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Microdosing Edibles – What Is It, and How Much Should You Take?

Microdosing is a big buzzword these days. And as cannabis legalization continues across the country, more people are interested in microdosing marijuana. 

Microdosing, which involves taking sub-perceptual doses of CBD or THC, has become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. 

Not everyone wants to get blasted everytime they smoke weed or consume THC-infused treats.   Which is exactly why microdosing edibles and flower is becoming a mainstay in today’s modern marijuana culture. 

How much is a microdose? And are there any benefits to microdosing? 

Here we’ll take a look at everything marijuana microdosing, edibles and cannabis flower included.

microdosing marijuana edibles

What Is Microdosing Edibles?

What exactly is microdosing edibles? 

We’re glad you asked. 

Basically, microdosing edibles involves consuming trace amounts of THC or CBD when eating cannabis-infused edibles. 

Instead of eating the entire edible, whether CBD gummies, THC infused edibles, THCV gummies, HHC gummies or some other ganja goodies, you only take a partial dose. 

How much should you take? 

When it comes to microdosing edibles, there aren’t any official definitions on what constitutes a microdose. 

There is, however, consensus that a microdose refers to any dose of THC from 2-5mg. When microdosing CBD, users typically find doses of around 10mg constitute as a micro. 

Typically, microdose amounts for edibles range from 10% to 50% of a standard dose.

The concept of microdosing isn’t unique to cannabis. Microdosing psilocybin (aka magic mushrooms) is wildly popular. 

Microdosing also occurs in medical environments, especially when people are hypersensitive to their prescribed medication. 

Microdosing also occurs when a new drug is tested for the first time in clinical trials. Clinicians will start with microdoses, gradually increasing the dose until the medication is determined safe.

Why Microdose an Edible?

Why should you microdose an edible? 

Microdosing cannabis edibles (and flower) all comes down to taking advantage of the cannabis’ enhancing benefits at a fraction of the usual dose (and cost). 

Microdosing is also amazing for sensitive cannabis consumers who tend to feel a bit uneasy when taking the recommended dose. Everyone responds to weed differently, and the recommended dose isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all guideline. 

Keep in mind that finding your personal, perfect microdose can prove challenging. Some people won’t respond to microdosing at all. 

Microdosing edibles won’t cause a substantial change in one’s mood, but it will definitely cause a subtle, noticeable effect. Which is sometimes all you really need.

microdse marijuana edible

Benefits From Microdosing Edibles 

Wondering what some of the benefits are of microdosing cannabis edibles? There’s actually quite a few! 

Some of the most common, everyday benefits of microdosing edibles include: 

  • Microdosing can save you money. 
  • You significantly reduce the chance of experiencing adverse effects.
  • Taking smaller doses can decrease the chance of developing dependence or addiction.
  • Microdosing edibles allows you to enjoy weed without getting out-of-this-world high. 

While there’s not a lot of research on microdosing edibles, there are some studies that have explored microdosing THC and other cannabinoids. 

In a 2020 study, for example, patients given 1mg THC experienced significant pain reduction with small doses of the cannabinoid taken every six hours. In another study, researchers discovered that low, regular doses of THC significantly reduced spasticity and sleep disturbances in multiple sclerosis patients.

How to Microdose Edibles

Even the most experienced cannabis consumers enjoy microdosing edibles and cannabis flower. 

If you’re ready to give this whole microdosing thing a try, it’s important to keep something in mind. Your ideal microdose all depends on your tolerance level. 

If you’re a heavy user who loves to wake and bake, then your perfect microdose will  most likely be on the higher end of the spectrum.

As with regular doses, it would be best to start low and slow, then adjust your dose to find what works best and offers the desired effects. 

Also, give yourself at least four hours after consuming an edible to effectively judge how you feel about the experience. If the experience wasn’t exactly what you hoped it would be, you can then adjust the dose later to achieve the intended effects.

Also remember that if you eat before taking your microdose, onset time will take much longer and the overall experience may be milder. That said, the effects could last much longer than if you took your micro on an empty stomach. 

Now let’s take a look at two of the most common dosages for microdosing marijuana, which can help you better understand what you might expect from your personal microdosing experience.

1MG THC Microdosing

The effects of microdosing 1 mg THC is negligible, meaning you’re not likely to feel much of anything. 

A 1 mg microdose is about the same amount of THC found in many full spectrum CBD gummies, and can be an excellent starting point for anyone who doesn’t use THC looking to get their feet wet. 

Heavy users aren’t likely to feel a thing on such a miniscule amount of THC. Inexperienced or sensitive users, on the other hand, may find their pain, anxiety, nausea or other symptoms less intense and a bit easier to manage.

Generally, 1 mg of THC is the recommended microdose for first-time users.

2.5mg microdose thc

5MG THC Microdosing

Experienced stoners, take note. The 5 mg microdose is likely your microdosing sweet spot. 

A 5 mg microdose of THC is a great starting point for experienced cannabis consumers that want to try microdosing. 

It’s also perfect for cannabis consumers with little or no experience with THC that are interested in experiencing some noticeable effects, without getting ridiculously high. 

If you’re new to THC, keep in mind that a 5 mg microdose could be too much for sensitive users. As we mentioned, it’s always important to start low and go slow when it comes to finding the best THC microdose for your own unique needs.

Will Microdosing THC Get Me High?

Microdosing THC should not get you high, but it should contain some noticeable effects. 

Think of microdosing edibles and cannabis flower like a super subtle shift in perception. Not exactly high, but noticeably elevated. 

Once you find your perfect microdose dose, you’ll have your personal sweet spot dialed in and be able to enjoy all the benefits of microdosing marijuana for yourself. 

While microdosing won’t necessarily get you high, it’s the perfect introduction for inexperienced cannabis consumers or people who want to try it again after years of abstaining.

Wrapping Up Microdosing Edibles

Microdosing edibles is a fun, delicious, and effective way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and cannabinoids without getting high. 

You’ll still feel the awesome effects cannabis offers, you’ll just find microdosing to be a much more subtle approach to the whole marijuana experience. 

Generally, a microdose of marijuana is considered anything between 1-5 mg THC. Since everyone’s body is unique, so is their perfect microdose.