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How To Get a Montana Medical Marijuana Card Online In 2023

Dr Abraham Benavides


Dr Abraham Benavides

Medical Doctor

Getting your medical marijuana card makes a step change in how you buy weed.

I had a bit of anxiety during the process but after I was approved I was so glad I did it. 

If you’re a resident of Montana and have a qualifying condition you can be approved for a Montana medical marijuana card online in minutes.

Keep reading to find out how easily you can be approved!

Montana Medical Card

Montana Medical Marijuana Program

Voters removed state-level penalties for those with a medical marijuana card in 2004. But there were many restrictions. 

In 2016, the Montana Medical Marijuana Initiative, or initiative 182, passed. This removed some of those restrictions. It made it easier for patients to get recommendations and access medical cannabis. 

More recently In 2020 ballot initiatives 1-90 and CI-118 were also passed. This legalized and taxed recreational cannabis for those 21 and over. 

Registered cardholders can purchase marijuana from any licensed dispensary in the state. 

You can purchase up to one ounce of flower per day. You are allowed to purchase up to five ounces of flower per month. 

You can also petition to increase the monthly limit up to eight ounces. 

If you don’t want to get your medication in the form of flower, you can choose to get marijuana-infused products like edibles. 

All in all, you can possess up to 800 mg of THC in marijuana-infused products. Or, you can have up to eight grams or eight mL of THC concentrate.

Montana Medical Card Requirements

To get your medical marijuana card in Montana you need to be a legal resident of the state. You also need to be at least 18 years old to fill out the application and apply by yourself. 

If you are a minor you can have a registered caregiver help you complete the process. 

Registered caregivers in Montana are different from most others in the country. This state uses the term “designated purchasers”. 

These people can purchase and deliver medical marijuana to registered patients. They are only allowed to purchase from licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. And they can only deliver medication to their patient(s). 

Designated purchasers need to be at least 21 years old. To become one, you can’t have any felony drug convictions. 

Designated purchasers can be patients in the program. There are no fees for being a designated purchaser. 

Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions Montana

In Montana, you need to be diagnosed with a qualifying condition to get a medical card. The following medical conditions qualify for medical marijuana:

  • Cachexia or Wasting Syndrome 
  • Cancer 
  • Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy 
  • Crohn’s Disease 
  • Glaucoma 
  • Intractable Nausea or Vomiting
  • Epilepsy or an Intractable Seizure Disorder 
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Painful Peripheral Neuropathy 
  • PTSD 
  • Severe Chronic Pain 
  • Muscle Spasticity from a central nervous system disorder
  • Admittance into hospice care

Montana does not accept other medical conditions based on individual doctor’s assessments. But they do allow any medical conditions or treatment approved by the legislature to be added to the list.

Montana MMJ Card

How to Get a Medical Card in Montana

To get a medical marijuana card in Montana you will need to see a board-certified physician. 

Make sure they are a licensed medical marijuana doctor who is a part of the Montana medical cannabis program. They will see if you are eligible to become a medical marijuana patient. If so, you will get a physician’s recommendation for medical marijuana. 

You can get your medical marijuana certification offline or online. 

The offline route includes finding your own licensed physician and visiting them in person. 

But the online route is much cheaper and the most well-established online services have money-back guarantees. This way if you are not approved it costs nothing. 

If you don’t get approved after seeing a doctor in-office there is no refund option. 

No matter which way you choose to go about getting your medical marijuana card you will have to follow this 3 step process:

1. Discuss Your Needs With A Medical Marijuana Doctor

This is the step that you can choose to complete via telehealth or in person. 

If you choose to complete this step in person it can be very expensive. 

If you complete this step online it can be fast and affordable, in comparison. We will explain more about the online process below. 

Either way, you need to speak with a medical marijuana doctor to determine if medical cannabis is right for you. If so, they will provide you with a recommendation for medical marijuana. 

With this, you can move on to step two of the process. 

2. Complete the MT State Application

Once you get a physician statement recommending medical cannabis treatment you should apply to the state. You can do this online through the TransAction Portal

Along with your recommendation, you will need to provide some personal information. 

The Montana Department of Revenue website also requires you to state whether or not you plan to purchase your medication from a dispensary or grow it yourself. You can’t do both, so it is important to consider well beforehand. 

When you create your portal click to “Apply for a new card.” Then you can select your application type. There are separate adult and minor applications. 

Minors may have a few additional steps and required documents for their application. 

Adults will continue to the cardholder information screen. You will be required to provide personal details. They include:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Email address
  • Phone number

After this, you provide your address and add any designated purchasers. If you do not wish to add any you can skip this step. If you do wish to add anyone you must fill out the form at this time. You can add up to two people. 

Next, you will fill out the information related to your physician and qualifying medical conditions. 

The next section is where you indicate whether you will cultivate your own cannabis or not. If so you need to provide the address where you plan to grow it. If you do not own the property, the owner needs to fill out a permission form to be attached. 

You need to agree that you will not allow your medical marijuana to go to anyone other than yourself for your medical condition. And then you need to upload your documents. The three required attachments are:

  • A clear photo
  • The physician’s statement
  • Documentation of Montana residency

After this, you need to pay the fees, affirm your information, and sign. Then you can print a copy of your confirmation. 

Applications must be submitted to the state within 60 days of the date on the physician’s statement. 

3. Get Your Medical Card From Montana State

After submitting your application for medical marijuana in Montana, you will have access to a temporary card.

