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Linx Hypnos Zero Review: Tried and Tested Dab Pen

The massive popularity of vaping has got the market looking a bit like the wild west. Unclear regulations, sketchy brands, and a million options make it hard even for veterans to know what to buy. 

Newbies don’t stand a chance without guidence. But don’t worry, you can think of me as the sheriff of these parts. And I’m here to investigate the Hypnos Zero. 

Stick with me in Hypnos Zero Review to find out if it passes the test while I dab till I pass out. 

hypnos zero

Linx Hypnos Zero Review

The Linx Hypnos is the perfect blend of high-powered functionality and convenience. It has all of the quality and features you want from a top-of-the-line dab pen but is packed inside a little body. 

It suits the needs of first-time vapers all the way to seasoned pros.

PROS (+)

  • Compact yet powerful
  • Stealthy
  • One-year warranty

CONS (-)

  • Average battery life at best
  • Only works with thick concentrates

What I Like

When it comes to the Hypnos Zero vape pen there is so much that I like. 

One of the most impressive things for me is that this pen packs a punch for its portable size. This pen is pretty compact. It is only 10.7 cm long and can easily slip in and out of your pocket. But for its small size, it has big functionality. 

It’s much more portable than its older brother, the Linx Blaze which I have also tested, that one was a bit of a drag to pack albeit with a larger battery to compensate.

I don’t go anywhere without putting my Zero in its carrying case, which is a smaller surface area than my phone and is just a little thicker, so it fits in any of my bags. 

I also like that this product comes with a one-year warranty. It’s a nice level of protection for the investment. Just be sure to read the details because you can void the warranty if you get too experimental with your pen. 

What I Don’t Like

One of the only things I didn’t like about using the Hypnos Zero pen was that it was tricky for me to screw on and off the mouthpiece. I got annoyed several times trying not to cross-thread the two together. 

I didn’t have this problem with putting the atomizer and the battery together, but the mouthpiece just seemed to stick every time. 

It didn’t affect the functionality of the pen once I got it together. But it added a frustrating 30 seconds to load it up. Putting the pieces together could have been smoother. 

And one more nit-picky thing I noticed was that they could have added a glass power button. 

Everything else about the design is so sleek, but then there is this little plastic power button. I can’t help but think about how much more sophisticated it would feel if it were glass. Or maybe even stainless steel?

What’s In The Box?

hypnos zero box

When you buy the Hypnos Zero you get a box packed with items. 

The main showstoppers are the Hypnos Zero rechargeable battery and Atomizer. 

Then, there are two mouthpieces in case you break one. And a USB charger and a dab tool. It can all be tucked away in the sleek carrying case for convenient travel.

The Design

This pen is fun and stylish. 

There is a stainless steel option or a colorful iridescent one. Depending on the finish you choose, you can have a pen that is elegant and professional or one that is fun and eye-catching. 

The mouthpiece is glass which helps to produce the best flavor. 

The atomizer, known as the Hypnos Zero atomizer, is all ceramic with four air holes for optimal airflow. It has a first-of-its-kind design that heats the wax evenly and is responsible for making Linx one of the most flavorful options out there for vapers. 

The battery is a 650mAH ego battery. It has a standard 510 thread so you can potentially use other carts on it. Some vapors might prefer a larger battery that will last a bit longer. 

There are four different temperature settings you can go through. 

zero dab pen

The lower two temperatures are going to be the best if you want great flavor. But, If you want to maximize your cloud production, the top two settings are for you. 

You can test them all out without any headaches since you just need to hit your power button three times quickly to cycle through them. The light of the power button will change to let you know which temperature you are set on. 

Here is what you can expect:

  • Red- Highest temperature
  • Yellow- High medium temperature
  • Green- Low to medium temperature
  • Blue- Lowest temperature

Many dab pens come with one or two settings, so the Hypnos Zero offers some really great flexibility for people who want to experiment with their settings. 

You can go back and forth until you find your preferred vapor quality. Mine is yellow!

Vapor Quality

The quality of the vapor produced by the Hypnos Zero is undeniably tasty. 

It is a smaller vape than some of the other ones on the market but still has plenty of airflow. The inhale was smooth. There were no complaints from me when it came to the overall experience. 

I love to use products that taste great, so this vape is right up my alley. The ceramic heating chamber and atomizer are to thank for that. 

I like to use the medium/high-temperature setting, but if I had a thing for blowing huge clouds, I would use the pen on the highest temperature setting. 

It may not produce the biggest clouds you have ever seen, but it will let you have fun with nice big puffs that are packed with top-notch flavor.

 And you could always grab the Dios atomizer from Linx to pair with this pen to get the best of both worlds.

hypnos zero standing


The battery will most likely last you around one day’s use. Maybe a bit more or less depending on your vaping habits. 

It is pretty average with the 650 mAH battery. 

This pen is so stylish, I don’t mind that the battery life is not the best available. I like how the pen looks and feels in my hand and don’t think it would have the same appeal with a bulky battery.

