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Sativa VS Indica Edibles Compared: What’s Better?

Every experienced stoner knows that edibles can be intense. But is there a way to predict how your edible can affect you before you take the plunge? 

When consuming other weed products, sativa or indica can be a great indicator for your resulting high. With indica and sativa edibles, understanding the difference between these two categories can make or break your experience. 

After scouring the internet for the most up-to-date edible info, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on sativa vs indica edibles. Read ahead to learn how big of a part sativa and indica categorization plays in your edible eating experience. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Sativa edibles can produce energizing and invigorating effects and are best consumed during the day. 
  • Indica edibles can induce relaxation and sleepiness and are best consumed at night.
  • Hybrid edibles produce a variety of effects and a well-rounded high.
  • The effects of edibles vary person to person and depend on the THC:CBD ratio.  

What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa Edibles?

Just like with cannabis flower and cannabis extracts, indica and sativa edibles made from different strains of cannabis plants can have notably different effects. To understand indica or sativa edibles, it’s first essential to know the difference between indica vs sativa strains

Sativa strains are known for their uplifting, energizing and euphoric effects. Sativa flowers typically produce a powerful head high, facilitating creativity and elevating mood, making them awesome for alleviating stress and anxiety.

Indica strains are the polar opposite of sativas. Indicas are famous for promoting relaxation, pain relief and producing a buzzing, full body high. Indica edibles are best consumed at night (or when you don’t have anything to do), as indica effects can be sedating and make you not want to do much but chill. 

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If these two ends of the spectrum seem a little too intense, a hybrid strain might be a better choice than indica or sativa.

Edibles made from hybrid flower strains combine the best of both worlds, producing a mixture of effects associated with indica and sativa edibles. The high of hybrid strains is the perfect combo of stimulation and relief, balancing the indica effects and the effects of sativa strains.

More than just indica or sativa, an edible high is influenced by the terpenes preserved in the extraction process. Terpenes are organic molecules found in plants that give them unique flavors and aromas. 

When it comes to edibles, terpenes are more important than you might think. Not only do they enhance the effects of edibles, but they also ensure consumers benefit from the entourage effect.

Sativa vs Indica Edibles Compared

What exactly are the differences of the effects when it comes to consuming sativa vs indica edibles?

Hint: They’re very similar to the differences you’d feel when smoking your favorite indica or sativa flower or different cannabis flower extracts.

Sativa Edible Effects

Sativa edibles can have similar effects to those produced by smoking sativa flower. Cannabis sativa edibles are perfect for energizing you and sparking creativity. 

Edibles made with sativa dominant strains like Strawberry Cough can produce a similar high. Because sativa strains tend to energize, these edibles are better for the daytime.

Sativa edibles are also good for combatting anxiety–with your brain buzzing with innovation and inspiration, you could be too distracted to worry about your everyday woes. 

Indica Edible Effects 

Just like with sativa, indica edibles mirror the effects of smoking indica flower. Indica is better for chilling, as they facilitate sleep and produce a relaxing, pain-relieving high. 

Indica edibles can cause some of the same effects but with a prolonged duration. Because indica edibles induce sleepiness and couch lock, this type of edible is better for nighttime.

Hybrid Edibles Effects 

Hybrid cannabis strains like OG Kush produce a more balanced high. As a result, edibles made from hybrid strains can cause a variety of effects, more balanced than indica or sativa edibles.

Hybrid edibles can be consumed at any time of day. Their effects strike the perfect balance between energized and relaxed. 

Overall, you’ll feel effects on both the mind and the body. Because hybrid strains are so unique, each strain produces these effects to varying degrees.

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Does Sativa or Indica Matter in Edibles? 

Here’s a little-known secret: When it comes to edibles, indica vs sativa doesn’t matter as much as you might think. Instead, it’s all about THC/CBD ratios and terpene content when it comes to the effects of edibles. 

Edibles with a higher THC content will produce more psychoactive effects. On the other side of the coin, edibles with a high CBD percentage may induce relaxation and sleepiness.

Personally, I find that higher THC content can produce effects that mirror sativa effects, while high CBD mirrors the common effects of indica. 

Other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and THCV can impact your experience as well. Experiment with differing ratios and cannabinoids until you find one that works best for your personal preferences. 

When terpenes are preserved in the edible creation process, these terpenes can contribute to the edible’s unique distinguishing effects. Nevertheless, terps are often dissolved during the extraction process. 

This is why it doesn’t really matter about sativa VS indica when it comes to edibles. Besides,  edibles affect everyone differently based on their own unique chemistry. This means weed edible effects won’t be the same for everyone.

Dosage is extremely important to keep in mind while consuming edibles. Edibles might take longer to feel than other consumption methods, but the effects are typically much stronger. This is why it’s always recommended to start low and go slow when consuming cannabis edibles.

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Wrapping Up: Edible Strains 

When it comes down to it, sativa or indica in edibles doesn’t really matter. After all, distinguishing effects between the two types of weed (especially in edibles) can vary person to person. 

When purchasing indica or sativa or hybrid edibles, read about the terpene and cannabinoid make-up on the label. These factors will give better insight into what to expect. Higher THC content will produce heavier psychoactive effects, while higher CBD make-up will relax and sedate. 

Above all else, keep dosage, weed strains, and tolerance in mind when consuming edibles. Use caution, experiment with different cannabinoid make-ups and ratios, and enjoy the ride!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do sativa edibles give you energy?

Similar to flower, sativa edibles can produce energizing effects and induce creativity and inspiration. However, because their distinguishing effects can impact every person a little differently, these effects can vary person to person. 

Do indica edibles make you sleep?

Indica cannabis strains are known for inducing relaxation and promoting sleep. Edibles made with indica weed strains can produce similar results. However, any edible’s effects can vary person to person and effects depend heavier on the ratio of THC to CBD more than indica vs sativa.