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Industrial Hemp Farms Review 2024

If you’re wondering if Industrial Hemp Farms is legit, you’re in the right place to find out.

Based in Colorado Springs, the company claims to be among the top 3 worldwide distributors of hemp flower and hemp extracts.

The truth is, it’s highly unlikely that you get to find such a wide array of products at such low prices as the ones IHF provides.

But is all this too good to be true? Is there a catch? 

We’ve spent over 20 hours researching to figure out what’s what. Join us below to learn everything you need to know about Industrial Hemp Farms.

Industrial Hemp Farms Review: Brand Overview

CBD, Hemp & Delta-8 - Industrial Hemp Farms
  • Excellent value deals
  • Bulk discounts available as standard
  • CBD/D8/D10/HHC/THC-O all available

Industrial Hemp Farms (IHF) operates several facilities across the United States. Its primary facility is located in Colorado Springs, while the remaining two are in Denver and Oregon.

Apart from the typical CBD products, like CBD oils and CBD isolate, IHF offers an array of other refined hemp products. This includes novel cannabinoids, for example, Delta 8, CBG, HHC.

IHF is also (nearly) a vertically integrated company. But, what does this mean?

In short, it means that IHF sources Hemp from local farms with whom it has a relationship and processes it via International Hemp Farms owned extraction facilities. 

As such, IHF has more visibility regarding its supply chain than many other Hemp brands.

Nowadays, IHF has moved on from largely focusing on wholesale biomass. Instead, the company is paving its path as a new leader in the Hemp and CBD industry.

Ultimately, IHF has a strong online presence and a continuously expanding product range.

But, there is still one big question here:

Is Industrial Hemp Farms a company we can trust? Are there possible strings attached?

Keep on reading for the details!

Who Are Industrial Hemp Farms?

CBD, Hemp & Delta-8 - Industrial Hemp Farms
  • Excellent value deals
  • Bulk discounts available as standard
  • CBD/D8/D10/HHC/THC-O all available

PROS (+)

  • Same-day shipping
  • 30-day Money-back guarantee
  • Unbeatable prices 

CONS (-)

  • The company does not provide full-panel lab tests 
  • The money-back-guarantee only applies to unopened, sealed packages

Is Industrial Hemp Farms Legit? 

Yes, Industrial Farms is a real company growing rapidly. And yes, customers love them.

IHF Product Range 

Industrial Hemp Farms has one of the most extensive product ranges you will come across.

The company offers a wide selection of hemp flowers, hemp extracts, CBD oil, CBD isolate, edibles, dabs, tinctures, vape carts, along with terpenes.

Apart from CBD, the brand’s menu also includes a variety of novel cannabinoid-based products that, yes, will get you buzzed!

Hemp Source 

Industrial Hemp Farms is built upon strong relationships with various hemp farms across the United States. 

While this is better than most brands in the space, it’s unfortunate that they are not completely vertically integrated by owning their own Hemp farms.

Third-Party Lab Testing 

All products come with a Certificate of Analysis obtained by third-party testing for potency.

However, the company does not apply full-panel lab tests. So, at this point, we have no reliable data about the products outside of purity. 

Yes, this isn’t great, but unfortunately, it’s common in the industry.

Brand Reputation 

We came across quite a variety of reviews about the hemp products offered by this brand, both negative and positive.

Many of the users’ reports online seem to put a highlight on the unbeatable affordability, as well as the fact that IHF has been stepping up their game since 2020

Shipping And Customer Service

All orders made Monday through Friday, before 2:00 pm EDT, are shipped the same day. Note that at this point, the company does not offer free shipping.

As to customer service, it’s via email. The good news is that the customer service team is pretty fast in getting back to you.

Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Flower Review 

Smoking CBD is the fastest way to feel the effects related to improved bioavailability.

CBD, Hemp & Delta-8 - Industrial Hemp Farms
  • Excellent value deals
  • Bulk discounts available as standard
  • CBD/D8/D10/HHC/THC-O all available

Good for: people looking forward to trying out a variety of good-quality hemp strains without breaking the piggy bank.

Not so good for: users who want to trace the exact hemp farm/s where the hemp buds are sourced.

Meanwhile, CBD hemp flowers are a primary pillar of Industrial Hemp Farms’ offering. You can find all major kinds of hemp buds available, including:

  • Indoor
  • Greenhouse
  • Outdoor grown

From The Hemp Plant Gardens To Your Door: Industrial Hemp Farms’ Flower Range 

The company manages to provide hemp strains from its own supply chain. Thus, the prices are unbelievably low. And we can enjoy high CBD hemp flowers that:

  • Cater for all budgets
  • Offer excellent value
  • Contain less than 0.3% THC
  • Come in an insulated pouch or glass jar to preserve the quality
  • Third-party lab report available on the website

Another great point about Industrial Hemp Farms’ hemp flower selection: it’s easy to see the sparkling crystals, aka trichomes, on the buds. Yup, even on the ones categorized as low grade.

