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Live Rosin Cartridges: An Ex-Budtenders Opinion & Guide

Next to flower, vaping is the most popular way to consume cannabis. These days, it seems like everyone is vaping something, cannabis concentrates included. 

Live rosin is one of the most coveted extracts on the market, and live rosin cartridges are becoming some of the most sought-out products around.  

Seen as a healthier way to consume cannabis concentrates, live rosin carts offer a discreet, convenient way to consume this popular, solventless extract..

Here we’ll take a look at everything there is to know about live rosin carts so you can determine if they’re right for you.

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Key Takeaways: Live Rosin Carts

  • Live rosin is made without the use of solvents, offering a pure extract that’s considered cleaner than other solvent-based extracts.  
  • Live rosin is made using bubble hash extracted from fresh frozen cannabis flower, which is then pressed using a rosin press.
  • Live rosin carts are different from live resin carts in that live resin is made using solvents such as butane, CO2 and ethanol.

How Is Live Rosin Made?

Live rosin is actually made in a two-part process that involves pressing bubble hash made from fresh frozen cannabis flower. 

Essentially this means the first part of the process involves an ice water extraction process to create bubble hash. The bubble hash is then pressed using heat and pressure, typically with a rosin press. The result is live rosin. 

Rosin is different from live rosin, though. Creating rosin is done in a simple process that involves made pressing fresh frozen or dry, cured cannabis flower. No bubble hash involved. 

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What Are Live Rosin Cartridges?

Live rosin cartridges are vape carts that contain live rosin. These vape carts are one of the latest, most natural, highly potent options for vaping pure, solventless extracts like live rosin. 

Live rosin carts are made with bubble hash extracted from fresh frozen flower. There are no additives, hydrocarbon residues, or fillers. And they’re super easy to use, making them popular with the average cannabis user.

Live rosin carts contain several benefits. For one, they’re super discreet and can be used almost anywhere. 

For another, they’re made with fresh frozen flower, meaning you get all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabis compounds that lend to the entourage effect. 

Because live rosin is made without any solvents, it’s also one of the purest vape carts available. This is why so many health-conscious cannabis consumers have turned to live rosin above other cannabis products.  

That said, vaping isn’t without its cons, with the health factors associated with vaping the biggest concern consumers face. 

As research looks into the impact on respiratory health, it’s been discovered that there are possible negative effects of vaping concentrates. 

Smoking anything can be harmful to your health, even if it is by vaping one of the purest cannabis extracts you can find. 

The biggest concern of vaping any cannabis concentrates is the effects caused by vaping carts that contain vitamin E acetate, which has been found in several poor quality (adulterated) cannabis cartridges. 

When purchasing live rosin carts, make sure to research what ingredients are contained in your product. Insist on only buying products that have been third party tested with product COAs that prove what’s in your product.

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Live Rosin Cartridges VS Regular

There are a few key differences between live rosin carts and regular carts. The biggest difference being  is how the concentrate is extracted from the cannabis flower. 

Extraction Techniques

Regular carts are usually made with a form of cannabis distillate that’s been extracted using solvents such as butane, CO2 or ethanol. Terpenes are then reintroduced into the final product. 

Regular cartridges are typically made using extract from cannabis that’s been dried and cured, which doesn’t preserve terpenes as well as concentrates made with fresh frozen flower. 

Live rosin, on the other hand, is extracted without solvents using fresh, frozen cannabis flower, which better preserves terpenes for a stronger, more natural product compared to regular carts. 


Another big difference between live rosin carts and regular carts l is the flavor.  

Live rosin is one of the purest, most flavorful concentrates you can find. This means you’ll find that quality live rosin carts contain a cleaner and more unique flavor than normal carts. 

Not to hate on regular carts, they can still have a satisfying flavor. But if you are a cannabis connoisseur, you’re more apt to like the taste of a live rosin cart.


Because live rosin is made from bubble hash, you can expect a much more powerful high than you would with a normal cart. 

While bubble hash isn’t the most potent concentrate, THC levels can still reach up to 60%, meaning live rosin carts will definitely cause a stronger effect than regular carts. 

Even though regular carts have added terpenes, the effects are not as strong and pleasing as the feeling associated with fresh frozen flower used to create the bubble hash that live rosin is made from. 

Live Rosin Carts VS Live Resin Carts

The primary difference between live rosin carts and live resin carts is that live rosin is solvent-free, while live resin uses extraction methods that use solvents. 

This is why live rosin carts are becoming more popular with health-conscious cannabis consumers. They are seen as an all-natural alternative to other types of cannabis concentrate vape carts.

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Extraction Techniques

You know live rosin is made with bubble hash, but live resin is made differently. 

Both use fresh frozen cannabis. But live resin is extracted using CO2 or other solvents like butane, propane and ethanol to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from plant material. 

Using closed-loop extraction and hydrocarbon solvents, live resin is extracted, and the solvents are removed in a complicated purging process.

It’s a much more complicated method  of extraction compared to live rosin, but the results are highly potent and flavorful live resin that can be turned into many different end products.


Compared to regular carts, live resin contains superb flavor, as the terpene profile is maintained throughout the extraction process. 

That said, the flavor of live rosin is also fire. 

When it comes to flavor, live rosin vs live resin all comes down to a matter of personal preference. 

Some say that live rosin has a better taste to it, as some people say they can taste the solvents in live resin carts. While this isn’t something we’ve personally experienced, it’s definitely a claim made by some consumers. 

When purchasing live rosin or live resin carts, choose strains you love the flavor of, as the cart should contain the taste of the strain it was originally extracted from.


Both live rosin and live resin contain similar potencies. The resulting effects have more to do with the particular strains used to make the product.

Some claim that live resin contains more THC, making it stronger than live rosin, but the jury is still out on this one.

live rosin on parchment

Wrapping Up: Live Rosin Cartridges

Anyone interested in vaping one of the purest cannabis concentrate cartridges you can find, live rosin carts are where it’s at. 

This solventless extract is created with bubble hash extracted from fresh frozen cannabis flower. With zero solvents, a delectable flavor and powerful potency, it’s easy to see why live rosin cartridges are so popular amongst health-conscious cannabis consumers. 

While live rosin tends to be more expensive than other concentrates and carts, you’ll definitely find you get what you pay for. 

Next time you go to purchase a vape cart, we highly recommend checking out live rosin cartridges. While we definitely like to get down on other concentrates, we’ve never once regretted spending a little more money on live rosin. The purity alone is definitely worth every extra penny.