Oregon Cannabis Business Council (OCBC)

Oregon was one of the first states to legalize cannabis for recreational use back in 2015.

Since then, the industry has flourished and grown at an incredible pace. But as with any new enterprise taking shape, the Oregon legal cannabis Industry has had its fair amount of challenges impacting those attempting to make a living from marijuana.

Fortunately, the creation and development of the Oregon Cannabis Business Council (OCBC) in 2014 steered the local industry to remain on course and help its members succeed.

There’s a little more history than meets the eye when it comes to the OCBC too!

The Oregon Cannabis Business Council

Created in 2014 by founders Donald and Carolyn Morse, the Oregon Cannabis Business Council endeavored to promote and protect local cannabis businesses from government intervention.

By connecting with the local population, lobbying against issues that would impact local business, and building a tribe of members, the OCBC ensured the community’s voice was heard loud and clear.

The OCBC influenced the regulatory stance on legal cannabis in Oregon on behalf of its members and helped create a safe and thriving industry.

OCBC – An Educational Resource

With regulation in the industry-changing at breakneck speed, The OCBC became a trusted resource for information.

Covering the constantly changing landscape of state and local community laws and regulations and rules that affect safe access to cannabis in the state.

The business council soon became a sounding board for ideas and a place where candid discussions could occur without judgment.

With such an open-door policy, it’s not a surprise that the OCBC was often consulted by elected officials and regulatory authorities on future decisions that impact the cannabis community. 

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Influencing Cannabis Policy In Oregon 

While some non-regulatory acting bodies are nothing more than a place for like-minded individuals to connect and group together, the OCBC influenced the right people to reduce stigma and improve education.

This was apparent at no other than the first state cannabis fair in the nation in 2016. It was here that the OCBC successfully lobbied to ensure the cannabis plants that won prizes were displayed openly and with pride.

This is just one of the earlier successes to normalize the use of cannabis in Oregon and show the community of businesses and consumers that the state was becoming more liberal and open on the topic of marijuana. 

Relationships To Grow The Cannabis Industry 

The OCBC built long-standing relationships built on trust with state and local policymakers.

These connections and the trust built by the OCBC provide fast access to legislators, regulators, and local government officials to reduce policy confusion and eliminate roadblocks for OCBC members. 

Whether it involved a legislative fix to an existing policy, driving acceptance of new sensible policies, or addressing conflicting or onerous regulations, OCBC could reach out, connect with the right people and get a solution moving in the right direction.

Quarterly Meetups 

Members would meet up quarterly to catch up on the ever-evolving legislative and regulatory environment. And, of course, hang out with like-minded folk.

These gatherings provided an opportunity for members to share their challenges, successes, failures, and insights in a friendly, open environment.