Nature & Bloom CBD topicals contain CBD derived from organic hemp. Available as a moisturising topical ointment or gel applied directly to your skin, for fast acting benefits.

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CBD comes in various formats, of which most are felt throughout the body. For example, CBD is commonly available via oils, edibles and vapes. A topical ointment such as a CBD gel is applied and felt locally, which makes it easier to target specific parts of your body rather than a generalised effect via other methods. A CBD topical cream can also be easily added to your daily morning routine, meaning you never forget to use it! Nature & Bloom CBD skincare is derived from organic hemp grown naturally under the sun. Permitting our customers to take advantage of what the Cannabis Sativa L plant has to offer, without any possibility of intoxication. Our topical CBD range is third-party tested, completely free of THC and combined with other natural ingredients to reap the benefits of nature in full.


The human body has cannabinoid receptors located throughout the skin, which interact with CBD to improve homeostasis and provide a feeling of wellbeing. Research suggests that CBD for the skin can support a healthy skin tone and aid relaxation. Products such as CBD creams and gels protect the skin supporting balance to discourage the growth of free radicals, which can otherwise disrupt the skin tone. CBD cosmetics can also partner with other natural compounds to provide therapeutic benefits associated with relaxation. It's why at Nature & Bloom we combine our CBD topicals with a variety of natural essential oils which aid winding down. Including Peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil. Other components of our CBD skincare range support hydration and keep you feeling fresh, including mango and shea butter. These natural components are powerful agents in isolation, but when combined with CBD, they become a useful tool in your arsenal to keep your skin looking healthy and ensuring it remains hydrated even on the coldest of days.


The CBD industry is growing at an exponential rate, with every type of possible product you can name available for you to buy. While this level of variety is excellent, the lack of current regulation means some products you purchase are below the quality benchmark you might expect. When you buy CBD topicals online you can do all the research you need directly at your fingertips, scouting through third party testing reports or seeing what other customers have to say about the brand. We know buying a CBD hemp ointment online isn't always as easy as we'd hope, so let us know if you have any questions!


Unlike CBD capsules or oils, a topical ointment such as CBD cream is manufactured for applying directly to your skin only Apply as and when you feel the need generously in the target area. Most people use CBD creams on parts of their joints and blemished skin to aid mobility and maintain skin hydration.