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What Are THC Pills?

Smoking weed or eating edibles are some of the first things that come to mind when thinking about using cannabis.

But did you know you can enjoy the long-lasting high you get from ingesting marijuana through THC pills?

That’s right! And these cannabis capsules are a straightforward way to get lit.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know about taking THC pills.

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What Are THC Pills?

THC pills are exactly what they sound like: Pills containing THC. However, they may include things like CBD and other minor cannabinoids.

There are three different types of cannabis pills available. They all allow medical marijuana patients to dose their medicine without preparing anything.

THC capsules vary greatly in ingredients and formulation. A THC pill contains some amount of THC, but they can be completely different besides that. 

Some may high higher levels of CBD. Others may have only THC. In contrast, others might be heavy with terpenes and flavonoids.

With that being said, let’s dive right into breaking down each type of cannabis pill form.

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Types Of Weed Pills

There are three main categories when it comes to THC pills, and not all of them are made from gelatin capsules either; there are vegan-friendly options containing cannabis oil too. 

These are the kinds that are available on dispensary shelves and are popular with medical marijuana consumers.

The three categories include:

  • THC oil capsules
  • Flower capsules
  • THC isolate capsules

Each of them has its own unique characteristics and benefits.

You may want to speak with a budtender before purchasing any pills from a dispensary. This way, you can see what the expected effects might be for you.

The effects of cannabis in capsule form can greatly vary between formulations. Budtenders might be able to guide you to the most suitable products for your needs.

For example, if you want to use a marijuana capsule to relieve anxiety, you may want a product with an even blend of THC and CBD since science indicates that CBD can help minimize anxious feelings.

Consuming cannabis is a unique experience for everyone. You may end up trying many forms of marijuana before you land on your preferred routine. 

You may want to try out cannabis oil capsules, decarboxylated flower capsules, and isolated capsules before ultimately deciding which one you like the best. Yup. Not all cannabis capsules are made the same!

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THC Distillate Gel Caps

THC oil capsules contain an oily distillate. They are usually made in clear gel caps so you can see the golden-colored oil inside.

Concentrations in these pills often range from 5 to 25 mg THC or more. They may be mixed with olive oil, coconut oil, or another type of carrying oil.

These are popular with medical marijuana patients. 

Decarboxylated Cannabis Flower Capsules

Just like the name suggests, flower cannabis capsules contain flower in pill form!

The flower needs to be decarboxylated so it can take effect in the body. That means it needs to be heated up to convert THCA into THC.

The key difference between THCA and THC is that THCA has one too many carboxyl rings in its chemical structure. Heating it up removes that ring and makes it ready to get you high. 

They are a nice option as they contain all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present in cannabis plants but which might be missing in a concentrate. 

THC Isolate Capsules

THC isolate capsules contain pure THC. There is no plant matter or other cannabinoids involved.

These pills usually contain a powdered substance that resembles table salt.

These are great as they are easy to dose. And they may be more affordable as there are not as many cannabinoids in the finished product.

THC Capsule Benefits

THC capsules are a clean and easy way to take cannabis.

They are very discreet as most cannabis capsules have little to no scent. And you can quickly swallow one down with just a drink of water.

If you have a high tolerance and are still looking to feel relief, cannabis pills are a good option. This is because they make it easy to consume cannabis in high dosages – perfect for dosing medical marijuana. 

And perhaps most importantly, THC caps are effective!

They metabolize in the stomach similarly to other edibles, so it can take a while for effects to kick in. You can expect anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours. 

But they are strong and long-lasting effects. Once you get lit, you can stay that way for several hours.

Lastly, THC pills are nice zero-calorie options for anyone concerned about watching their intake. They don’t involve the extra sugars and calories that often come loaded in traditional edibles.

Risks & Side Effects

When it comes to the risks and side effects of marijuana pills, you can expect things similar to the side effects of other forms of cannabis products. 

That includes common side effects like red eyes, sleepiness, increased heart rate, dry mouth, and anxiety.

One more risk that may be related to taking THC gel capsules is how easy it is to take too large of a dose or that you take it on an empty stomach – which will mean the effect will hit harder and faster. 

Delta 9 THC turns into HXY-11-THC when eaten too, meaning the effects from too much THC are longer lasting compared to vaping cannabis oil and other forms of cannabis. 

Cannabis capsules are potent and take a while to kick in. You should always wait at least two hours before you take a second dose.

It is a good rule of thumb to start with the lowest dose and see how you respond to it before titrating up. Everyone reacts differently, and it may take longer to feel the effects of cannabis products for some.

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THC Pills VS Edibles

THC pills may be a preferable option for those who don’t like smoking cannabis or eating overly indulgent cannabis edibles. 

THC pills and edibles will both get you high after they pass through the digestive tract. But THC pills contain fewer ingredients.

Edibles can be unhealthy with high amounts of oils, butter, sugars, and other added ingredients. But with THC pills, you just need some decarboxylated flower.

There are no artificial additives. There are no sugars. And almost no calories. Perfect for medical marijuana consumers. 

THC capsules are a good option for people with dietary restrictions or medical conditions that need to limit their sugar intake.

And some THC pills may even kick in faster or have stronger effects than traditional edibles. THC pills may use water soluble THC for faster absorption and higher bioavailability. A higher bioavailability means your body can absorb more of the THC and feel more powerful effects.

This isn’t common in edibles, where the bioavailability kind of is what it is.

How to Take THC Pills

Taking THC pills is easy as you just need to pop them like any other capsules. Toss them back with some water, and you’re done.

Just be careful not to overdo it.

Like edibles, it takes hours to feel the full effect of THC pills. If you get impatient and take a couple more capsules too soon, you could be in for a horrible experience.

Start with a low dose of cannabis capsules. For beginners, it is wise to stay below 10 milligrams. Food might delay the onset of effects. Keep that in mind if you try one after eating, as it can take even longer to kick in.

Wrapping Up: Cannabis Capsules

THC pills are a great option for those looking for a discreet, simple, and reliable cannabis product. It just doesn’t get any simpler.

You can take one capsule with water and feel effects that last 5 hours or more. 

Head to your local dispensary to find a THC pill that works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of THC pills?

The side effects of THC pills include:

  • Sleepiness
  • Anxiety
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Fluctuating body temperatures
  • Dizziness
  • Increased heart rate

The side effects are the same ones included with other cannabis products. There are few risks directly associated with THC pills. However, there is always a risk when trying a new product. You should speak with your doctor before taking new products.

How long does it take for THC pills to kick in?

It takes anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours for THC pills to kick in. The length of time can vary per person depending on things like biology, body weight, food intake, and dosage amount.

Can dogs smell THC pills?

Yes, dogs can smell THC pills. Dogs’ noses are extremely sensitive and can detect compounds they have been trained to recognize at a ratio of 5 parts per billion. If a dog is trained to detect THC pills, it will be able to smell them.