The dense sugar coating reveals that the hemp plants have been cultivated with care to ensure high cannabinoid and terpene content.

Users share a high sentiment for IHF’s hemp bud menu. The majority of reviews are focused on the smoothness of the smoke, the great natural flavors, as well as stickiness of the nugs.

Overall, the prices IHF provides are unparalleled in the hemp industry. This means you can get your creative juices flowing without breaking the bank.

Thanks to affordable hemp flowers, we can experiment more with consumption methods. Hooray to getting crafty with prepping your very own tinctures, oils, and edibles.

From The Hemp Farms To You: CBD Flower By Category 

You can choose between a fine selection of hemp flower options divided into 2 major categories:

  • Top Grade: Top Shelf Flower + Private Reserve
  • Middle Grade: Bottom-Shelf Flower

A crucial highlight to keep in mind: all of IHF’s products in the hemp flower range are a much higher standard than their competitors for the pricing offered. So yeah, even the mid-grade options do offer great flavors and potency.

What sets apart the top-shelf from the bottom-shelf buds? With the latter, the cannabinoid levels are not that densely packed.

Also, you may come across a seed or two, which is fine when you consider the insanely affordable pricing.

Top Grade Hemp Flower 

The different strains offered by Industrial Hemp Farms make up for quite an impressive range.

All in all, the highest-quality hemp flowers are those in the Private Reserve and Top Shelf categories. The Private Reserve selection features premium hemp genetics selected by IHF.

As to the prices, they come between $6.99 – $9.99 per 1 gram. You can benefit from significant discounts when buying in bulk too:

  • 3.5 grams for $29.99 (14.23% off)
  • 7 grams for $49.99 (28.51% off)
  • 14 grams for $64.99 (53.53% off)
  • 28 grams for $134.99 ( 51.74% off) 

You will also find a variety of CBD flowers available in bulk – 112 grams and 225 grams. If you go for 1 lbs, you’ll save 80.14%, which is insane!

More Discounts & New Strains

Heads up. 

The amount you can purchase may vary from one strain to another. For instance, some of the strains offered by Industrial Hemp Farms are only available to buy in 1, 3.5, and 7 grams.

One of the strongest sides to Industrial Hemp Farms is that they continuously offer fantastic discounts.

More importantly, these discounts are not limited to wholesale products or bulk orders. The brand regularly pushes some hemp strains on sale, too. So, you can get 1 gram for just $3.50.

Also, note that Industrial Hemp Farms’ top-shelf collection changes from one year to the next. This depends on the harvest yielded with each successive crop cycle annually.

It’s always exciting when we have much more than one strain to choose from, right?

Here are just some of the top-shelf flowers that the Industrial Hemp Farm lineup currently has in store.

  • Tokyo CBD Hemp Flower: 22.58% total cannabinoids
  • Cake CBD Hemp Flower: 15.27%, high in Limonene
  • Cherry Garcia CBD Hemp Flower: 15.38%
  • Cherry Ultra CBD Hemp Flower: 17.02%
  • Spectrum 7 CBD Hemp Flower: 19.02%
  • Orange Cookies CBD Hemp Flower: 18.42%
  • Stargazer CBD Hemp Flower: 17.62%
  • Gamma Kush CBD Hemp Flower: 14.67%
  • Sour Lifter Hemp Flower: 7.94%, extra-strong terpene profile
  • Gloria CBD Hemp Flower: 11.26%
  • Peach Kush CBD Hemp Flower: 15.19%
  • Wu-5 CBD Hemp Flower: 17.56%
  • Skywalker CBD Hemp Flower: 15.63% total cannabinoids
  • Super Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower: 17.37%
  • Star Master Kush CBD Hemp Flower: 11.78%
  • Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower: 11.20%
  • Ripple CBD Hemp Flower: 19.47%
  • Dutch Delight CBD Hemp Flower: 12.18%
  • Zkittles CBD Flower: 14.21%
  • Headband CBD Flower: 15.97%
  • Tangie CBD Hemp Flower: 13.05%
  • Sour Glue CBD Hemp Flower: 15.21%
  • Wife CBD Hemp Flower: 19.14%
  • Colorado Gold CBD Hemp Flower: 20.83%
  • Hemp Kush: 24.55%

Other Hemp Flower

The mid-grade options of hemp flowers offered by IHF fall into the bottom-shelf category. But then again, these buds are still of fairly decent quality.

  • Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower: 10.70% total cannabinoids
  • Cascade Pineapple: 19.35%
  • Sunshine Daydream Hemp Flower: 22.48%
  • Orange Glaze: 21.45%
  • Hercules CBD Hemp Flower: 14.42%

Hemp Pre-Rolls & Hemp Cigarettes 

Besides the dried and cured hemp buds, Industrial Hemp Farms also offers a fine selection of pre-rolls and cigarettes.

CBD, Hemp & Delta-8 - Industrial Hemp Farms
  • Excellent value deals
  • Bulk discounts available as standard
  • CBD/D8/D10/HHC/THC-O all available

Currently, LuckyLeaf CBD Hemp Cigarettes are the most popular CBD product in this category. 

If you’re looking for something more discreet to smoke in public, take a look at the menthol CBD smokes. These offer the same quality of smoke without the pungent aroma.

All in all, these hemp cigarettes contain 100 mg CBD each. You can grab a pack of 10 cigarettes or a total of 1000mg CBD for just $8.99.

Additionally, if you know what you like and need them in bulk, there are some quite alluring discounts for 1 carton of 10 packs (available for $69.99), and 10 cartons (100 packs) for $599.99.

Industrial Hemp Farms offer their Premium Caviar CBD Hemp Flower pre-rolls for lovers of top-shelf flower. Each pre-roll contains 250 mg CBD, 50 mg CBC, and 20 mg CBG.

Also, the Industrial Hemp Farm lineup has regular CBD flower pre-rolls on the menu. These are made with a mix of top-shelf buds. 25 pre-rolls cost $75, which means you’ll pay as little as $3 per 1 gram pre-roll. Magic!

But currently, the most sought-after pre-rolls offered by Industrial Hemp Farms are their Delta 8 hemp pre-rolls. Best of all, we can choose between 3 different strains: SBK, Frosted Lime, and LA Cheesecake.

Perfect if you’re after a buzz but don’t want to roll or need something on the go.

More CBD Products – Industrial Hemp Farms

Yes, we’ve only run through the varieties of CBD flower, which are usually smoked. But what if you don’t smoke?

CBD, Hemp & Delta-8 - Industrial Hemp Farms
  • Excellent value deals
  • Bulk discounts available as standard
  • CBD/D8/D10/HHC/THC-O all available

Don’t worry. Industrial Hemp Farms offers an incredible variety of CBD products suitable for people who wish to avoid smoking Hemp.

Yup, we dare you to find CBD oils for sale at more affordable prices than that IHF provides.

Whether you want something broad or full-spectrum, Industrial Hemp Farms has you covered.

1000 mg of Broad-spectrum CBD oil costs $14.99.

You can enjoy huge savings for CBD oil with bottles available in multiple potencies. Including 1500 mg, 2500 mg, 3000 mg, and 5000 mg.

The 10,000 mg bottle costs only $59.99, equating to $0.0059 CBD per mg. Less than 1 cent per mg of CBD!

You can pick between unflavored CBD oil or choose the best flavor for you. The flavors include Peppermint, Lemon, Cinnamon, Lime, Spearmint, Pink Grapefruit, Tangerine, and Orange.

The other selection of CBD products at Industrial Hemp Farm lineup also includes:

Different Novel Cannabinoids And Pure Distillates 

The Industrial Hemp Farm lineup in the CBD products category has been taken further.

The company has recently started offering other CBD-based oils. So, besides CBD oil, you will also find CBG oils available.

The process IHF applies to create CBD isolate is unfortunately not based on solventless extraction or supercritical CO2. Instead, it involves alcohol solvents and compressed flammable gases.

1 gram of CBD isolate containing over 90% pure CBD costs $5.99. The savings for purchasing 5 grams, 10 grams, 25 grams, 50 grams, 150 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams or even up to 1 kg of CBD isolate varies between a 33% and up to 88% discount!

Industrial Hemp Farms Delta 8 Review 

Industrial Hemp Farms products in the Delta 8 category include:

  • 20+ strains of Delta 8 hemp buds priced between 4.99 – 6.99 (or less!) per 1 gram
  • Delta 8 hemp pre-rolls, as well as D8 moon rocks
  • Delta 8 hemp dabs
  • Delta 8 vape carts
  • Delta 8 concentrate
  • Delta 8 distillate
CBD, Hemp & Delta-8 - Industrial Hemp Farms
  • Excellent value deals
  • Bulk discounts available as standard
  • CBD/D8/D10/HHC/THC-O all available

PROS (+)

  • All products come with lab results
  • Made in the USA
  • Best price on the market

CONS (-)

  • Limited information about the Delta 8 extraction 
  • Often out of stock

Great for: a variety of products to suit both newbie Delta 8 enthusiasts, and experienced cannabis users alike.

Not so good for: people who prefer non-intoxicating hemp products.

