Medical Marijuana Reciprocity Friendly States: Out-Of State Medical Cards 2024

Airport cocktails are a go-to stress reliever for many travelers. But if you’re like me, you might be more interested in relaxing with a medical-grade joint at your destination. 

Unfortunately, you might be breaking the law if you use cannabis in another state. That is why it is important to know which states will recognize your home state’s medical marijuana card and which ones won’t. 

Keep reading to learn what states have medical marijuana reciprocity and accept out of state MMJ cards.

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Can I Use My Medical Card In Another State?

You can use your medical marijuana card in another state if both your home state and the state you are traveling to have medical marijuana reciprocity programs. 

Even though some states may recognize each other’s medical marijuana programs, they may have different rules regarding how you can access and use medical marijuana legally. 

For example, some states may stipulate that you can only use your medical marijuana card if your qualifying condition matches their list of qualifying conditions. Others may not allow you to buy cannabis from their dispensaries. 

You may have different rules to follow, but your MMJ card can give you some level of legal protection under another state’s MMJ program.

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Medical Card Reciprocity 2024 Update Per MMJ State


Alabama has a medical marijuana program for its qualifying patients to lawfully use medical marijuana. 

Currently, there is no medical marijuana reciprocity for out-of-state patients. Recreational use is still illegal.


Alaska does not practice reciprocity with any other states. It has both medicinal and recreational MMJ programs. 

You can legally purchase up to an ounce of cannabis in Alaska for recreational use.


Arizona does recognize out-of-state medical cards. They have specific limits for their program. 

Visiting qualifying patients must have a condition on Arizona’s list of qualifying conditions. 

You also need to be a non-resident of Arizona or have lived there for less than 30 days. And you need to have a valid medical cannabis card from another state. 

If you don’t meet these conditions you have alternative options. You can legally purchase and possess up to one ounce of cannabis for recreational use.


There is medical marijuana reciprocity in Arkansas

To take advantage of it you will need to fill out a visiting patient form. And you will need to provide proof of your out-of-state MMJ registration. 

Once this is complete, anyone with a valid medical cannabis card can purchase MMJ in the state. 

There is a push to legalize recreational cannabis use within the state but as of now it is still not allowed.


California does not have state reciprocity when it comes to MMJ cards. Instead, they require visitors to apply for a California medical marijuana identification card. 

You can also legally purchase up to 28.5 grams of cannabis or 8 grams of concentrate recreationally.


Colorado’s medical cannabis program does not recognize out-of-state MMJ cards. 

However recreational marijuana is legal. The possession limit is up to two ounces.


Connecticut does not have MMJ card reciprocity. 

They legalized the possession (for all adults) of up to one and a half ounces of cannabis in 2021. 

However, keep in mind dispensaries only accept Connecticut-issued MMJ cards

No adult-use dispensaries have opened yet. You may be able to possess medical cannabis if you stay within the possession limit. But you will not be able to purchase it even as a visiting qualifying patient.


Delaware is considering legislation that would legalize possession of up to an ounce of cannabis for adults. 

But as of right now there is only a state medical marijuana program. There is no reciprocity with other states.

District of Columbia*

Washington, D.C. recognizes medical cannabis cards from 32 states

There is a possession limit of one ounce. They also allow for possession of up to two ounces of cannabis for personal adult use.


Florida does not have medical marijuana reciprocity. They still outlaw the use of recreational marijuana too. 

But, if you reside in the state for at least 31 consecutive days in the calendar year you may be a seasonal resident. Seasonal residents are allowed to apply for a temporary MMJ card.


Georgia has its own specific laws regarding cannabis. 

They are specifically a ”medical cannabis” state. They only allow their qualified MMJ patients access to 20 fluid ounces or less of low-THC oil. 

Possession of cannabis flower or any other form of cannabis is illegal. 

Georgia does not have reciprocity with any other states. They will allow you to possess 20 fluid ounces or less of low-THC oil. 

This is allowed if you are in the state for less than 45 days and have a valid card from another state.

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Hawaii does not recognize out-of-state medical cannabis cards. But they do allow visiting patients to apply for their MMJ program. 

