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Mango and Weed: Will Mangoes Really Make You Higher?

Whether you smoke weed all day everyday or only toke a few times a week, if you’re like most cannabis consumers, you’re likely interested in ways to make your high more potent. 

Many myths persist about weed and its combination with other plants and medicinal herbs. If you’ve ever heard that eating mango prior to consuming marijuana can make you higher, it’s because it just might.  

Mango and weed are said to share a very special relationship. And while it’s not written in stone, eating a mango before you smoke weed could accentuate your already elevated experience.

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Mango and Weed: The Commonalities 

What exactly do mango and weed have in common? 

For one, they’re obviously both plants. And both have a long history of being used as medicinal herbs and in aromatherapy. 

Cannabis actually has many compounds in common with many vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants. In particular, they share similar terpene content, the compounds responsible for aromas and flavors. 

One of the biggest things mango and marijuana have in common is one particular terpene fruity and earthy terpene known as myrcene. Which plays a huge role in why mango accentuates the effects of marijuana, which we’ll explore here soon. 

But first, does eating mango before you smoke weed really increase your high?

Does Mango Make You Higher? 

Does eating mango before you smoke weed really make you higher? 

It sure does. 

And it all comes down to the way certain chemical compounds in each interact with one another. Countless anecdotal claims contend eating mangoes makes your high more potent. While there aren’t any scientific studies to back this up,  it may very well be true. 

Mango has been associated with relaxation for a long time. If you eat mangoes before bedtime, you’ll notice you’ll feel well-rested after you wake up. This is because mangoes contain magnesium and other compounds that favor the relaxation of muscles and blood vessels. 

The fact that mangoes can increase a sense of content relaxation doesn’t have anything to do with how high you’ll get if you eat them before smoking your favorite strain. The biggest reason mangoes are believed to get you higher all comes down to how the terpene profile of one plant interacts with the other.

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The Myrcene Terpene In Mangoes 

If we look at the terpene composition of mangoes, you’ll find they contain a very high concentration of myrcene. Guess what else contains a lot of myrcene? 

That’s right. Weed. In fact, myrcene is the most abundant terpene found in cannabis. Most modern cannabis strains are believed to contain up to 20% myrcene. Hops is another plant with significant myrcene content. 

Research suggests that myrcene contains pain relieving and sedative qualities, making the terpene largely responsible for the relaxing effect of plants like cannabis, hops, and  lemongrass.

The same study also suggests that Myrcene may also help lower resistance across the blood-brain barrier, which would allow the cannabinoids to bind better to receptors in the brain.  

Additionally, its sedating properties compound with weed to make you feel like it’s your weed doing all the work, when in fact, it’s also the myrcene chiming in.

So considering the naturally relaxing qualities of myrcene and the fact it helps cannabinoids get to the brain, it’s possible that myrcene in mangoes could intensify your high. 

While the effects might be subtle, it’s worth a shot. Besides, mangoes are delicious. Who doesn’t want to start off their smoke sesh with a sweet tropical treat?

Eating Mangoes Before Smoking Weed 

Is eating mangoes before smoking weed even worthwhile? Maybe. Maybe not. 

Don’t expect to eat one mango before lighting up a joint and experience a huge difference. If you don’t smoke weed often, you might feel something. But if you have any tolerance to weed at all, you’ll likely have to eat quite a few mangoes. 

How long before smoking weed should you eat those mangoes or sip on a mango smoothie? It all depends on your own unique body chemistry, but waiting 1-2 hours is a good rule of thumb to follow. 

This gives your digestive system enough time to absorb all the compounds and into your bloodstream. If your digestive system is fast enough, you can probably get away with eating the mangoes and smoking weed right after. 

Eating mangoes before smoking weed is all about experimentation. Try eating just one or two at first to see how they sit with you. The last thing you want is an upset stomach before your beloved smoke sesh. 

Otherwise, what do you have to lose by eating mangoes before smoking weed? While the effects will likely be on the subtle side, it’s a fun experiment. And just might intensify your high. We’d definitely consider that a win.

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Wrapping Up: Mangoes and Weed 

Can combining mangoes and weed really make your marijuana experience better? It just might. Many people report that mangoes make their trips more potent. While there isn’t any direct scientific evidence to support this, there’s reason to believe it might be true. 

Mangoes and marijuana share a compound called myrcene, one of the terpenes responsible for the shared fruity, earthy smell of both plants. It contains relaxing, sedative-like effects, which is why beer and weed both tend to be so relaxing. 

Mango juice and fresh mangoes have the highest myrcene content, both of which can be consumed 1-2 hours before you plan to get high.

While mango might not work for everyone that wants to accentuate their high, some say it really does work. If it doesn’t work for you, there’s always the option of smoking stronger strains.