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What Is Mids Weed & Is It Worth Buying?

Back in the 1960s and early 1970s, it was common for Mexican marijuana to have a THC level of 4% to 7%.  A few years later, Colombian cannabis showed up on the scene and blew people away, with THC levels hovering between 15% and 17%.

Today, however, even those numbers have been dwarfed by exotic strains of top-shelf cannabis that have achieved THC levels of 20% to 25%.

Many cannabis smokers have adjusted their gentrified taste buds to consider the new standard for judging marijuana and anything less often said to be a substandard grade of cannabis.

Even what we call mids weed has changed over time as THC potency has become the front and center of smoking marijuana. 

Keep reading for the details around this shift and what mids marijuana actually is.

cannabis mids

THC Concentrations Have Risen

Nonetheless, while the THC levels of marijuana in the 1960s may not have been considered desirable by the connoisseurs of that era, the 12% to 17% offered by Colombian cannabis was undoubtedly more than enough to deliver a powerful and exhilarating punch to aficionados of the weed.

These days, many smokers have begun to realize that weed falling within this middle zone in regard to THC levels is less expensive than ultra-premium buds. 

Also, it presents a more comfortable price point while providing them with a sufficient punch to put a smile on their faces.

What Is Mids Weed?

When applied to cannabis, the term ‘mids’ is a reference that basically is used to define weed that may not be the best you have ever smoked, but it is far better than the Mexican marijuana that was the standard in the late 1960s.

While the origin of this terminology seems to have no clear origin, the classification is often used these days to denigrate the weed of other people. 

Despite this fact, however, the overall popularity of ‘mids’ weed has grown exponentially over the past decade.

While paying a high price for the best dank flower may make perfect sense if you need those egalitarian buds to assist you in coping with your day-to-day. However, it may not be truly necessary to use it as your day-to-day go-to herb.

Although it may not be the most attractive or fragrant, a mids bud can still be palpably potent. 

Mids weed is perfect for when you are rolling up several joints to take to a party but don’t want to blow $50 or more in the process.

Mid-grade weed is also an excellent choice when you are making brownies or other edibles because you can achieve efficacy with your goodies without the financial pain that might be involved if you used premium, top-shelf buds.

Additionally, mid-grade cannabis is exceptionally well-suited for people who do not want to get so totally ripped that it negatively affects their productivity.

Whenever you need a decent smoke that is reasonable in both price and quality, mids will never let you down.   

Here are four categories of weed that describe the spectrum of differences that each contains.

Cannabis Ranked By Potency


dank buds

When applied to marijuana, the term ‘dank’ is a general term used by seasoned smokers to describe cannabis that possesses the utmost in flavor, aroma, overall strength, and appearance. 

It is a name that is just one of the synonymous monikers that have been used over the past few decades to identify and classify the very finest weed available to facilitate their marijuana experience.

Other descriptive names for top-shelf quality weed include chronic, stank weed, skunk, and badass.

However, perhaps the earliest of such classifications was made by local Hawaiians when they came up with ‘Da kine’ in the early 1970s after the perfection of such popular indigenous land-race genomes as Maui Wowie, Kona Gold, and Puna Butter.   

Dank weed is defined by its sparkling, trichome crystals and orange hairs, which are generally profusely present over the crown of each bud and indicate a rich cannabinoid content. It should be sticky to the touch and give little resistance to a gentle squeeze. 

Dank is top-shelf cannabis that should emit an incredibly rich, somewhat musty, and pungently floral aroma, which will tend to vary from strain to strain.

Most important, however, is not how it looks, smells, and feels, but rather its overall effect. Dank weed is distinguished by the fact that it is high-quality cannabis that is extremely strong, often containing a THC content of 23% or more.

While Dank delivers a soaring recreational high, the fact of the matter is that some of the higher THC strains can be so strong that it might get some individuals a little too high or at least slightly out of their comfort zone.

Dank weed provides the ultimate experience for seasoned cannabis connoisseurs, but they definitely pay a premium price to be able to enjoy the privilege of smoking it.   


mids cannabis

Just as you may not want to pull your very best wines out of the rack every day for casual daily consumption, for many people, that same axiom might apply to the weed they enjoy as well.

In the real world, most individuals need to be productive in order to survive and not constantly pinned to a couch after smoking super high-grade cannabis.

