Broad Spectrum CBD Crumble Sample 0.1g (97% CBD)

Third party lab tested 
✓ Free UK first class delivery
✓0.1g sample (97mg CBD)
✓ Pesticide, herbicide and GMO free
✓ 97%+ CBD and 0% THC
✓ CO2 supercritical extracted


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CBD Distillate Crumble sample featuring 97mg CBD.

CBD crumble is most frequently dabbed using a concentrates pen.

Pick a terpene infusion if you wish, using natural food grade terpenes infused into your crumble to add flavour and effect:

Grandaddy Purple: Flavour notes of grape and berry, naturally high in Linalool and Myrcene (Indica dominant terpene profile)

Tangie:  Strong citrus aroma, featuring Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene (Sativa dominant terpene profile)

ACDC:  Earthy and sweet, featuring Myrcene and Pinene – Sativa dominant.

Note: The profiles suggested above are based solely on the terpenes, Nature & Bloom CBD originates from hemp which is always a sativa.

Terpene Infused

Natural (non infused), Grandaddy Purple (Night), Tangie (Day), ACDC (Focus)


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