Delta 8 Carts & Pens

Industrial Hemp Farms’ vape carts and pens products are currently limited in number. However, the company is putting a spotlight on novel cannabinoids. So, you can expect a broader selection to be available quite soon.

CBD, Hemp & Delta-8 - Industrial Hemp Farms
  • Excellent value deals
  • Bulk discounts available as standard
  • CBD/D8/D10/HHC/THC-O all available

At the time of writing, the vape carts on the menu contain 1 gram of Delta 8 for $19.99. You can choose between 13 natural flavors:

  • Bubba Kush 
  • Strawberry Lemon
  • Guava
  • Pineapple express
  • Gelato
  • Granddaddy Purp
  • Wedding Cake
  • Obama Kush
  • Pina Colada
  • Lemon Haze
  • Sour Diesel
  • Blueberry Afgoo
  • Strawberry Cough

Each vape cart is loaded with 73.9% Delta 8. Which breaks down to approximately $0.027 per MG D8. You’re going to struggle to find anything at this value elsewhere!

Delta 8 Concentrates

IHF is one of the few companies that have Delta 8 distillate and Delta 8 concentrates for sale at varying potencies.

CBD, Hemp & Delta-8 - Industrial Hemp Farms
  • Excellent value deals
  • Bulk discounts available as standard
  • CBD/D8/D10/HHC/THC-O all available

Great for: users looking for the most potent and versatile form of Delta 8.

Not so good for: those seeking balanced effects.

The current range includes:

Delta 8 distillate is the most concentrated and purified form of Delta 8. It contains between 90% and up to 99% pure Delta 8. It has no flavor and can be used in multiple ways, be it cooking, vaping, or dabbing.

You can opt for as little as 1 gram ($24.99) or order up to 1000 grams. Of course, the higher the amount ordered, the larger the savings.

Secondly, you can find Delta 8 concentrate, fortified with terpenes and available in Sour Diesel, Lemon Haze, or Natural flavor. It’s pretty flexible like distillate but forms into a crumble under low temperatures.

But, if you’re after something for your rig, you’ll want the IHF Delta 8 Hemp dabs that boast 92% Delta 8 potency. You can pick between 5 natural terpenes-based flavors. Excellent for potency chasers, and at just over $20 a gram, we can’t complain. 

Industrial Hemp Farms THC-O & HHC Review 

Most of us know about Delta 8 by now (and Delta 10), but THC-O is the latest kid on the block. Yes, it’ll get you buzzed, and it will also make your day if you love potency over all else – it’s about 3 x as potent as D9 but with similar effects.

CBD, Hemp & Delta-8 - Industrial Hemp Farms
  • Excellent value deals
  • Bulk discounts available as standard
  • CBD/D8/D10/HHC/THC-O all available

PROS (+)

  • Made with USA-grown industrial hemp
  • Created in a GMP certified lab
  • Non-detectable levels of THC

CONS (-)

  • Possible to still fail a drug test due to potential cross-contamination 
  • THC-O & HHC is are semi-synthetic cannabinoids

Great for: Experienced users looking for pure and potent THC-O or HHC products

Not so good for: First-time, as well as occasional users with low cannabis tolerance

Currently, IHF offers THC-O acetate distillate with 90% purity. This is an extremely potent product and should be used responsibly.

You can order 1 gram for $20, 15 grams for $250, 30 grams for $400, 100 grams for $950. Also available in 500 grams and 1000 grams, with up to 70% savings.

The Fortified Guava THC-O hemp flower is probably better suited if you prefer to smoke a joint. 

This greenhouse-grown Hemp flower is coated in THC-O distillate and packs a punch much stronger than the most potent D9 buds you could smoke.

1 gram costs $9.99, but as will everything from IHF, there are more discounts if you choose to order 3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, or up to 24 grams.

Now, if that isn’t potent enough for you, IHF has recently also released a line of HHC carts. Yup, HHC is another semi-synthetic cannabinoid making waves with those looking for hard-hitting effects.

Related Read: THC-O Carts

The Final Verdict: International Hemp Farms Review

Industrial Hemp Farms offers a great selection of CBD and alternative cannabinoid products if you’re after a buzz.

CBD, Hemp & Delta-8 - Industrial Hemp Farms
  • Excellent value deals
  • Bulk discounts available as standard
  • CBD/D8/D10/HHC/THC-O all available

The company is developing fast, focusing on other novel and minor cannabinoids, such as Delta 8, CBN, CBG, THC-O, and HHC.

All in all, IHF is a leader in unbeatable prices and a diverse range of hemp-derived goodies to choose from.

On the flip side, IHF does not provide full panel lab tests, and that’s a bummer. 

It’s also clear that Industrial Hemp Farms should not be your top choice if you’re looking for artisan-level hemp products. But there are some serious bargains to be picked up for the prices offered.