Best THC-O Tincture 2024: Delta Drops

Yup. We’re in the middle of a cannabinoid revolution. First, there was Delta 8, then D10, and now THC-O. 

So many compounds. Such little interest in researching what brand is worth buying from. I get it.

Finding THC-O drops which tick all the boxes is pretty difficult. Trust me. I’ve spent 18 hours searching long and hard for this review!

So, if you are looking for the best THC-O tincture, you’ve come to the right place. 

But for those of you who want a quick recommendation, our top pick is Binoid’s THC-O tincture interlinked below:

Top Pick: Best THC-O Tincture
1000MG - 2500MG THC-O Tincture Drops | Binoid
  • From $0.02 per MG THC-O
  • Free shipping
  • Loved by current customers

THC-O Tincture Review Process

THC-O is the latest cannabinoid causing a stir as products hit the market. Still, it is hard to find reliable information to make purchasing decisions easier. 

To ensure you get the best of the best, we use specific criteria and assess the company’s product development and customer feedback to ensure that what you buy has value and helps you catch a satisfying buzz. 

There are a few essential signals that we look into. These include:

Customer Service Policies

First off, we look for anything that makes one brand more customer-friendly than another. 

We test out their customer service, review their policies, and look for other features like money-back guarantees and discounts. 

The company that is first-rate when it comes to making you happy (and that made me happy) is the one that tops the list.

Brand Reputation 

Since THC-O products are so new to the market, we had to determine if the company has a history of providing top-of-the-line products that are safe for you to ingest and enjoy. 

Quality is everything to us, and we make sure the companies don’t stint when it comes to creating a product that will rock your world. 

By judging their standards, we can weigh out the pros and cons of past products to signal whether or not a new product like THC-O will live up to its reputation. 

It is essential that we do this since THC-O is so new that it is the baby of the cannabinoid family.

Customer Sentiment

Like most people, we usually have at least one brand of something like food or a fashion designer that we love and stay loyal to. 

For example, I love Reese’s pieces when I get the munchies, and no other chocolate will satisfy me. Anyone else?

So when customer’s come back to get more, it is a good indicator of whether or not the product will captivate you. 

I spent hours looking into what the customers are saying about the brands on forums and review sites to figure out whether the tincture is going to delight you. 

I also used the results of my own experience with the brand and will share all their dirty little secrets. So stay tuned.

Third-Party Testing 

You wouldn’t want to eat something that you have no idea where it came from or what’s in it. And this is no different when it comes to what is in your THC-O tincture. 

I checked the companies’ sites for Certificates of Analysis, specifically focusing on whether or not full-panel tests have been executed.

Best THC-O Tincture 2024

1. Binoid THC-O Tincture

Binoid is by far one of my favorite brands. Period.

They have a reputation for consistency, constantly delivering innovative products to their happy customer base since 2018.

Top Pick: Best THC-O Tincture
1000MG - 2500MG THC-O Tincture Drops | Binoid
  • From $0.02 per MG THC-O
  • Free shipping
  • Loved by current customers

PROS (+)

  • 20%+ bulk discounts
  • Expert and friendly customer service
  • Lab tests on site

CONS (-)

  • Has annoying discount pop-ups
  • No flavored options

The company has made it their priority to create fun and effective hemp-derived products like THC-O. 

Their branding is simple but effective and they do not compromise on quality or ingredients. Instead, they want to make your experience unique and help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

This THC-O tincture is the latest addition to their range of alternative Hemp products and will have you rockin’ within a couple of hours. 

The only major downside is that it only comes in natural flavor, but many people say that the flavor is not bad. The taste may be due to the tincture’s carrier oil, which is MCT.

Per bottle, they use 92% pure THC-O. So the cost of THC-O per mg is $0.04 for the 1000 mg bottle.

For the 2500 mg bottle, the cost per mg drops to around $0.03 per MG THC-O. Awesome!

Their customer service is excellent. I was in touch with a live agent quickly and easily. They answered all my questions about everything from where their hemp is sourced to recommended dosages.

Not to forget, if you’re after extra savings, you can buy in bulk and drop the price by approx another 20%!

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2. Flawless 1500MG THC-O Tincture

New from Diamond CBD is this 1500 mg bottle of THC-O tincture oil under sub-brand Flawless.

PROS (+)

  • Great for medium potency
  • Comes with a handy dosage chart 
  • Express shipping on order over $100

CONS (-)

  • Only 1500MG drops available
  • Customer support isn’t the best

Using American grown hemp, you can rest assured this THC-O oil will have you buzzed.

Nonetheless, I could not find lab results for their THC-O tincture, which I was surprised since they have extensive lab reports for all their other products. 

While It’s likely due to the fact that THC-O is so new, and they simply just haven’t updated their website, it’s still a miss – a big one at that.

Their customer support is a little meh, with a chatbot and a live agent in about five minutes. But when I asked my questions, they left me hanging.

On the plus side, if you register with the company you get up to 50% off their products. Which is more than just a sweet deal!

The Final Verdict: Best THC-O Oil

If you want to catch the fastest buzz without breaking the bank, then you should try Binoid’s THC-O tincture.

Top Pick: Best THC-O Tincture
1000MG - 2500MG THC-O Tincture Drops | Binoid
  • From $0.02 per MG THC-O
  • Free shipping
  • Loved by current customers

It has the best price, the highest quality, and the dependability of CoAs on site. Winner!