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InHeal Review: Tried and Tested D8, THCO, HHC + THCP 

Paying California prices for weed from a dispensary isn’t fun. And as an MMJ patient, it’s something I do regularly. 

So, when I had the opportunity to take InHeal, the new Hemp brand from California for a test drive, there was no question I would be exploring ALL the goodies!

Keep reading this InHeal review to learn what I thought and how glazed my eyes were after trying A-Z of their products.

Inheal D8 Products Review
InHeal Products Tried and Tested

Is InHeal Legit?

Yes! InHeal is a legit brand making waves with a ton of fun and potent Delta 8 products. 

I have tried and tested a goodie box full of some of their tastiest-looking treats, and I can attest that their products (and now me, too) are lit. 

InHeal Brand Summary

InHeal is a brand founded by a couple of friends in 2022 named Naz and Tim. Naz ran a hemp processing facility in Oregon for five years, and Tim was studying cannabis in California when the two came together to create InHeal. 

Inheal Hemp Derived D8, THCO and HHC Products
  • Unique range of hemp derived cannabinoid products
  • Well priced
  • COAs for potency tests available
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Excellent range of products
  • Different cannabinoids that have mild to more intense effects
  • Good flavors across products

CONS (-)

  • COAs only show potency tests
  • Product containers are not tamper-proof

InHeal offers products that contain novel cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC, THC-O, THC-P, and HHC. They sell a variety of products like disposables, gummies, and cartridges. They focus on innovation and exceptional quality standards. 

Unfortunately, they have some work to do to make important information easily available to customers. 

They don’t have full panel CoAs anywhere on their site, and most of their products don’t disclose the exact milligram (mg) of cannabinoids per serving in exact terms. 

The website guarantees that their products are lab tested for purity and have no heavy metals and no bleaches. But despite how hard I looked, I could not find any CoAs outside of potency testing to back this up. 

The potency ones available on the website weren’t old per say, but not super recent either. So, for example, the results available for the hemp flower at the time of writing (July 2022) were from back in January. 

Although, this might be due to the fact the brand has just launched and the COA might be from the first batch they are still selling.

  • The average price of per milligram (mg) of cannabinoids of these products is $0.07.
  • Their hemp is sourced from California farms.
  • Flat rate shipping applies for all orders.
Inheal Box Open
InHeal Box + Vapes and Sour Gummies

What I Like

I am a big fan of the curated box that the InHeal team put together. This was the most fun package to open. There were cool print materials that explained a bunch of science and product info. 

A lot of the time I buy something and don’t quite finish it. But that wasn’t a problem with this box because there was just a little of everything in it. 

I also like that the products all came across fresh, and they all had me feeling high.  

The gummies were chewy and tasty. The hand-rolled blunt was a sight to behold. And the moon rocks and CBD bud were exactly what you would hope they would be. 

The flower is fresh and a fast way to feel that Delta 8 rush that calms you from head to toe. And the moonrocks, sticky and full of aroma!

All in all, I have a high tolerance and found InHeal products mostly lighter than I like. But, if you don’t have such a tolerance, I could see InHeal literally putting you on your ass, unable to move quite easily. 

What Could Be Better

Something they could do better is make their product information easier to find and digest. 

You can’t find dosage amounts unless you click on the lab results page on their website. This is super annoying.

It took me ages to dissect the COAs and track how I felt with the products I tried to figure out how much THC I had consumed compared to what I felt. 

At least they have this, but they could also just include the basics like the size of the product, the number of cannabinoids per serving, and the total amount of cannabinoids per unit on the label. 

It takes a lot of work to find that out yourself if you are just trying to browse through products to buy. 

Come on InHeal, what’s this about? 

The fact is they don’t have full third-party lab reports completed. From what I can see, they only test their products for potency. So there is no way to know if they are free from contaminants, heavy metals, or molds even though they claim they are. 

This is a huge letdown, in my opinion. With so many good options that provide these test results, I don’t see why I would choose to purchase from a company without them. Even if the products are dank like these ones. 

Another thing is they could definitely improve the packaging for most of these products. I like to have gummies and candies on hand for my edible enjoyment. 

But I don’t want to worry about someone accidentally getting into them around my house. Everything I tried could be easily opened by a child. 

None of the products in this batch came with tamper-proof containers. It didn’t seem very sanitary or safe. 

I could have easily opened the container and resealed it without anyone knowing. So that makes me a little concerned with the possibility of contamination. 

