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Taking Edibles While Having Covid: Ultimate Guide

If you’re a cannabis consumer with COVID, you might be curious if smoking cannabis or taking edibles while having COVID is okay. 

No one wants to catch the virus, but by this point most people have already had it. 

Whether you currently have COVID or have already had it, you’re aware smoking weed can add to difficulty breathing. 

The virus takes a toll on the respiratory system due to its effects on the lungs, but some consumers still want to get high. Especially when isolated. 

Edibles are the solution for consumers who still want to consume cannabis when they have COVID-19. Keep reading to find out why.

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Key Takeaways: Eating Edibles with COVID

  • Taking edibles may be the best way to consume cannabis if you have COVID.
  • The effect of cannabis on COVID is scarce, but there is some promising evidence to support that CBD may help with prevention of the virus.
  • Studies show that COVID-related ailments can be alleviated through the use of weed

COVID and Cannabis

What’s the connection between cannabis and COVID? 

There’s research to suggest that individuals with a cannabis smoking history were more likely to be diagnosed with COVID-19. 

In a 2020 cross-sectional study, researchers found that younger people were more likely to be diagnosed with COVID, with cannabis consumption “significantly popular” among younger people. 

That said, the same study that made the discovery also showed that cannabis use could be a protective factor for infection. 

But not because cannabis shows to help reduce COVID infection.

Researchers hypothesized that because of the “behavior change in cannabis users,” consuming cannabis might reduce social activities, thus being a “direct protective factor” for becoming infected with the virus. 

But, in another study that looked at cannabis-using hospitalized patients with COVID, researchers discovered the severity of COVID symptoms was lower than non-cannabis consumers hospitalized with the virus. 

Cannabis and COVID patients displayed increased improvement compared to those who do not use cannabis. They found cannabis users had much better outcomes, resulting in shorter hospital stays (4 days vs. 6 days), lower chances of ICU admission, and less need for ventilation machines and supplementary oxygen.

So what gives? 

What’s the connection between cannabis and COVID? Does it help with prevention or help relieve symptoms? 

Keep reading to find out.

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Can Cannabis Prevent COVID?

If you regularly consume weed, you may be wondering if it can help prevent you from contracting COVID?

While there is little research to back it up, there are some early studies that show certain cannabinoids might help. 

CBD is one of them. This powerhouse cannabinoid has been found to help so many different ailments, that it is no surprise that it has properties that may help when it comes to contracting COVID.

Early data suggests that CBD could help prevent COVID. Researchers believe this is due to the potential of CBD to block SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID in the first place. 

In a series of studies, scientists tested how CBD and other cannabis compounds influenced SARS-CoV-2, largely focusing on how CBD interacted with the virus in both mice and human lung cells.  

They found that the viral strain could not replicate in the presence of CBD as it usually would. 

Researchers also discovered that when mice were exposed to COVID, they were less likely to develop the infection. They also found humans that took CBD weren’t as likely to report contracting COVID. 

More than 100 cannabis compounds were used in these studies, and CBD was the only cannabinoid that displayed such action against COVID. 

When CBD was combined with THC, its efficacy to protect against the virus actually decreased. 

While further evidence is needed, the results of these early studies are something to keep in mind when considering using cannabis while you have COVID.

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Can Edibles Relieve COVID Symptoms?

What about using cannabis to relieve symptoms of COVID? Body aches and pains and headaches are symptoms of the virus, and cannabis is well known for its potential to relieve pain. 

As can be expected, if you inhale marijuana in a similar way to products like tobacco, it can negatively affect your respiratory system. 

This means if you have COVID, smoking cannabis might make it worse and is probably not the best way to consume cannabis to relieve COVID symptoms. 

Here’s something to keep in mind if you’re considering continuing to smoke herb while you’re sick with COVID. It’s suggested that COVID patients inhaling weed regularly are 14 times more likely to catch COVID-induced pneumonia that severely affects the lungs.

That said, edibles don’t affect lungs like smoke does. And they may do wonders for relieving some of COVID’s less desirable side effects. 

The potential of cannabis for acute and chronic pain is well-documented, meaning edibles might help with pain relief when you have COVID. 

Because it’s so contagious, staying isolated is recommended while COVID runs its course. Not only can this isolation cause stress and anxiety, but many people are terrified that they’ll get friends or family sick. 

