PA Medical Marijuana Card Online: How To Get One In Minutes!

As one of the forward-thinking states in the US, Pennsylvania is helping to pave the way for medical cannabis access. 

Their program is easy to use, and due to the availability of telehealth consultations, it is easier than ever to get your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania online. 

Keep on reading for the details behind MMJ in PA.

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Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program

The commonwealth of Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana use on April 6, 2016. 

Then on February 15, 2018, medical marijuana dispensaries opened across the state to meet the demands for medical marijuana for patients with severe medical conditions. 

Governor Wolf signed Senate Bill 3, legalizing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania to provide long overdue medical relief to medical marijuana users and families. 

Ensuring those who need it would benefit most from medical marijuana treatments to alleviate chronic pain and improve their quality of life. 

Patients with severe medical conditions with a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card can purchase medical marijuana from designated state dispensaries with a certified physician’s approval. 

As a patient with a medical marijuana card, you are allowed to possess up to a 90-day supply of cannabis flower, creams, gels, liquids, oils, ointments, pills, or tinctures. 

Keep in mind that you can refill your order in the last seven days of your 90-day supply. The consumption of medical cannabis is only permitted in homes and private residences. 

Also, it is essential to note that smoking medical cannabis flower is still illegal and to consume it, you must use vaporization. 

Edibles such as gummies, chocolates, and other edibles are still not available to purchase or possess. 

Also, private cultivation of cannabis is still illegal, but the Medical Marijuana Home Cultivation Bill has been presented to the Pennsylvanian Senate. 

This Bill would permit patients over 21 years old to grow up to six marijuana plants in an enclosed space in their homes. 

If passed, the Bill would allow licensed dispensaries to sell medical marijuana seeds for cultivation.

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Pennsylvania MMJ Requirements

In order to meet Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program requirements, you must be an adult over 21 years old.

However, if you are a minor over the age of 18, you can qualify for medical marijuana. 

But, you must designate a caregiver in the patient and caregiver registry to pick up your medical marijuana supply.

Caregivers must be 21 years of age, but certain specifications can allow a caregiver to be under 21 years of age. 

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, you must obtain approval to become a designated caregiver if you are under age.

To do so, email the Department of Health at DHMedMarijuana@pa.gov and provide information about your relationship with the patient and why you should be allowed to serve as their caregiver. 

You must first go through a criminal history background check to become a caregiver. 

If you have been convicted of a criminal offense relating to the sale or possession of drugs, narcotics, or other controlled substances within the past five years, you will not be permitted to become a caregiver.

It will take 4-6 weeks to complete your background check. 

Once you pass the background check, return to the state website and complete the approval process for the caregiver registration by paying the fee.

To buy from a dispensary, you need to produce an ID from the state of Pennsylvania and have a physical copy of your medical marijuana ID card to purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary.

Patients can designate up to two caregivers to help them acquire medical cannabis. 

However, one caregiver can care for up to five medical marijuana patients. They must complete adult patient-caregiver registration and get a medical marijuana caregiver card to be entered into the caregiver registry.

Medical Marijuana Card PA Approved Conditions

The state of Pennsylvania has a list of specific conditions that permit medical marijuana use. The majority of these conditions are very debilitating. These include:

  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • Anxiety disorders.
  • Autism.
  • Asperger syndrome.
  • Benzodiazepine use disorder.
  • Cancer, including remission therapy.
  • Celiac disease.
  • Crohn’s disease.
  • Central nervous system and neurological conditions.
  • Dyskinetic and spastic movement disorders.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Glaucoma.
  • HIV / AIDS.
  • Huntington’s disease.
  • Headache and migraines.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Intractable seizures.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Muscle spasms.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Neuropathies.
  • Opioid use disorder for which conventional therapeutic interventions are contraindicated or ineffective, or for which adjunctive therapy is indicated in combination with primary therapeutic interventions.
  • Parkinson’s disease.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Severe chronic or intractable pain of neuropathic origin or severe chronic or intractable pain.
  • Sickle cell anemia.
  • Terminal illness.
  • Tourettes syndrome

A Pennsylvania licensed physician will assess your medical records and recommend medical marijuana for you.

They will contact the PA department of health on your behalf and will grant you a patient certification as the first step in obtaining your PA medical marijuana card.


How To Get Medical Marijuana Card In PA

To get a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania, you must consult with a board-certified approved physician licensed to practice in Pennsylvania to determine if you are eligible. 