If you have serious or terminal conditions you can get your application fast-tracked. Recreational use is not allowed.


Illinois does not have medical marijuana reciprocity with any other state. Recreational cannabis is not legal.


Iowa allows its qualifying residents to apply for a medical cannabidiol card.  

If you are traveling with a valid MMJ card from a state that allows the same products as Iowa you are allowed to possess medical marijuana that meets Iowa’s product standards.

But it is not legal to purchase medical marijuana or any other products from one of their dispensaries.


Louisiana has a medical marijuana program. It does not have reciprocity with any other states. 

They do not allow recreational cannabis use at this time. 

MMJ patients from Louisiana may be able to visit other states and purchase cannabis products. It depends on if the state they are visiting allows it. 

The only neighboring state that has MMJ reciprocity is Arkansas. Remember that it is illegal to transport cannabis across state lines into Louisiana.

You will need to register and pay a small fee to purchase medical marijuana in Arkansas.


Medical cannabis patients visiting Maine from out of state can purchase MMJ. This is as long as your state is on the list of approved credentials for use in Maine. 

They have also legalized adult use of cannabis. You can purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana from a licensed dispensary as long as you are 21 or older.


Maryland has a medical marijuana program. Unfortunately, they will not recognize other states’ medical marijuana cards.


Massachusetts has reciprocity when it comes to medical marijuana possession limits. 

With an out-of-state medical cannabis card, you can legally possess medical marijuana for up to one ounce. 

They don’t recognize any other state’s MMJ cards when it comes to purchasing marijuana. 

You can purchase up to one ounce of recreational marijuana if you are 21 or older.


Michigan does have MMJ reciprocity. But it is up to the dispensaries in Michigan whether they will recognize an out-of-state MMJ card. 

Recreational use is legal within the state. So you can purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis as long as you are 21 or older.


Minnesota state does not recognize out-of-state MMJ cards. Recreational sales are not allowed.


Mississippi has not addressed the issue of MMJ reciprocity. They do not have any laws regarding the subject yet. 

They are still working to establish licensing and patient registry systems after recently passing the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act. 

They plan to begin accepting patient applications as early as June 2022.


Things get a little confusing in this state. Amendment 2, subsection 5 (1) is evidence that reciprocity laws exist. 

Anyone with a valid MMJ card from another state can possess the legal limit Missouri allows its own residents. This is 4 ounces. 

However, if you have a second physician’s recommendation stating the need for a higher possession they may allow it. 

Recreational use is illegal.


Montana does allow for reciprocity. 

They recognize other states’ MMJ cards. This is as long as medical marijuana patients can provide a valid MMJ card and state ID. Dispensaries will verify this information is valid to make sure you qualify. 

You can also possess up to one ounce of marijuana for recreational use. You can also cultivate up to two mature plants for private use.


Nevada recognizes MMJ cards from all other states. 

Recreational use is legal as well. Adults 21 and older can possess up to one ounce of cannabis or ⅛ of an ounce of concentrate.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire will recognize MMJ cards from other states if your qualifying condition is also recognized as a qualifying condition in New Hampshire. 

They do not allow out-of-state MMJ cardholders to purchase anything from their dispensaries. But they will allow you to legally possess MMJ that you have entered the state with.

New Jersey

Out-of-state MMJ patients can get certified for MMJ by a New Jersey doctor. They also recognize medical marijuana cards from other states. 

New Jersey’s medical marijuana program will consider a visiting patient a qualifying patient for up to 6 months. Medical marijuana patients can possess up to 3 ounces of flower

They have also legalized recreational marijuana as well. You can purchase up to one ounce of cannabis for recreational use.

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New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the most liberal states regarding out-of-state medical marijuana users. 

They recognize MMJ cards from all other states. Any out-of-state patients can purchase medical marijuana from their dispensaries.

New York

New York does not have any form of medical marijuana reciprocity with any other states. 

However, thanks to the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act recreational marijuana use is legal for adults 21 years of age or older. 

You can possess up to 3 ounces of cannabis and up to 24 grams of concentrate like oils or edibles. Adults may possess up to five pounds of cannabis at their personal residence.

