Liquid Gold Chocolate Bars – G Farma Labs


Most cannabis edibles contain relatively small amounts of THC, usually between 10mg – 20mg THC per piece. However, G Farma Liquid Gold Chocolate Bars take this to a whole new level, with 210mg THC per bar. Yes. 210mg each! Probably the strongest cannabis edible on the market, if we’re honest.

Each bar contains 6 pieces, each infused with a whopping 35mg Delta 9 THC extracted using supercritical CO2. Interestingly, while the THC levels are high, to say the least, the flavor is levels above its competitors – not leaving you with an after-taste of burnt bud atypical of low-quality THC chocolate.

G Farma Liquid Gold Chocolate Bars are Grown with love in California, using G Farma’s proprietary strain to create the perfect balance of flavor and potency.

G Farma Liquid Gold Chocolate Bars are the ultimate delta 9 edibles for those of you looking to treat your sweet tooth like a king or queen (or both). There is nothing quite like feeling totally high and satisfied at the same time! These chocolate bars will not disappoint those interested in sampling some of California’s finest “liquid gold”.

Cannabis edibles don’t have to be just brownies made with weed – they can taste good too! G Farma has released three delicious new vegan-friendly flavored chocolate options that provide an uplifting euphoric effect on top of their fantastic flavor profiles. G Farma Liquid Gold Chocolate Bars come in G Fresh Mint, G Strawberry Milk, and G Polar Punch.

G Farma’s G Fresh Mint chocolate bar is infused with a refreshing minty flavor to help cool you down on hot days when the intense heat can make everyone feel grouchy! This candy bar will leave your mouth feeling fresh after every bite while providing an uplifting euphoric effect that leaves you relaxed without any sedative effects. Whether working or playing, these bars are delicious for all occasions.

G Strawberry Milk is another one of G Farma’s vegan-friendly options. It provides a creamy strawberry milk taste that will have you craving more from this California-based company that uses their proprietary strain grown locally in Humboldt County.

G Polar Punch, G Farma’s third vegan-friendly option, is a sweet and tart flavor for those looking to have both delicious chocolate in their lives! This candy bar provides an uplifting euphoric effect on top of its unique flavor profile with no psychedelic or sedative effects at all. G Farma G Polar Punch liquid gold chocolates are the perfect thing to bring along when going out with friends because they taste great but won’t get in the way of your social life.

All these edibles are made from cannabis grown locally by G Farma; using sustainable farming practices, these liquid gold bars add a little luxury to your marijuana consumption!