Here’s where the potential of cannabis to relieve stress and anxiety come in. 

Cannabis increases serotonin and decreases cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that increases in individuals with severe anxiety and depression, and lowering cortisol levels can help alleviate these conditions.

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There’s also evidence that supports the endocannabinoid system’s role on immune function. Because cannabinoids support ECS function, they may help support immunity during COVID. 

Perhaps where cannabis can help best with COVID is by reducing the cytokine storm and protecting lung tissue from inflammatory damage, such as scarring and permanent lung issues, but more research is needed to say for sure. 

While there isn’t any clinical evidence that cannabis relieves the symptoms of COVID, there is evidence that cannabis compounds can relieve some of its most common symptoms.

And there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence from real cannabis consumers that say it helps. 

Seeing that inhaling smoke is terrible for the lungs with or without COVID, edibles may be the way to go to help find the relief you need.

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Benefits of Weed Edibles

Cannabis edibles are becoming a  popular way to consume cannabis recreationally and medicinally. You can purchase ready-made cannabis edibles or make your own.

You can find gummies, cookies, butter, brownies, oils, and more. You can even find infused ice cream these days. 

When it comes to COVID, edibles are so much better for your lungs than smoking or vaping it.

THC edibles will offer the intoxicating effects cannabis is famous for, which can offer some serious relief when isolated or in quarantine. The right dose of THC in your edibles can help you relax and feel a sense of increased euphoria. 

For those who don’t want to get high, CBD edibles can offer some serious relaxation and help relieve some of the anxiety that many people experience when they have COVID. 

Both compounds can help you get better sleep, something that’s vital for repairing the body when you’re sick. 

Another benefit of eating edibles instead of smoking weed is that you avoid carcinogens and toxins associated with smoke, ultimately, reducing the chance of lung inflammation and other serious health problems.

To avoid further respiratory problems when you have COVID, edibles are a good option. Be sure to check with your medical professional before consuming cannabis, especially if you have COVID.

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Can I Take An Edible If I Have COVID?

If you’re interested in consuming cannabis while you have COVID, edibles are your best option. 

This way, you can avoid further infection in the lungs and potentially find relief from other symptoms throughout your body, such as pain and inflammation.

Edibles might also help relieve some of the stress and anxiety that accompany COVID. 

While CBD shows potential to prevent the virus, there isn’t enough conclusive evidence to say for sure. Having a stash of CBD gummies on hand certainly couldn’t hurt, though. 

If you will use cannabis while having COVID, it is a better option than inhaling it via joint or vaporizer.

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Cannabis and Long COVID Data

Long COVID is a condition where people experience long-term effects from their infection. It is also known as Post-COVID Conditions (PCC).

This disease can last weeks, months, or even years after contracting COVID, and has wreaked havoc on the lives of those who contracted the virus. 

Symptoms of long COVID include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Migraines
  • Hair loss
  • Brain fog
  • Changes in taste and smell
  • Dementia
  • Neurological injuries
  • Trouble breathing
  • Coughing fit
  • Memory changes
  • Fatigue

Seeing that cannabis has the potential to support some of the symptoms associated with long COVID, it could be something to consider.

People that experience nausea, vomiting, anxiety, stress, pain and muscle spasticity with long COVID may find that cannabis is the best way to deal with multiple symptoms at once. 

Again, always consult a medical professional before taking edibles or anything else to support symptoms of COVID.

Wrapping Up

Taking cannabis edibles while having COVID or long COVID may be a better option than smoking cannabis since COVID is a respiratory illness.

One of the key takeaways from this article is that if you have contracted COVID, you are going to have to put the joints, vapes, and blunts down for a while. 

Smoking and COVID do not jive well together. 

The good news, you can always take cannabis edibles due to their many health benefits. They could help support the immune system, and there’s a big possibility they’ll help relieve some of your symptoms. 

And while more research is needed to say for sure, CBD might even help you prevent you from catching the virus in the first place.  

Always talk to a medical professional before taking cannabis edibles or any canna-infused products when you have infections like COVID or other viruses that contain detrimental effects on your health.

Cannabis shouldn’t be considered a treatment for COVID, but it just may help you find some relief from the inevitable coronavirus infection.