need to do is prepare for lift-off!

You are now ready to light up a perfectly crafted Twax joint that is capable of delivering the enhanced strength and pleasure of a potent Cannabis wax concentrate to you without the need for a dabbing rig.

Healthstone Dabs

The name healthstone may inspire visions of a magically protective amulet that shields those who possess one from the ravages of poor health. 

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth; however, a properly used healthstone can certainly help send you to space without a rig.

In this case, a healthstone is a carbon vapor stone, which resembles a Brillo-like scrubbing pad or a pumice stone. 

It is designed to fit into the bowl of matching vapor pipe that, between them, comprise an extremely effective tool for smoking dabs without a rig.

In one respect, using a healthstone is healthier than vaporizing your dab from a nail that could be made from any number of metals or a combination thereof. 

The clean, porous natural carbon stone is far superior because it is also a better collector of the melting extract being used and allows for better heat distribution to minimize waste.

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In order to use your healthstone for smoking dabs, all you have to do is place a dab of your selected form of extract on the stone with your dabbing tool, and then use a dabbing torch to vaporize the product as you inhale.

At most dispensaries and smoke shops, individual health stones generally run between $20 and $30 per stone. 

Sometimes, they can be found in a multi-pack that will offer you a discount on bulk purchases. Luckily, you shouldn’t need to buy that many since a single healthstone generally lasts up to a year of normal use before it needs to be replaced.

It should be noted, however, that health stones work far better with waxy extracts than with ones that have a more liquid form. 

Liquid extracts tend to soak down into the stone rather than sit on top of it.

This can often cause it to stick in the pipe it is sitting in, making it harder to remove and keep clean and wasting some of the extracts during the smoking process.

Don’t Try A Car Lighter For Smoking Dabs

Of course, these are not the only ways to dab extract without a rig, but they are certainly the easiest. 

As an example, some people try shortcuts like dabbing onto aluminum foil and then heating it from the bottom with a cigarette lighter. This method is awkward, wasteful, and ill-advised.

Perhaps the most dangerous technique that is used by those with a daredevil mindset is to try and use the glowing heating element of a car cigarette lighter as a dabbing surface.

Fouling the lighter’s heating element and possibly ruining it for future use will be the least of your worries. 

Stay away from this silly idea and resort to one of our earlier suggestions to enjoy your wax without needing a rig.