This is when mid-grade marijuana comes into its own. It is moderately good weed that is neither high nor low grade, it is far better suited for everyday use. 

It may not be the ‘good stuff, but mid-quality weed is virtually perfect for those who may need a slight boost in creativity or require a short respite from a stressful day without destroying their ability to remain motivated.    

The effects of mid-grade cannabis can vary significantly, depending upon how strong it actually is. Generally speaking, mids contain a THC level between 12% and 17%.

It should have a relatively quick onset time, followed by a smooth feeling of intoxication and euphoria that is relaxing but still allows you to get on with your daily regimen.



Schwag is a term that is often applied to inexpensive, free handouts that are given away by various companies at trade shows and industrial fairs as promotion vehicles to help entice attendees into becoming future customers.

When applied to marijuana, it is an indication that the cannabis being referred to is of the lowest grade imaginable. 

It is generally dry, leafy, and laden with stems and seeds as well. However, one of its most tell-tale features is that it is predictably weak and lacks sufficient strength to provide you with an acceptable buzz.

The best example of schwag is the Mexican brick weed that used to be ubiquitous back in the 1960s. Brick bud arrived dry, and tightly pressed into bricks, which helped to destroy any quality that may have existed before it was processed.

It was harsh, burned unevenly, and had to be rolled into a huge bomber that, even when smoked entirely by a single individual, barely delivered any real sense of intoxication at all, let alone a feeling of euphoria. 

The sole purpose of selling this type of schwag back in that era was to make an unmitigated profit from the lowest grade of marijuana possible, and it still is today.

Never make the mistake of thinking that ‘schwag’ is just another term for ‘shake’. Shake is simply a name that refers to whatever happens to fall off of dried flowers and end up at the bottom of your bag. 

As a result, depending upon the grade of the original flower, some shake can be exceptionally stony. Schwag, on the other hand, is never good.

When you spend your hard-earned money on schwag, you will never see a single glittering trichome. 

Your fingertips will never get sticky when you break it apart, and it emits a compost-like aroma when it is burned. It also has a harsh and unpleasant flavor when you ultimately smoke it after removing all of the seeds.

Whether you call it schwag, ‘dirt weed’, or ‘ditch weed’, the end product is basically the same.


weed mids regs

When it comes to marijuana quality, Regs are not quite as lowly as Schwag but are still nothing to write home about when it comes to appearance, flavor, and overall efficacy. It is generally overly dry and is also usually accompanied by stems and seeds.

Regs weed is certainly nothing that cannabis connoisseurs would seek out.

Instead, it is something that most would only consume as a last resort because it is usually very harsh and generally offers little in terms of cannabinoid or terpene content.

Often immature and poorly cured, regs weed usually has a grassy alfalfa-like flavor and emits a foul, sickly sweet odor when smoked in a joint.

Regs usually contain low cannabinoid concentrations, a THC level of 5% or less, and offer a substandard buzz that is only acceptable to those who have never smoked anything better.

Regs are never sold in certified dispensaries, but rather by those who deal in illegal black market weed that has been compromised in just about every way possible in order for someone to make a quick buck selling herb that is mediocre at its very best but more likely, worse.

How to Know if You are Smoking Mids Weed

While ‘mids’ may not be replete with the glittering trichomes that festoon the flowers of higher-grade marijuana, it should never contain any seeds, mold, or funky discoloration of the flowers.

The smell is probably the easiest way to determine if you are dealing with mid-quality bud. While it will never have the taste or be as pleasingly fragrant as top-grade cannabis, the weed should still smell pungent with a slight hint of terpenes depending upon the strain.

You should always avoid purchasing any marijuana that smells musty, moldy, or gives off any questionable odors. 

Who Should Buy Mids Weed?

For seasoned smokers and potency chasers with deep pockets, mids are likely beneath their standards. However, mid-grade marijuana provides an excellent alternative for anyone on a limited budget.

It is also well-suited for those who need to still be productive after getting stoned or for those old-timers who are nostalgic about the days when it took smoking a whole joint to attain a mellow yet satisfying, high.     

Wrapping Up: Mids Marijuana

After considering the variabilities presented, it is clear that mid-grade weed lives up to its name by offering a welcome middle ground between the very best and the very worst weed available.

And, for many, it may allow them to enjoy decent recreational weed without paying $50 or more for 1/8 ounce of premium bud.