North Dakota

North Dakota has a state medical marijuana program. They do not allow out-of-state patients to use their MMJ cards. 

Recreational use is still illegal. Possession under half an ounce has been decriminalized though you can still be charged up to a $1000 fine. 

An initiative to legalize cannabis for adult use is in the process of qualifying for the November 2022 ballot

If approved, this would allow adults to possess up to an ounce of cannabis. And cultivate up to 3 plants in their homes.


Ohio has a medical marijuana program but does not recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards or certificates. 

The Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative may appear on the ballot in November 2022. 

If voted and passed, then it would enact a state law to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults. It would allow them to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis and up to 15 grams of concentrates.


Patients visiting Oklahoma must fill out a temporary patient application form

As long as this is done the state will recognize out-of-state MMJ cards and certificates. Only then can they legally purchase anything from a dispensary. 

They have not legalized recreational cannabis use.


The Oregon MMJ program does not participate in reciprocity with any other states. 

But they have legalized recreational use. Anyone over the age of 21 can purchase cannabis from a retail dispensary. The possession limit is one ounce.


Pennsylvania does not allow recreational cannabis use. Nor does it recognize out-of-state MMJ cards. 

However, when it comes to minors there are some different reciprocity laws. If a parent or caregiver lawfully obtains MMJ from another state or US territory they can legally administer the medication to the minor.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island does not recognize MMJ cards or certificates from other states. They are also one of the very last states in New England to still view recreational use as an illegal activity. 

Only Rhode Island adults with a debilitating condition may use MMJ. This is after getting a written recommendation from a physician.

South Dakota

South Dakota’s MMJ program launched in 2020 after the passing of Measure 26. 

Recreational marijuana use is still illegal and they do not have any reciprocity. 

However, nonresident cardholders will not be arrested by the highway patrol for the possession of cannabis. 

Nor will they seize the cannabis as long as you can present your valid MMJ card. You must also be within possession limits. They are up to 3 ounces of unaltered cannabis.


Your qualifying condition must be on the list of Utah’s qualifying conditions to legally possess and use MMJ in the state. 

New residents to Utah that have a valid MMJ card can possess MMJ from out of state for up to two 21-day periods

If you want to purchase MMJ from a dispensary in Utah you will need to apply for an MMJ card in Utah. Recreational use is still illegal and there is no other form of reciprocity.


If you are not an MMJ patient In Vermont you can legally possess up to 1 ounce of MMJ or 5 grams of hashish for recreational use. Or you can grow up to two mature marijuana plants or four immature plants for recreational purposes. 

However, only medical dispensaries have permission to sell cannabis in the state. Medical dispensaries will only accept Vermont-issued MMJ cards. They will not recognize out-of-state MMJ cards. 

October of 2022 is the soonest you can hope to see recreational dispensaries opening in Vermont.


Virginia does not practice any form of MMJ reciprocity with any other states. 

Adults 21 and over may possess up to one ounce of cannabis for personal use. They may also grow up to four plants per household following specific requirements. 

It is still illegal to sell marijuana so you cannot buy it at a retail dispensary.


Washington state does not have MMJ reciprocity. 

But, people over the age of 21 with a photo ID can purchase up to one ounce of cannabis flower

Or 16 ounces of infused edibles in solid form, 72 ounces of edibles in liquid form, or 7 grams of concentrates. 

You can purchase cannabis products from a state-licensed retail store. A valid photo ID is required and most dispensaries only accept cash.

West Virginia

West Virginia has an MMJ program but still considers recreational cannabis use to be illegal. 

They are very strict when it comes to MMJ use. They do not recognize out-of-state cards. Only current West Virginia residents with a valid MMJ card may possess MMJ. 

The laws only apply to MMJ purchased from a licensed West Virginian dispensary. MMJ must be stored in the original containers with a receipt. 

MMJ purchased from a licensed out-of-state dispensary is still considered illegal. Even for state residents with a valid MMJ card.

Puerto Rico*

You can purchase MMJ from a dispensary in Puerto Rico if you have a valid MMJ card from a US state. 

Recreational cannabis is not legal in Puerto Rico.