You can print this from the screen after submitting your application. You must have a physical copy of the temporary card to make any purchases. 

When your application is approved you will be mailed a card. This card is valid for one year. You should receive it within two to four weeks of being approved.

How To Get An Montana Medical Marijuana Card Online

The simplest way to get medical marijuana in Montana is to get a recommendation online. 

Instead of seeing a physician in person, you consult with one online. You can speak with them in the comfort of your own home usually on a more flexible schedule. And you can get a recommendation in just a couple of minutes. 

The recommendation is valid for an entire year. There is no difference between getting a recommendation online or in person. 

The way you get a recommendation online is through a Telehealth service like Leafwell or Veriheal. These services connect you to a licensed medical marijuana doctor. 

Get Your Montana Medical Card Online In Minutes | Leafwell
  • Apply within 10 minutes!
  • Connect with a board certified physician
  • Your money back if you’re unsuccessful with your application
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To use one of these types of services you need to go to their website and click to get started. Don’t forget, you get approved or you get your money back. And they use secure and HIPAA-compliant software to make sure your information is protected. 

To sign up you will need to provide some personal information. This will include information like your name, email, and phone number. 

That’s pretty much it! After you register you can schedule a time to consult with your doctor via a video call. 

They will ask you some questions regarding your health. You can discuss medical marijuana treatment options with them. 

If you are approved you will get your recommendation following the call. Most calls only take about 15 minutes to complete. 

After this, you can take your recommendation letter and get started on step two above. 

How Much Does A Montana Medical Marijuana Card Cost Online?

A medical marijuana card will cost different amounts depending on how you get your card. 

We recommend checking out Leafwell and Veriheal, as these are two of the best-known telehealth services when it comes to connecting patients with medical marijuana doctors in their states. 

Both of these platforms service Montana patients. Both of them have money-back guarantees

Veriheal costs $199 for one consultation with a licensed practitioner and a physician statement. But you and a family member can both get cards for $379. 

Leafwell is $149 for one person. But if you sign up with a friend you can get a recommendation for $134 per person. It also costs $20 to apply to the state with your recommendation letter. It costs $10 to replace a card if you lose it.

Montana Medicinal Marijuana

Montana Medical Marijuana Card Benefits

Yes, recreational cannabis is now allowed in Montana. And recreational users can purchase and consume up to one ounce of cannabis with no penalties. But, that doesn’t make getting a medical card useless. Not at all. 

MMJ Is Cheaper Than Adult Use Weed In MT

The best benefit that comes with getting a medical cannabis card is that it allows you to legally purchase, possess and consume higher quantities of marijuana in Montana at a lower cost than recreational. 

Medical marijuana users get to pay much lower taxes. Recreational cannabis users pay 20% in taxes. Medical patients only pay four percent. 

This is enough of a difference to make it worthwhile even for patients who are used to buying marijuana from black market channels. 

Legally Buy Marijuana From 18

Patients in Montana can also purchase cannabis sooner. With a valid medical cannabis card, you can purchase cannabis at 18 years old. Without one, you need to wait until you are 21 years old. 

Note – The Montana medical program is also open to minors, as long as they have a designated purchaser assigned to pick up and dispense the marijuana to the child. 

Enjoy Higher Home Grow Limits 

Medical users can grow up to 4 mature plants at home. This is in contrast to two plants that adults without a card can cultivate. 

Prioritized Access

And another great benefit that comes along with this is that when you purchase from a dispensary you get high-quality products on priority. 

While dispensaries may serve both medical and recreational patients, those with a medical card are prioritized. 

So instead of having to buy what is available, you get access to a large number of products and dispensaries to continue access to your specific medication.

How Hard is it to Get a Medical Card in Montana?

Like other states, it’s pretty easy to get your medical cannabis card if your needs meet the requirements. 

The major sticker is that you must be diagnosed with a medical condition that is on the state’s list of approved conditions. 

If you do have one of the qualifying medical conditions on the list you can apply with ease. You just need a recommendation from a physician to complete the state application. 

Can Montana Medical Marijuana Patients Grow Weed?

Yes. Patients can grow their own marijuana plants with a valid registry card. 

You can grow up to four mature plants. And you can have up to 12 seedlings at the same time. 

If you are growing marijuana for your own use you do not need to undergo a background check. The names of registered cardholders will not be given to law enforcement. They can call the department to verify provider and cardholder information on their own. 

If there are two or more patients in the same household you can grow a maximum of mature plants allowed is eight. 

Does Montana Accept Out Of State MMJ Cards?

Yes, Montana does recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards. And a Montana card may be recognized by other states with reciprocity as well. 

The other states that practice medical marijuana reciprocity are:

Wrapping Up Montana Medical Card

Getting your medical cannabis card unlocks valuable patient benefits like higher possession limits, higher cultivation limits, and lower taxes. 

Get Your Montana Medical Card Online In Minutes | Leafwell
  • Apply within 10 minutes!
  • Connect with a board certified physician
  • Your money back if you’re unsuccessful with your application
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Plus, if you speak with a doctor online you can see if you qualify for the program risk-free with money-back guarantees. 

Make an appointment to see how you might be able to benefit from medical marijuana today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I smoke with my medical card in Montana?

According to Montana cannabis laws, marijuana consumption and possession are prohibited in public places. It is also prohibited on all federal lands and waters. This includes medical marijuana.