It is super quick to plug it into the charging cord. I can find any USB port and plug it in. 

Within about 2 hours it is fully charged again. 

Your battery will flash white ten times when the battery is low, so you know if you need to charge it. 

There is an auto-shutoff feature that shuts the pen down after 10 seconds of inactivity. So pretty much you have to turn it on every time you use it. 

I guess this is good for helping to conserve the limited battery life but is also a bit annoying when you take a couple of breaths in a row. 

Unless you rush through your draw you won’t be able to get through a vape sesh without turning it on every single breath. 

But I’m okay with this as I know for a fact I can’t forget that it is on after I throw it in my bag and find a dead pen later. 

Heating Coils

In case you aren’t an expert just yet, here’s a quick lesson on coils and atomizers. 

They are the heating elements that turn your concentrates into delicious vapor. 

Traditional ones come with coils and a wick inside to heat up the concentrate and turn it into a vapor. 

Ceramic atomizers are a quality option for vapers because they are durable and long-lasting. And you don’t have to worry about oxidizing metals. 

They take a bit longer to heat up but help produce a great flavor.

Linx tops the pack when it comes to the quality and functionality of their atomizers. 

Traditional atomizers heat up in a circle around the chamber. The middle stays cooler. But the Linx atomizer is reversed.

They put the heating element right in the center of the chamber. So your concentrate gets melted by this middle heating point, and it pools around it in the chamber. It lets all of the wax melt evenly and this translates into higher quality vapor. 

They are the pioneers of this style of atomizer. 

Okay, the science lesson is over. If you stayed with it this long, I am proud of you. If I lost you then just trust me, Linx vapor is smooth and satisfying. 

This pen is good for hard or more solid concentrates, in my experience. Linx doesn’t recommend that you try to use runny oils either, and I agree. 


The mouthpiece is made of glass. It may be more fragile than other materials, but it lends to a high-quality flavor that stays pure. 

It also stays cool while you use it. The best part is they provide two right off the bat in case you lose one or break one. 



No cleaning supplies come with the Hypnos Zero pen, so you will need to make sure you have what you need to keep up on this yourself. 

The performance of your pen depends on it! And it really isn’t that difficult anyway. 

You should be able to get your pen sparkling like new with some isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs, water, and paper towels. 

Take the mouthpiece off and unscrew the glass tube from the metal filter part of the piece. Let the two soak for a couple of hours in the ISO. 

Take a cotton swab soaked with ISO and gently rub the inside and out of both pieces. 

Then unscrew the atomizer. Submerge the atomizer with the ceramic plate down in just about 1cm of ISO for around two hours. Let it sit out to dry completely before trying to screw it back onto the battery. 

Don’t try to do anything more aggressive to the atomizer as it can be damaged. Just soak it, and you’re done.

How To Use The Linx Hypnos Zero

If you have used a vape before, you will probably be able to hook this little baby up without even reading the instructions. 

But that is not what I am recommending. Plug your battery in to charge and take a glance at the user manual. You have to wait for the battery to get a full charge anyway. 

You’ll also need to load up the atomizer with your concentrate of choice. Unscrew the mouthpiece so you can drop the concentrate into your atomizer. 

Expert Tip: Avoid putting anything larger than a grain of rice inside. It may be tempting to load it up for a fat rip, but loading too much can make the efficiency of your vape drop. It will also take too long to heat up or be overstuffed, blocking airflow. 

Once it’s charged, turn it on. To do that, you just press the power button five times in a row. 

Then you can toggle between the different temperature settings by quickly hitting the power button three times in a row. The color will change every time you switch to a new temperature setting. 

That’s really all you have to do. 

After you load your pen screw the mouthpiece back on and get ready to taste the terps! Simply press and hold the power button down while inhaling from the mouthpiece and enjoy your vapor. 

As you can see, it’s really straightforward and easy to use. The trickiest part might be loading your concentrate into the atomizer. 

But this pen has a shallow chamber, and there are no coils so loading it up is much faster than other pens with coils or deeper chambers.

unboxed zero

The Linx Hypnos Zero Is Not For You If…

The Linx Hypnos Zero is not for you if you are chasing massive clouds. The coilless atomizer perfects the flavor of your vape, but the cloud you are left with is average-sized. 

Even in the highest heat setting, you may end up feeling a bit underwhelmed. But, then again, they do have a Hypnos Dio atomizer you can buy that comes with quartz rods and titanium coils to help you achieve clouds your head can get lost in if that’s your jam. 

The Linx Hypnos Zero is also not for you if you want to vape liquid concentrates or oils. This pen works best with solid, shattery concentrates.

The Final Verdict: Linx Hypnos Zero

This is one of my favorite vape pens, thanks to its small size and big-league functionality. It has a satisfying user experience as it is easy to use, creates nice vapor, and its sleek, discreet, and stylish. 

In my opinion, it checks all the boxes for what I am looking for in a vape pen.

If you are looking for a vape pen that looks as good as it makes you feel, then I recommend you check out the Linx Hypnos Zero