This doctor must be an approved physician with a certification with the state’s medical-marijuana program for you to obtain a recommendation and a Pennsylvania medical cannabis card. 

You can get a recommendation from a licensed medical marijuana doctor either offline or online.

However, doing this online is much cheaper and more accessible, and most well-established services have money-back guarantees so that if you are not approved, it will cost you nothing.

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PA Medical Marijuanas Card Online

Attaining a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card online is a relatively simple process. 

1. Get Your PA Patient Number & Patient Certification

Access the Pennsylvania Department of Health MMJ patient portal. Sign up under the Adult Patient Registration option and fill out the information needed to get your patient ID number. 

Remember that you need to have a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License or a State ID card issued through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT.) 

The card and Pennsylvania MMJ patient number you will be allotted are valid for up to a year. 

Every year you will receive an email 60 days before your patient certification, and your ID card will expire. 

To renew, log into your patient account as a returning user. Click “profile settings” and review and update your personal information under the same Pennsylvanian driver’s license or state-issued ID. 

Also, add any changes if you have moved to a new residence. After that, save all changes and click “Renew my Registration.”

To ensure that you don’t have any hassles with the signing up process, make sure to list your name exactly as it appears on your ID and that the USPS recognizes your address as a valid address. 

It is also vital that you do not add any spaces, dashes, or hyphens where you need to enter a number, so the system recognizes the data. 

You will also need a working email address for the application process.  

You will then get a verification email outlining the following steps to take. This includes getting another patient certification from a registered doctor (it does not have to be the same doctor you used previously.)

2. Get Your Marijuana Card In Pennsylvania 

If looking for a registered medical marijuana doctor, consider using a telehealth provider. We recommend checking out Leafwell and Veriheal

Both companies can supply you with a Pennsylvania MMJ certification.  

They also have money-back guarantees if you are not approved. 

If using a telehealth service like Leafwell, you first need to register on the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program website. 

Once you receive your patient ID number, you will need to make an appointment with Leafwell. You can then register online with Leafwell to speak with a Pennsylvania doctor. 

You can speak to the medical marijuana doctor and qualify for a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana ID card online. The online consultation with Leafwell will cost you $149 for your first consult. 

But to renew, you only have to pay $99 per renewal and are only billed if you are approved. 

Online Medical Marijuana Card | Leafwell
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  • Connect with a board certified physician
  • Your money back if you’re unsuccessful with your application
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Once you are approved, Leafwell’s doctors will submit your certification directly to the state website, so you don’t have to worry about ensuring the state program gets your certificate. 

Afterwards, you need to log back onto the PA state website to finish your application. You then need to pay $50 to the state. 

However, if you participate in Medicaid, PACE/PACEMENT, CHIP, SNAP, or WIC, you may only have to pay a reduced fee of $25. 

Veriheal is more expensive, with a fee of $199 for a 10-15 minutes consultation with a medical marijuana doctor. However, you and another friend or family member can get a discounted rate of $375. 

So, if you’re in PA, Leafwell works out slightly cheaper regardless.

Once certified by a physician, you will receive a new card that will be sent to the address on your ID. 

And you will soon be able to purchase medical marijuana products at a PA medical marijuana approved state-licensed dispensary with your medical marijuana card.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Your Medical Card In The Mail PA 

In most cases, it takes 2-5 business days to receive your Pennsylvanian marijuana medical card in the mail. 

However, in some instances, it may take up to 30 days to get your medical marijuana in Pennsylvania after consulting with an approved physician.

To avoid periods where you don’t have your patient ID card, renew your card once you get the 60-day email that notifies you that your Pennsylvania medical card needs to be renewed. It will save you a lot of hassle that way.

Some companies like Veriheal will also notify you before your medical marijuana card expires, so you don’t have to go without an MMJ card for long.

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How Much Medical Marijuana Can I Buy In PA?

In Pennsylvania, medical marijuana patients can purchase and possess a 90-day supply of medical cannabis. 

Before July 2021, the limit was 30 days, and a change in state regulation upgraded it in line with House Bill 1024.

Wrapping Up PA Medical Card

If you suffer from one of the listed health disorders in Pennsylvania and are a Pennsylvania resident, you can immediately become a medical marijuana patient. 

Getting a medical marijuana program card in Pennsylvania has never been more accessible.

Get your medical-issued card in Pennsylvania today via Leafwell Telehealth or Veriheal MMJ.