Organic CBD Crumble (97% CBD)

Third party lab tested
✓ Free UK tracked delivery
✓ Pesticide, herbicide and GMO-free
✓ 97%+ CBD and certified THC free
✓ Create your own CBD e-juice using crumble and wax liquidiser
Terpene infused and non-infused options
✓ Broad spectrum CBD distillate, crystal form in higher quantities
✓ Use for CBD Dabs
✓ Supercritical CO2 extracted

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Our CBD crumble is made with premium hemp sourced from a family-run organic farm in Switzerland. We use a premium CBD distillate to create this crumble. Rich in cannabinoids, Nature & Bloom CBD is perfect for everyday use.

In orders above 1g our crumble comes in larger crystal-like forms due to its potency. If you are looking for broad spectrum CBD dabs UK then this is it!

Terpene Infusion (Choice)

Pick a terpene infusion if you wish, using natural terpenes infused into your crumble to add flavour and effect:

Grandaddy Purple: Flavour notes of grape and berry, naturally high in Linalool and Myrcene (Indica dominant terpene profile)

Tangie:  Strong citrus aroma, featuring Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene (Sativa dominant terpene profile)

Note: The profiles suggested above are based solely on the terpenes, Nature & Bloom CBD originates from hemp which is always a sativa.


CBD Crumble (97% CBD, 0% THC)

Popular Ways to Use

CBD dabs using a concentrates pen

Add to a concentrates insert in a vape pen (for example Pax 3)

Create your own vape juice using CBD concentrate and terpenes

Add to creams for topical use

Serving Size

This product is extremely potent, it’s nearly 100% CBD (97%).  Hence, a little goes a long way!

Note: This product comes as a crystal-like form which crumbles upon touch or heat. In higher quantity orders it is possible to obtain one single CBD crystal to cover your order.

Costs (delivered)

0.25 grams (242mg CBD) = £0.09 per milligram

0.5 grams (485mg CBD) = £0.07 per milligram

1 gram (970mg CBD) = £0.05 per milligram

2.5 grams (2425mg CBD) = £0.04 per milligram

Learn more about CBD concentrates here.



0.25g, 0.5g, 1g, 2.5g

Terpene Infused

Natural (non-infused), Grandaddy Purple, Tangie

3 reviews for Organic CBD Crumble (97% CBD)

  1. Maria (verified owner)

    This really hits the spot, i use cbd oil too but concentrates are great for an instant hit, good for on the go when i’m feeling extra anxious at work!

  2. Matthew (verified owner)

    I’ve used a variety of CBD Products and this crumble is the best I’ve tried so far. I feel so relaxed and calm. The onset is very quick when I vape it and I only need a tiny amount each time. Highly recommend.

  3. Sam (verified owner)

    Works perfectly with my new dab pen, easy to draw and very strong. Using it in bed just before i sleep and after the gym to relax. Surprised how much better this is then using my normal vape juice for an immediate hit.

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