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Linx Blaze Review: Tried and Tested

I don’t know about you, but my experience with portable dab pens has been as hit-or-miss as finding a good tinder date. 

I hate investing in a new dab when I don’t know if it will be worth the money. 

Luckily for you, you don’t have to invest blindly because, in this Linx Blaze review, you can follow along on my experience of puffing away on the Linx Blaze dab pen.

The Linx Blaze We Tested

Linx Blaze Review

The Linx Blaze is a portable extract vaporizer built like it’s straight off the Apple production line.

PROS (+)

  • Sleek and simple design that produces quality vapor
  • Quartz or Ceramic atomizers provide versatility
  • Easy to take apart and clean

CONS (-)

  • Short battery life and long recharge time
  • Does not produce large, full vapor clouds

It comes with an in-laid heating quartz atomizer. It is free of coils and the first of its kind. It also comes with a ceramic heating plate for fast heating. 

Accompanied by a one-year warranty, this dab pen is heavy metals tested with a vapor path that is free of toxins.

What I Like

As you will see below, I am a big fan of the glass mouthpiece. And that this company is nice enough to provide a replacement mouthpiece inside the kit. 

I also love the sleek, classy design mixed with discreet vape cloud production. 

The blaze is something I can use out and about with me at any venue and with any outfit. 

Lastly, I really like that there is versatility provided by the two atomizer options. I almost always use the ceramic atomizer to chase the best flavor. 

But I can see many other vapers who might prefer the quartz atomizer, which heats up lightning fast. 

What I Don’t Like

I do wish the device would identify each temperature instead of just showing a color.  

And I can see the battery life becoming an annoyance if I planned to use this vape pen as a daily driver. A battery life that extends past 7 different sessions would be ideal. 

It’s also heavier than it’s younger brother, the Linx Hypnos Zero.

What’s In The Box?

When you buy the Linx Blaze, you get to unwrap a clean little white box to find a lightweight and stylish carrying case. Vaping has never been so organized and stylish. 

linx blaze unpacked
Blaze Unpacked

The kit includes the following pieces:

  • The Linx Blaze
  • One quartz atomizer (The Ace Atomizer)
  • One ceramic atomizer (The Zero Atomizer)
  • Linx Blaze battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Dab tool
  • Two glass mouthpieces
  • One magnetized mouthpiece cover

The Design

The Linx Blaze is a thick dab pen with classic beauty. It stands right around four inches tall. 

It is all-natural stainless steel which adds to its timeless-looking design. It is easy to grab and hold in your hand and draws little attention when you are holding it. 

There is a button in the middle of the base. This is the power button that activates the device. 

It is also the button you use to switch back and forth between the four different voltage settings. The battery runs with 900mAH power. 

It has a micro-USB port on the bottom for easy charging too. 

When it comes to colors, you can choose between Onyx Black and Steel. I love the Steel one I got because it is easy to keep clean and looks high-quality. 

The mouthpieces are made from borosilicate. This has a high heat resistance but is still fragile. This is why they provide the magnetic mouth cover. 

And it helps to keep your vape clean, too. Thanks, Linx! 

The Ace atomizer lasts for a very long time. It is made from quartz and heats up faster than the ceramic one. 

However, the Zero atomizer is the standard coil-less type you see in many other vape pens. It is ceramic and produces flavorful vapor. It heats the wax slowly. 

dab on dabbing tool linx blaze
Concentrate On Linx Dabbing Tool

There may be a bit of personal preference involved when it comes to which atomizer is your favorite. 

If you like the idea of a fast hit, then the quartz might be your go-to option. But if you want bigger clouds of the more flavorful vapor then the traditional ceramic may be just what you are looking for. 

It’s pretty cool of Linx to include both for whatever vaping mood you may find yourself in. 

The dab tool is simple and effective. It is long enough to use comfortably while keeping your fingers clean from residue sneaking up the bar. 

The USB charging cable is short, allowing it to fold up and fit perfectly inside your carrying case. It’s almost impossible to catch yourself without it when you are out. 

The temperature settings are color indicated from lowest to highest on the pen. 

The user manual doesn’t actually specify what voltage each temperature setting is. Although the pen has a 5v input. 

When it comes to safety, an auto-shutoff feature will turn the vape off if you haven’t used it for a while. Or if it overheats.

Overall, the Linx Blaze is a sturdy vape that produces clean-tasting rips. Just be careful with the glass mouthpiece, and you will have a pen that lasts the test of time.

Vapor Quality

And now for the question we have all been waiting for. How was the vapor? 

Well, I can tell you that both atomizers had high-quality functionality for me. 

Sure, taking the time to slow hit the ceramic atomizer might have been the best taste and vape experience overall, but both were really good. 

If you use the lower two settings, you can really taste the flavor profile of whatever you’re vaping. 

The clouds are not going to be the Instagram-worthy ones that you can’t see through. It’s more of a thin and quickly dispersing cloud. 

You can get a bigger vapor cloud by using the pen on the high heat setting, but this pen is ideal for when you want your clouds to discreetly disappear. 

The airflow is solid through the four vents, and you can easily get a full puff without having to work your cheek muscles to death. 

Overall, the pen is easy to use. I got smooth and clean hits every time. I didn’t feel any restriction in my chest like I have with some other types of vapes. 

I have also tested out the Hypnos Zero vape pen, the cheaper alternative. Comparing the two, the Blaze had a better hit, and the airflow was less restricted. 