Basically, I had to be very mindful of where I kept most of these products. I also think for freshness they could use better containers or jars. I am fairly confident the last couple of gummies will be stale by the time I get to them.

Inheal asssortment
InHeal D8 Flower + Disposables

InHeal Review

All the products listed out below have been tried and tested. I even took notes to share with you. Here are my thoughts based on my experience.

Inheal Delta 8 Flower

I tried a jar of the Fire OG Delta 8 flower, which is an Indica strain. The nugs came packaged in a little glass jar with a screw-on lid and trendy pink labeling. It looked pretty and clean, I have only seen something like this from Botany Farms (a good thing).  

It costs $34.95 for 3.5g worth, and the effects are pretty mild but gave me a nice well-balanced high with 7% D8 and 18% CBDa. 

The buds smelled cheesy and savory. The effects were fast but not as intense as say, indoor grown hydro. 

I’d say this is similar to what you would expect from smoking cannabis with Delta 9 THC that’s been grown outdoors. So if you’re chasing potency, these aren’t for you but if you’re after balance and a clear-headed high, this is exactly what you’ll want to buy. 

Inheal D8 Smokables
InHeal D8 Flower + Blunt

The peak didn’t last very long either. I found the strongest part of the high to wear off after about 10 to 20 minutes, and then I mostly felt like relaxing for the rest of my time. 

The smoke was nice. It’s not the best I’ve ever had, but I’m definitely not complaining. I would knock on this door again. 

It’s a little more mild compared to going on a date with Delta 9 THC, but it still gave me a nice buzz that only comes from good cannabis. 

Compared to other D8 products I have tried, this flower gave me a fast buzz and was great for when I needed to focus shortly after. 

InHeal Detla 8 Gummies

I also got to eat up some of their tasty 50mg Delta 8 watermelon mood cubes, featuring 16 of these beauties per pack. 

InHeal says they make these from scratch in their own kitchen. After trying these, it’s not hard to believe.

They cost $39.95 per container, and the lab report suggests there’s 46mg D8 in each cube, working out to approx 736mg per pack (16 cubes per pack), equating to $0.05 per MG D8. Pretty good value for a small pack. 

The mood cubes come in a little container that looks like it’s meant for cat food. The jar part is clear plastic, but the top is the kind of metal you peel back to open. Then there is just a thin plastic lid to keep over the top while you go through the rest of your gummies. 

Besides the not-so-cute container, the gummies looked as good as ever. They looked sugary, fresh, and moist. All the things you want in a sweet little treat. 

They smelled sweet too. They smell just like you would expect watermelon candy to smell. Kind of like red Kool-Aid. 

When it comes down to effects, they tasted pretty good. They were very watermelon-y with no aftertaste that is common with edibles. The small bit of weed flavor you do get actually counterbalances the sweetness so it might even be a good thing it is there. 

The effects were exactly what I was looking for. It took a little over an hour before I was feeling a sweet Delta 8 buzz. 

But I had to take two to get to that height. If you are inexperienced, then one would probably be a great place to start for you!

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InHeal Delta 8 Cartridges

The Chill vape cartridges have a ceramic core like most Delta 8 carts

I tried out the Diesel Sativa cartridge. The box said it would be mellow, uplifting, and chill, which is exactly how I felt after the vapor went to my head. 

There was the easily recognizable Delta 8 high, but not so strong that it screwed up my day. The perfect day time buzz! 

Each 1mL cart is $29.95 and contains 93% D8-THC, equating to approximately $0.03 per MG D8. What a steal!

The packaging is right on par with everything else they ship: stylish, trendy, and well branded.

Inheal D8 Vape
InHeal D8 Cart

The cart is tucked away in a little cardboard box that has a protective sleeve inside to protect your cart from getting thrown around. Then the glass cart is put inside of a plastic tube for extra protection. 

I could smell sweet spices as soon as I pinched the top of the tube to open it up. It tasted really good too. 

The effects hit me almost instantly while I still enjoyed the flavor on my tastebuds. It was a little more fresh and flavorful than what I got from the disposable vapes. 

I’d say if you’re used to D8 vapes, this one is a treat. Both in flavor and effect.

Also, I didn’t get to try them out, but they have 9 other flavors/strains you can try too. They are:

  • LSD
  • Pineapple Cake
  • Hindu Kush
  • Strawberry Syrup
  • Sour Lemon Haze
  • Berry Gelato
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Grease Gorilla
  • Sunset Dream

InHeal Delta 8 Disposable Vapes

I tried Cheetah Piss. The legit strain made famous by cookies. 

