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Joint VS Blunt: Exploring The Difference Between Joints and Blunts

When it comes to smoking weed, everyone has their own personal preference of what’s best.

While some prefer to pack a bowl or bong with their favorite cannabis flower, blunts and joints are by far the most popular ways to smoke weed.

But what are the differences between a joint vs blunt? Is one better than the other?

Whether you’re new to smoking weed or have been consuming cannabis for a while, knowing the difference between joints and blunts is key for any canna consumer.

Here we’ll take a deeper dive into the wonderful world of weed joints and blunts, exploring the differences and similarities of these two classic ways to smoke herb.

joints and blunts

Key Takeaways: Smoking Joints & Blunts

  • Joints and blunts are the two most popular ways to consume cannabis.
  • Both blunts and joints contain ground cannabis flower that’s rolled up into a smokeable form.
  • The typical joint is wrapped in thin papers (known as a joint paper), while blunts are wrapped in thicker paper made from tobacco pulp (known as a blunt wrap).
  • Joints are more difficult to roll than blunts because the paper is much thinner.

Understanding Joints and Blunts

Smoking joints and smoking blunts are the two most popular ways to consume cannabis.

They’re similar in the way that they both involve rolling up ground up cannabis flower into a rolling paper that’s then ignited and inhaled.

That’s about where the similarities end, though.

Blunts burn slower, for one. But blunt wraps made from tobacco leaves aren’t exactly for everyone.

Here we’ll break down the differences of joints vs blunts to gain a better understanding of what makes them unique.

Then it’s up to you to decide if weed joints or cannabis rolled in blunt wraps is the best choice for your own unique needs.

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Joints: The Basics

A joint is basically just like a cigarette, only it’s filled with ground weed instead of tobacco.

The rolling material used for joints are thin papers known as rolling papers. These papers can be made from different materials such as hemp paper, rice paper or even cigarette papers.

Pre rolled joints are super popular in the cannabis industry because it saves people from having to roll their own. That said, rolling a joint is a skill every stoner should know how to do.

Joints typically hold less weed than blunts and the thin paper burns more quickly than blunt wraps.

Because joints are smaller and burn more quickly, smoking blunts might be better when smoking weed with a group of people.

Blunts: The Basics

Blunts are just as classic as joints.

Larger than a joint, a blunt is typically made with blunt wraps or by emptying out a cigar and replacing the tobacco with weed.

When it comes to size, blunts are way bigger.

While pre rolled joints typically contain about a gram of herb, the typical joint rolled by the average cannabis consumer contains about a third of a gram of weed.

Blunts are easily twice the size of most pre rolled joints, and the average blunt will typically contain two to three grams of ground cannabis.

The tobacco leaf paper that blunt wraps are made from makes the flavor of the blunt much more robust than you’ll find in a joint.

Blunts also have a bit of an extra kick thanks to the nicotine in the blunt wraps.

Blunts are awesome to share with friends during a group smoke sesh, as they burn slower and offer such a different smoking experience compared to joints.

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The Rolling Process: Joints vs. Blunts

One of the biggest differences between blunts and joints is how they’re rolled.

Joints take some serious skill because of the thin paper they’re rolled in.

Rolling a blunt, on the other hand, is a simpler process because the tobacco leaf wrapper is easier to work with.

Rolling a Joint

The first step of rolling a joint is grinding cannabis flower to an even consistency.

The next step is to take this ground weed and use a rolling machine or hand roll the plant material in the rolling paper. Some people choose to add a filter made from rolling paper packaging or a premade filter.

Rolling the joint involves sprinkling the ground weed evenly in the crease of the paper (and placing the filter at the bottom if adding one), then rolling up the plant material and twisting the paper at the top to secure it.

Joints can be tricky to roll at first, but with practice it becomes easy to roll joints as well as the pre rolls you can find at the dispensary.

4 thca pre rolled blunts

Rolling a Blunt

Rolling a blunt also involves grinding your weed until it’s an even consistency.

Once this is done, the next step of blunt rolling is to prepare your blunt wrap. This means unrolling your prepackaged blunt wrap or cutting off the end of a cigar or cigarillo and removing the tobacco.

A big difference between blunts vs joints is that blunts aren’t usually made with a filter, meaning all you need to do is evenly spread the ground cannabis in the tobacco leaf.

Then the blunt wrap will need to be slightly moistened before folding the bottom side up and over the plant material and rolling it up into the shape of a cylinder.

Rolling a blunt might seem intimidating, but it’s actually really easy once you get the hang of it.

The tobacco leaf wrapper offers a solid, slow-burning base for your ground weed.

Smoking Experience: Flavor and Burn

While blunts and joints are basically just weed wrapped up in paper, the smoking experience is totally different.