But the Blaze pen got hotter than the Zero around the atomizer. Both mouthpieces stayed cool.

linx blaze carrying case
Blaze Carrying Case


The Linx Blaze pen has a 900mAH Lithium-ion battery. This will last about 7 sessions, depending on how hard you use it each time.

You can easily charge it by plugging it into the USB cable that is provided in the kit. 

It takes about two to three hours for it to get to a full charge again. 

This is a little inconvenient if you forget to charge it and plan on using it during a day out. But at least you can bring the charging cable with you without having to worry about losing it. 

And it fits conveniently into any USB port. Chances are you will be able to charge it nearly anywhere.

Heating Coils

The Linx Blaze comes with two interchangeable atomizers to fit your mood. We can all agree two are better than one. 

The Ace is the quartz coil, and the Zero is the ceramic one. 

Both of them come with four airflow holes. This makes sure you can get unrestricted, free-flowing inhales. 

It minimizes leaks and clogging, which is every dabbers nightmare. These two types of atomizers are the ones famous for producing good-tasting and pure vapor clouds. 

Both of these atomizers are connected with a 510-thread. This means that you can use the Blaze as a vape pen for oil carts, too. 

This interchangeability is a super useful feature as it offers versatility to serious vapers who might go through a number of different types of concentrates. 

The ceramic atomizer is ideal for vaping with good-quality flavor. It is going to heat up the vapor slower, letting more of the quality flavor in. 

The quartz atomizer is perhaps better for creating more vapor and big clouds as it heats instantly. Or if you just want a big rip without having to wait for it to heat up or draw it out. 

Both of them have low draw resistance, so you can puff huge rips without any problems.


As I mentioned above, the mouthpiece is made of glass. Borosilicate glass, to be exact. 

It’s a standard material for most vapes with glass mouthpieces. It is more resistant to thermal shock and works really well with high-temp vaping compared to standard tempered glass. 

The fragility of the glass is well worth it if you enjoy flavorful vapor. The glass is a neutral material and so it helps your vapor stay pure and taste great. 

An extra mouthpiece comes in the kit, so if you do happen to break your first one you get a second chance for free! 

But if you make it a habit to keep the magnetic cover on the mouthpiece and carry your device in the carrying case, you will most likely never have to worry about breaking one. 

As a side note, I personally think this is the most aesthetically pleasing part of the Linx Blaze. It just looks so CLEAN. And it motivates me to keep all the parts of the pen in tip-top shape. 

I’ve had other vapes that are easy to use and then forget about. When I finally pull them apart a few weeks later to clean them, I feel more like throwing them out than cleaning them up. 

But with this little glass mouthpiece that is not a problem. It begs to stay shiny.

The mouthpiece stayed pretty cool, although the atomizer below definitely did not. After two back-to-back hits, it was definitely warm to the touch just below the mouthpiece.


No cleaning tools come in your kit, so you will need to take care of this on your own. 

Depending on which atomizer you use, there are a few different options for cleaning your Linx Blaze. All of them are pretty simple. 

First, you’ll want to remove the glass mouthpiece. Then, you can soak a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and use this to clean the inside and outside of the piece. 

To clean the metal filter, you can soak it in ISO for about two hours. 

Next, you move on down to the atomizer. Start with burning off any residue. You can do this by holding the pen upside down and holding on to the highest heat setting for a couple of seconds. 

Then twist off the atomizer and face it down in a bit of ISO. It should only be partially submerged. 

Important Note: Make sure only the ceramic plate is submerged and not the entire piece. 

After it soaks for two hours, let the atomizer air dry. Then you can reattach it to the battery. 

For the Ace atomizer, you can turn it upside down and hold it on the red setting to burn off any left on residue. After that switch it to the blue setting and use a cotton swab soaked in ISO to wipe it down. 

Clean out the part thoroughly by wiping it only. You should never ever soak the quartz atomizer in ISO.

How To Use The Linx Blaze

To use the Blaze you need to open the box and fully charge the pen. 

Connect the atomizer you want to use. It’s super simple. Just screw it onto the base. 

Then you press the power button five times to turn the pen on. 

After that, you can unscrew the mouthpiece and dab the solid concentrate into the hole. Don’t put anything larger than a grain of rice into the pen. 

Now you can press the power button three times to pick which of the four temperature settings you want to use. 

Now it’s showtime. Inhale from the mouthpiece while holding the power button during your inhale. 

If you are not confident about loading your pen, I would recommend you watch a youtube video to see how they load the chamber. You might waste some product if you don’t have the finesse you need to get the sticky resin off the dab tool.

The Linx Blaze Is Not For You If…

Unfortunately, the Linx Blaze is not the vape for you if you are looking for fat clouds that have an impressive visual appeal. 

To put it simply this pen is not going to produce the show-stopping clouds some vapers are looking for, no matter which atomizer you use. 

This pen is also not for you if you are looking for something with long battery life. 

It does have an auto shut-off feature which helps to conserve some battery. But you will still need to charge this pen at least once a day if you plan to use it more than seven times between sun-up and sun-down.

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The Final Verdict: Linx Blaze

The jury is in. The Linx Blaze is a quality vape option for those looking to taste what you are vaping and enjoy the purity of your rips. 

While the eye-catching smoke clouds might not be there, the simple design and functionality deliver.

There is certainly room for improvement. Longer battery life and a better cooling system for high-temperature settings can make this a more quality product. 

As it is, the Blaze is still an excellent option for anyone looking for a sturdy, reliable dab pen that produces excellent-tasting vapor.