At $39.99 for this disposable D8 vape and 90% D8, it works out to approximately $0.04 per mg D8. Pretty decent when you consider the hardware it comes packed in. 

It came in a white rectangular box. I had to cut through the label to open it up and get out the white pen with a grey stripe, which is sleek and discreet. 

It has the tell-tale smells of hemp and vape juice, although they are not strong. 

The flavor is decent. It tastes like other good-tasting vapes. There is nothing particularly unique about the flavor, but you will enjoy it. 

The effects are just what you want from D8. A sweet and mild high that you could go to work with and not be nervous about your boss finding out. It hits fast and then slowly settles out, making you relaxed for a few hours. 


I go low and slow when it comes to trying new vapes, so if you rip it huge from the start I don’t know what kind of experience you’ll have. But if you take a moderate puff then it is not too harsh. After you take one or two, you will be able to find your sweet spot. 

This pen produced the best vape cloud for me when compared to the others. 

Compared to other products I think this is another solid D8 option for the work day, or days when you don’t want to get too high. 

InHeal Delta 8 Concentrates

I also tested the Skywalker Kush D8 resin slab. The resin was a nice amber color and stayed together despite the hot weather here in California.  

This product costs $24.95, and at 90% potency, you’re looking at approx $0.03 per MG D8. 

Now, I know they call these resin slabs but really this is delta 8 distillate and terpenes in my opinion. Not a bad thing. Just let’s be clear here. 

Be careful not to spill it because if you leave the little container on its side, it can seep out slowly. It is packed in a shallow little container with a simple twist top. 

Inheal D8 Resin Dabs
InHeal D8 Resin

There is not much aroma that comes from this. But the flavor is nice and sweet. 

The effects come on quickly, as you can expect with any good D8 concentrates. I took a decent-sized hit in a dab pen and didn’t have any problems with how harsh it was. 

I prefer the flower or cartridges compared to this product simply because of the convenience they offer, but as far as the effects go, this was one of the strongest D8 products i tried from InHeal. 

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Inheal Delta 8 Blunts & Pre Rolls

I love blunts. So when I received one of the Delta 8 Hybrid Special Sauce hand-rolled blunts I was excited!

The blunt gave me and a couple of friends two sessions of Delta 8 and chill. We all agreed it was perfect for a stay-at-home kind of party. 

This blunt contained 2.5g of CBD hemp flower, 400mg of D8 oil, and 150mg of CBG kief. The perfect synergy of cannabinoids. 

At $24.95 each, you’re looking at approximately $0.05 per MG cannabinoids excluding the Hemp flower (which adds more). 

The packaging consisted of a black plastic sleeve that you tear open at the top. It is nothing fancy but at least it is airtight and keeps out any unwanted light. 

Inheal D8 Blunt kief
InHeal D8 Blunt

The blunt is inside another plastic tube to make sure it doesn’t break or have the kief rubbed off before it gets smoked up. 

Simple and effective. 

The blunt itself takes all the attention. It looked beautiful. The wrap was moist and perfectly dusted from head to toe with kief. It was big and thick and begging to get a hand around it. 

I could smell the woody aroma that comes from the blunt wrap and get a hint of the sweetness from the flower inside. 

It tasted fresh and sweet, too. It burned really well and evenly. The smoke was smooth, and the airflow was solid all the way through the wooden mouthpiece and deep into my lungs. 

Compared to smoking a Delta 9 THC blunt, this trip was more mild and relaxing. It really made me feel like chatting with friends and eating some good food. But not because I had the munchies, just because it made everyone feel happy. 

Compared to other D8 products I have tried this is squarely in the top five best. Maybe even first place. It worked. It tasted good, and It contributed to a great night. 

InHeal 50mg Hemp Delta 9 Gummies

I was lucky enough to try a package of the Meltz Sour Extreme gummies. 

These practically glowing green gummies contain a mix of THCV, CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, and <0..3% Delta 9 THC. Yup, these are Hemp-derived, legal delta 9 gummies.

At $24.95 and 5 edibles per pack, these work out at $5 a pop. Each pack contains approx 70mg D9 and 140mg CBD per square. So a 1:2 ratio when you look at the complete cannabinoid profile in the COA. This works out at approx $0.08 per MG cannabinoids. 

They come in a box that you would expect sour candy to come in. It is super kid-friendly with a puckered-up lemon on the front of it. Inside, the gummies are packaged one more time in a more grown-up plastic resealable sleeve. 

The gummies looked fresh with a nice layer of extra sugar floating around in the bag and smelled like spicy limes. 

