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What Is THC Lube & How Does It Work?

With the widespread legalization of weed, cannabis-infused products are pretty much everywhere. Including the bedroom. 

Cannabis-infused lube has become  popular for people seeking sexual wellness products. It’s available made with THC oil and CBD oil. 

The majority of people who try it say it significantly enhances their sex life.  

At Nature and Bloom, we want your cannabis experience to be the best it can be. In and out of the bedroom. 

Read on for a deeper look at THC lube, including how it works and why you might want to try them.

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Key Takeaways: THC Lubes

  • THC lube is an oil-based sexual lubricant infused with THC oil that is designed for use during sexual activity. 
  • THC lube interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which influences sexual function.
  • It’s said to increase sex drive, the intensity of your orgasm and may increase sexual pleasure. 
  • THC lube is only available in states where recreational and/or medical marijuana are legal, while CBD lube is legal nationwide.

What is THC Lube?

THC lube is a sex lube infused with THC oil extracted from various cannabis strains. This cannabis lubricant typically blended with coconut oil was created for increased sexual satisfaction. 

Whether enjoying sex with a partner or a solo session, THC lube is designed to be used on the genitals as a pre-lube prior to intercourse or other sexual activity. It’s typically made with a carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil.

THC lube works by lubricating the genital area and relieving vaginal dryness. It’s said to increase sensation, sexual pleasure and sex drive. These THC cannabis products are also said to help individuals achieve sexual climax.

What Makes Weed Lube Different?

Weed lube with THC is not your average sex lube. 

Like most things cannabis, THC lube is said to offer a much more elevated experience than traditional sexual lubricants.

Following are a few ways canna-infused lube is different. 

Different Consistency

Unlike water-based sexual lubricants, the olive oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil or other carrier used in a THC lube formulation are more greasy.

If you’ve used regular lubes before, you’ll find cannabis oil lubes contain a more oily texture. Keep in mind that latex condoms can break down in the presence of these and other essential oils sometimes used in cannabis lubes.

Longer Onset

THC and CBD lube have a longer onset than traditional lube and can take between 15-30 minutes to reap the benefits. Due to this longer onset, it is suggested that you apply it before a long session of foreplay before sex.

That said, some people claim they feel the effects immediately on the surface of their genitals prior to a more internal sensation. If you’ve never used THC lube, it’s recommended to apply it at least 20 minutes before getting your foreplay on solo or with a partner to increase your sexual pleasure. 

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Enhanced Sensations

One of the biggest differences between THC lube and regular sex lube is the increased sensations it can offer. While some say they don’t feel a difference when using cannabis-based lubricants, most individuals that use THC lube claim it’s taken their sexual experience to an entirely new level. 

Most THC lube products are designed with female genitalia in mind. Many women who aren’t able to orgasm easily have discovered THC lube can help enhance their sexual experience by helping them reach climax. It’s also used as a sexual enhancement product for increasing focus on your partner’s pleasure. 

While it can be used on the penis, users will experience the most sensation when it is used on the vagina or anus. THC works as a vasodilator, which means you’ll experience a rush of blood to the area where it’s applied. 


Canna lube can be made with THC or CBD, but what’s the difference between these lubes? 

Check out the following differences of CBD vs THC lube: 


Lubes with THC typically contain more physiological effects such as heightened clitoral sensitivity, increased blood flow to the area where the lube’s applied and elevated sexual arousal. Some say they experience a mild high when using THC lube, while others report no psychoactive effects. 

CBD lube is similar to THC lube, minus the intoxicating effects. CBD lube offers a soothing sensation that may help relax users so they may experience increased sexual satisfaction. 


THC lube is only legal in states where recreational and/or medical marijuana is legal, and can be purchased online in select states.

CBD lube is legal nationwide under the 2018 Farm Bill, and can be easily purchased online as long as products contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.   


The general purpose of both CBD and THC lube is to increase the pleasure of sex and sexual play. They both might also offer pain relief for those who experience discomfort during sex.  

THC lube is often used to improve blood flow to blood vessels in the genital area or anus for deeper sexual satisfaction and more intense orgasms.

CBD lube is typically used for similar reasons, although some just find it’s a fun and safe way to spice things up in the bedroom. Seeing that it’s legal almost everywhere, it’s also easily accessible to residents in states where marijuana is illegal.

Does Cannabis Lube Get You High?

No, THC lube does not get you high in the traditional sense. THC works differently when it’s applied to the skin. 

While it can cause the clitoris and genital area to be much more sensitive (because it’s a vasodilator), THC lube shouldn’t get you high in the slightest. 

While you probably won’t feel high, you should feel a rush of sensation as the clitoris and genital area react to the vasodilation effect of the THC lube. This increased blood flow should help you relax, increase lubrication, may offer pain relief and a more intense orgasm during your passion play.

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How Does Weed Lube Work?

THC lube works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). While more research is needed, there’s evidence to support that the ECS plays a role in sexual motivation, sexual arousal and more.  

It’s designed to be applied to the genital area, including the clitoris and vulva, and externally around the entry to the vagina. It can also be used around and inside the anus. The active compounds in THC lube interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system, and the mucosa of the genital area easily absorbs it. 

Ladies, here’s something to keep in mind. These products can cause the clitoris to become too sensitive. If you’re new to THC lube, start with a small amount to see how it affects you.

Potential Benefits

There are several potential benefits associated with THC lubricants. Especially for those who might otherwise have difficulty relaxing and experiencing pleasure. 

Research shows that cannabis can lead to a better sexual experience, increase sexual satisfaction, increase touch sensitivity, increase the intensity of orgasms and more. 

It may also help with chronic pelvic pain, making sex more enjoyable for women who experience pain during intercourse. Cannabis is suggested to be beneficial for endometriosis, a condition where painful sex is a primary symptom.

Potential Risks & Side Effects of Cannabis Lube

While the majority of THC lube users have no problems, there are some potential side effects. Especially for those with sensitive skin. Always check the label for ingredients you might’ve had a negative reaction to in the past. 

If you’re unsure how your body will react, test the THC lube first on the inside of your wrist and wait 24 hours. If no irritation has occurred, it may be safe to use the THC lube for sex.

When using latex condoms, make sure you look for a THC lube that’s water based. THC lubes made with oil can break down the latex in the condom, making them less effective and increasing your risk of sexual disease or pregnancy.