When it comes to blunts vs joints, the tobacco leaf paper makes a huge difference in the taste and burn time.

Blunts are slower burning compared to joints, but have a notable tobacco taste. While smoking a blunt isn’t like smoking tobacco, blunts do have a strong tobacco profile.

Joints, on the other hand, are made with thin papers that burn faster but allow the flavor profile of whatever strain you’re smoking to really shine through.

Flavor Profiles

The flavor of a joint is very much influenced by the strain of cannabis used to create it. .

The thin paper used to roll joints allows for terpene profiles to really come through, compared to blunt wraps that can mask a strain’s flavor with a more robust tobacco flavor.

For those that don’t mind the taste of tobacco, the tobacco leaf paper can add to the experience, as the taste can compliment the flavor of whatever strain was used.

People that love blunts typically love the way the tobacco leaf paper they’re made with offers a bit of an extra kick.

pre rolled joint by secret nature

Burn Time Comparison

Burn time is another big difference between blunts and joints.

Joints burn much faster than blunts because they’re smaller and made with super thin paper. A joint will usually last between 5-10 minutes, depending on the size.

Blunts are slower burning, and can last up to twice as long as the average joint. 

Ultimately this provides a more mellow and longer smoking session.

Keep in mind that burn time of both is hugely dependent on how much weed is used and how tightly it’s rolled. 

Health Considerations

Smoking anything can have negative effects on one’s health, meaning it’s important to consider the impact of blunts and joints might have.

Both tobacco smoke and cannabis smoke contain a similar carcinogenic profile, which is something that should be considered before lighting up that joint or blunt.

And while smoking shows to have a negative impact on respiratory health and lung health, evidence suggests regular  heavy use of marijuana contains a significantly lower risk for pulmonary complications than tobacco use. 

Blunts also contain nicotine because of the tobacco leaves they’re rolled in, meaning nicotine dependence could become a real thing if blunts happen to be your thing.

Social Aspects: Group Sessions and Solo Use

Consuming cannabis is something to enjoy solo and with friends, each with its own unique experience for the consumer.

Group sessions can be had with both, but blunts typically contain more weed than joints so work well when sharing with several people.

A joint, on the other hand, is smaller, making it perfect for a solo smoke session or shared intimately with one other person.

Once you start smoking weed with others, you learn there are more recreational cannabis consumers than you might’ve thought. 

Weed smokers are a seriously diverse group of people, and smoking a joint or blunt with others creates an awesome feeling of togetherness you might not have experienced otherwise. 

If you’re more of a solo smoker, joints are probably the best way to go. If you prefer to get high with people, invite your friends over and light up a blunt.

a variety of thc pre rolls

Customization and Creativity

Customization and creativity can be used to enhance your smoke sesh, making either option more enjoyable.

When it comes to joints, you can get super artistic when it comes to rolling. Inside-out joints, tulip joints and double and triple joints can be created with a little time and effort.

Flavored rolling papers are also super fun to roll up your weed with.

Blunts can also be rolled up in flavored wraps, which can be game changing if you love fun flavors.

There are several possibilities for customizing your smoking experience, allowing you to tailor your joint or blunt to your personal preferences.

Making Your Choice: Factors to Consider

Choosing between blunts vs joints is really a matter of personal preference.

Health considerations should definitely be kept in mind as smoking isn’t the best for your health. Blunt wraps also contain nicotine, which can be addicting.

Blunts work great for sharing, as they’re so much bigger than joints.

When it comes down to it, there’s no right or wrong answer to the age-old debate between which is better.

The cannabis industry offers a wide variety of products for you to explore and enjoy, and discovering your favorite means you get to consume a lot of good weed while you figure out what’s best.

Wrapping Up 

The difference between joints and blunts all comes down to the paper they’re rolled with and how much weed is inside.

The choice of what’s best is ultimately up to your personal taste.

Whether you prefer the pure flavor of a joint or the tobacco taste found in a blunt, the world of cannabis rolled up in paper offers plenty of possibilities for you to enjoy.

So roll up, light up, and discover your own perfect smoking experience. And whether smoking joints or blunts with your homies, always remember to puff, puff, pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, a joint or blunt?

Honestly, it all comes down to personal preference when deciding between a joint and a blunt. Joints are perfect for small gatherings and solo smoke sessions, while blunts tend to be more appropriate for sharing with your friends.

What is a blunt vs a joint?

Both are popular ways of smoking cannabis, but blunts involve ground up weed rolled into a tobacco leaf, while joints are just ground weed rolled up in rolling papers.

Why do people smoke blunts?

People typically smoke blunts because they contain more weed than a joint, burn slower and are rolled with tobacco leaves.