The taste was electric. A big hit of sour took over my entire mouth. But it was soothed with the generous coating of sugar. 

It took a good hour or more before I was feeling good from these gummies. But when it hit I was experiencing maximum relaxation. 

Perfect if you’re after potent gummies. 

InHeal THCP Disposable

Another vape and another interesting strain. This time, I taste-tested D8-THCP, and the strain was Karma Bitch. 

Note – D8-THCP is weaker than D9-THCP but still more potent than other cannabinoids tested here. 

At $39.99, this worked out to approx $0.05 per mg D8-THCP. 

This pen comes in a clean little rectangular box. You have to cut the label to open the box. Inside there is a white stick of a pen with a light blue stripe down the side. You can see the live resin through the little glass window on the side. 

It smelled like a weed oil smell, not exactly discreet. Anybody familiar with vapes would probably know you were smoking something extra in your vape, although they may not guess it is THCP. 

disposable vapes
Disposable Vapes

The flavor was super similar to the other vapes in this box. A pure flavor of terpenes and hemp flower.  

I liked the effects of this vape since it gave me a nice head high without any lazy feelings. The high felt clean and energizing. 

Harshness wasn’t an issue with this pen. If I had taken a huge rip I’m sure I would have had to cough a lot, but I started small since I know vapes tend to get the better of me. 

Overall, this one felt a bit harsher than the other vapes I tried from InHeal. 

I think this vape would be ideal for a day out when you want to feel like your head is in the clouds yet keep your energy high.

It didn’t make me sink into the couch as I do after smoking delta 9 THC. And it had much more of a pronounced high than the D8 products I have tried. 

THC-O Vapes 

The THC-O vape pen I tried was in the Deep Sleep choice. It is a mix of THC-O and D8 to promote the best sleep. 

This one costs $39.95 and works out to approx $0.05 for each mg of cannabinoids. 

It came in a white box with a pink stripe down the side like the other disposables from InHeal.

It smelled nice and pleasant with the signature vape oil scent. It tasted as you would expect with nothing out of the ordinary. 

thc-o disposable
THC-O Disposable

I felt effects quickly as you would expect with a vape. I got maximum relaxation from this one.

It was the opposite of the energizing feeling I got from the HHC pen. I was afraid I would pass out before getting to enjoy how this pen made me feel, but I had plenty of time to enjoy it.

The harshness was just fine. It was similar to the rest of the pens. Again, take a small hit to start, and then increase your airflow after you test a couple of puffs out. 

Compared to other D9 options this pen is going to be an ideal option for me when it comes to evening use. I like that it doesn’t immediately knock me out, but it gets me feeling unwound and ready for bed. 

When it comes to other D8 products I think this pen offers a similar experience. It is mild enough to keep your head on straight, but it lets your stress melt away. 

InHeal HHC Vape

I tried the Voodoo HHC disposable vape pen, and it worked its magic on me. 

At $39.99 and 99% HHC potency, it works out at approx $0.04 per MG HHC.

This disposable pen also came in a white rectangular box. It had a distinguishing green stripe down the side. 

The vape let off the aroma of sweet cannabis oil. The taste of this vape was pretty much the same as all the rest. It tasted nice and pure but nothing to write home about. 

Inheal HHC Vape
Inheal HHC Vape

The effects were energizing and clean. It made my head clear and gave me a bit of excitement like I was getting ready to go out and do something fun.

It was satisfying because it gave me a little pick me up and also gave me a buzz in the head that was good for creativity. 

If you take a big hit it will hit your throat hard and have you coughing, so proceed with caution. If you are used to vaping concentrates, you will be in familiar territory. If you are new to HHC,  start slow. 

Compared to other D9 products this pen was maybe the most similar type of high. Except it kept me energized and high without melting my brain. And compared to other D8 products this was noticeably more intense. 

Perfect for daytime and as a replacement for D9, in my opinion.

The Final Verdict: InHeal Review

Overall, the box of goodies I got from InHeal was full of products that tasted good, delivered a buzz, and were fun to use. 

While they weren’t top of the pack in any category, the flavors, aromas, and effects all hit the mark.

Inheal Hemp Derived D8, THCO and HHC Products
  • Unique range of hemp derived cannabinoid products
  • Well priced
  • COAs for potency tests available
Our Rating:

The only thing that keeps me from giving a glowing recommendation is the fact that I could not find full panel third-party lab test results for these products and the lack of clarity on dosages. 

If you’re good with only potency COAs, then I think you will love these goodies and should definitely give them a try!